FFXIV 5.3 1498 Caster Role Quest Level 80


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will make an action Level 80, The casting mission in Final Fantasy 14 And, as usual, hello to me for free, so we are Hit Level 80 with a red mage a while ago. However, I meant to do this. You now only have to do the twisting tasks. Uh Per roll, The scrolls uh are a magical range and they are Is a utilization factor. Physical and physical range dps. This Two, I think, are combined And healers and tanks.

So I already had I finished the tank as soon as I was almost done. Wheels then maybe I’ll do next Are healers, But this way you don’t have any Other tasks in between 70 and 80. You can only do one At level 80. So once I finish the level 80 wheel, A roll task and I’d be able to do Level 80 red mage mission. So anyway, we’re here on Moore’s talk, Meringue Uh, uh 25 16, and we need to talk c. A manipulation of that is called crying research Reunion, T-Rig worries for tayna, who was Acting weird lately, Well see who comes back and looks more Imposing more than ever. I can add a mother who will be glad to know That clay His magic leadership advanced with

Great leaps, since his departure Uh, he says, he’s finally convinced that He can keep against the throne pass Truth be told, I’m worried about the boy I dedicated to training him. I cannot Help but note A sad, uncomfortable look in his eyes from time to time To time. It doesn’t help, of course, but I am Stay, Not convinced as a friend, maybe you He could succeed in reaching it. Sorry, where I failed, It must be somewhere and here Find it And see if you can’t give him a little Support words, Ok, but he’s still in town at the least. So where is it there? So hello, there’s freedom there, Something I can do for you Uh sadness, worried about me. You say This kind of him assure you I’m totally fine. He also walked to both of you. He brought me back from behind the rift A mother who took me under your wing trained me.

And Comforted me so much that My memories and my magic, They are both retired, I’m finally ready for Face my old friend in battle And all because of you, And yet there is fear growing inside. I am a fear threatening me In my studies. I learned a lot about Movie theaters learned how Those who fall to the strongest Iniquity of Francis They sin as they do to live Out of their mindless days, Unholy abominations Or if I would lose my focus in battle And you or c Sorry, surfer rugs suffered The same Fate of Neil Burt Uh, the only three friends I have Known in the world. If I lose you, how can I live With myself again? This is because it shakes me to my heart Or if I falter we’ll be there, for You are Don’t worry. We just think of Neil. However, You are right and don’t forget that I am You have two strong friends Beside me to help me: bear The burden Uh. Thank you friend. The task is

Daunting, but i am, I trust myself and the strong and Nice friends Who is standing next to me. Uh, nothing makes me happier than Help Nailbird find peace, But this is not the only reason I am fighting This fight. I have to pay you and see the excavator everyone He gave me You both didn’t just bring me Return to this world. You instilled me in a new discovery, A sense of purpose. However, when the battle is over, you will Leave this place. You will embark on new adventures with New buddies. Why not? I will not hold you back or Stand in your way. Uh! That’S another reason I have to fight This battle proved it to you.

Oh to my three friends Strong enough to get Uh on my own Taina be strong. You can do this uh, sorry Uh! Maybe I have a small car snatch away over there. Anyway, we have to go. Tell Siri that I am ready. Well, let’s get back to see it right, So I finally came back. I see that I was starting from Worried. I trust this means that you are Ready for battle with ronasys. Let’S put an end to this nightmare And set Nilpa And to him the people of this land are free, That’s the spirit.

Well, the plan is To entice the throne with help Same way. Last time we would venture to me Central, Amber Hills are at a safe distance Away from the city And Tana will summon the fourth void. It should be just a matter of time before Quarry arrived. I think our chances are Best if we can attract phone help For a wide open space, where we will have Total freedom to maneuver, Amber hills. Suffice if You’re ready, let’s go out at once, Okay, so we have to head over there. So once we get there, we will Go on. Oh we’ve done it and it looks like we are. We have a fight on our hands. Oh I’m ready. Let’S start and you Comments cause a fight to cry. Reunion. 420 items will be synced,

There it is So yeah I knew you’d get better. I think we will not be Need this anymore. Imagine if you moved too far. It’S like goodbye. This is useful. Oh give up. Now, however, Talismans are more than a match in Have These are my friends and I will not allow You take them away. Uh hear me now, But You have your long nightmare and our nightmare. This ends today. Okay, so let’s do this, So they ow come out. Uh, OK, It is very helpful to turn off taina the mother, Our portals good, No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Oh! I think it’s supposed to Just jogging. Ok! I got Well: let’s go O God! Wow, This is just a cure for spam for a while, So We are going there. Oh balls, Oh really, I will be cured just in case. It really gives us like no room to do Anything O God.

