FFXIV 5.3 1499 Red Mage Quest Level 80


And we go back to another episode in This episode: we’ll make Level 80 Red Dead Quest in Final Fantasy 14 and, As usual, welcome to me for free. So here we are at our suppliers. Uh 22. 7. Very much next to Eighth is a right crystal and we need to speak to me Arya. In order to unlock this mission. You have to do all Roll wheel questions in the crystal like OK, So it’s called the level 80 mission. The succession of steel Arya seems excited to see you So my friend I was on the verge of searching.

I have a message from For you, uh tia. I have been asked to pass the message. Hmm, oh yes, I hope this missile finds you Well. Should you come across me for free In the proceeds of revenue please send it to. I am In Al-Amghan neighborhood. I need to Help her. What could happen in Alamigo 1? I wonder well, I suppose there is One sure way to find out. Let’S get OK. Well, cool so he’s next to uh a Afraid. Let’S go, There is a good old tear, Hmm how wonderful it is to see two of us While Students not a moment too soon. We are happy to see you too Collect. The situation is not happy. You have correctly will remember Brothers. I was once part of

Swordsman appears scarlet A souvenir. He left dead. Colleagues contradict For some adventurous grave robbers When the swordsmen met their end. Some two Decades passed and I was deeply involved In my own fights – To give them the burial they deserve, And so I did a lot before me Done. I collected dead feathers and in a Sorry I turned them inside a tomb Irene’s sword With Migo violent. A lot uh, he settled since Initial Uh reclaiming the city, its wisdom Time to pay respect to those who fell Comrade.

That’S when I discovered the grave in this group And one of Lost Jewelers Swords. It looks like this uh sorry already. Small business Uh theft has become common in recent times. Although The resistance talks about taking steps, The army has full hands, Seeing restoration efforts, But she said the unrest and opposition to her. It has largely disappeared under the year. Alden ordered why this sudden rash, Who broke the law now that Imperialists were He defeated. Those who frowned once From the nipple of an empire is They had to look elsewhere for even wealth. You are accustomed to For some. This means taking a life ( 7-4-7-6 )

Banditry, And at least they mean Loot and hangout Citizens, A crime. I do not intend to leave Without punishment, As things look, but I still have to Delivery. He said the rule of this particular gang is Unusual foot speed And I must mitigate my attacks unless you are Kill them. (, 7-4-7-6 ), knowing their hiding place Looting. So I turn to you for help Catch these thieves Surviving. It would be much easier for the former lover With an extra pair of hands If the sector needs an account.

I am in Without red magic to your taste and call Nai is very dangerous For someone who is still learning her art. I’Ve been training against Creatures of our suppliers since Crossed paths. It might not be as magical as it used to be, But I can cast Mantra begins well enough that I am promise Monsters of Mordor don’t be Messing with This was a risky route to take this. Your training phase, Yes, but not uh, full-hearted Sundays. If I don’t push myself to my limits, I won’t be able to catch you or me for free Uh. I bet you won’t get paid Answer Very good, but you never left my side Understood. Yes, thank you. Tia

You will not regret this. The three of us then the mother of the blood shovel. It is the place where these grave robbers apply Hateful trade And the edge of the cemetery where we will meet All right. I want to go All the way there until we get over there. We will continue. Well, we’ve met them. So let’s Talk to Tia, So I would simply like to hijack These are grave robbers, but they have proven themselves An infuriatingly separate slippery runner. An enemy knows my face now and for this You should play a role That misread it: Prankster Search your cemetery until you find The thieves concerned and convince them, It is in their interest Sinking here in the east. Once these bastards approached Arya and I escape Our trap, will emerge cool Deceitful fairy tale reader

Let’S do it Or where are they they here they are So you’