I used to relax with these scraps. Uh Things exist. I got it Well, they really get you thinking Where you must stand before casting [ Music ]. Oh, forgive me Tina uh far away, and why am I Travel with All companions while searching through Anyway to take you back to this World and yes, In the end, everything was in vain. Although I appreciated the adventures I had With Ardebur and others, It was my choice on that fateful day. She chases me forever uh what if I run turning off Uh stone and used his powers for Save you, As I have always intended adventures We may share. I sank into the depths of despair. I felt myself Miserable to do that or by By what right. I have pity for myself when she was. I was the one who pushed you much harder And tragic Fate, whatever the pain, whatever the loss Or nothing compared to what you are suffer, I’m still struggling with your abandonment. Only friend It throws down into a cool dark space End of time. There is no doubt that you are still abroad Behind the notch, cursing my name until today. This is not a real neighbor here I am, And yes even if you despise me with All the fibers of your being, Even if I would give anything to see You only one last time You can curse me in the face of the rain.

And the magic is upon me, It would be worth it just for An opportunity to say I’m sorry, [, Music ], So stop now, but please stop saying those things Hmmm even after it was your mind, Your heart and humanity taken away from You are For all These years, I still have kept it Looking for me. How can I hate my best friend? Oh don’t you see my old friend? It was me Free here who brought me back For this world, but it was Josh who guided She is mine. I have suffered for so long. My friend, I can take care of myself now You don’t have to worry about me anymore. Please Rest in peace. Oh, let’s talk to Tina. Oh it’s! Finally, over uh. You don’t need to explain it to me. I know uh the nail that we saw was Just a memory Reflection of the crystal which A friend really passed years and years ago, Uh Interrupting my video. I see how it is. Oh yeah! Well, let’s try one more time.

So it’s finally over uh. You don’t need to explain to me. I know This is now, but we have seen it is just a memory Reflection of the crystal which A friend really passed years and years ago And yes, even if those words would never be Access. Now, however, Just saying they allowed, it gave me Peace scale. I do not regret today, But we must go back to town Before any city takes notice Us. Yes, I will say after that battle that I can use Rest back and think fuzzy poetry can be Well. Now we go back to the mod sock. Well, uh. Let’S try to backtrack on more Modern. Well here it is Well she’s, not the woman of the hour. I am pleased to inform you that our stories victory Already spread all over the city like Wildfire, is what his merchants have So grateful that they intend Sweeten the bounty generously Personal reward. My friends do not have words to express thanks. Thank you. Neal Burt. He found peace And I can finally close a book on this Separation from the past Every day. I thank the gods for We gathered together, Boy’s feelings of mutual honesty.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got out of the hole, But I was glad you were at our side. Tell me now that you made peace With your past. What do you intend to do with your future Subscribe to my free comment and like All his videos, and Ah you and I are free – you trained me well And I’m pretty sure I can hold on On my battlefield – Maybe I’ll travel the Earth and see If I could use my abilities to help Needy If I didn’t know well, I would guess that Those were twice a person’s words.

Your age, If that was really your intention, then me You have something out of a plan. First I’ll need to freeze here, Ear: Mmmm. We give The lion’s share of the merit of Taina Here. I think he needs it more than We do. Besides, we couldn’t win A fight without him, yes, whatever. Why not? But of course I know you feel the same, it’s the least We can do to help the boy He creates a path and a future for himself. My friends couldn’t take advantage From your kindness like this. I don’t think it is easy for me, A boy your age is making his way In this world. This is less than we are, Can do Think of it as a parting gift from

Brother and sister in arms Uh. Thank you Serek. Thank you free. As long as I lived, I will not forget Your generosity. Finally, I have one final offer for you. If you are eager to hear it, There is a bounty hunter now who can Holding his arm with a bow, But he always can He takes greater marks if he has a skill Mage beside him. If you are looking for a partner, See manipulation, uh cannot mean, Of course, I say it uh. What is being Yes?

Yes, a thousand times. Yes, why nothing Make me happier at lunch And suppose he sells it hello On board the boy. I have a feeling that this is. It is only the beginning of a bonus Relationship Hereby I think my new country, Our partner and I are going to the Cristarium, Let’s find ourselves a new mark. If the question isn’t much, why not Join us there? You still owe your share of the bonus. I think It would be a good place to say it Goodbye Well back to the crystals. So once we get to the crystal, we will Communication Okay, so we got to the crystal. So Let’s talk to him.

So we are so happy that you can join us Taylor and I just arrived for a short while, While before ourselves, The boy was keen to start his new life As a bounty hunter, to say the least. He has no end to the questions, But there is only so much I can teach. The rest will learn from it Experience, and so I intend Uh to do what I can to see The world and its protection Do not worry about us between my brackets And its magic. I think we are Are able to hold out there. He said: should we find ourselves On the path of a particularly sinister enemy? I hope uh not against Lend us your power Again.

Yes, yes, I somehow have it Feeling It won’t take Another hundred years, Our past crossed again. Until then, the friend remains protected in the shadow Wow, that’s totally beautiful, So we are now done with all of the cast World questions And we can press forward and do level 80 mission red mage. So anyway, guys. That’S all for this. The episode, if you like it, be sure to give It’s cool, and so is the subscription And, as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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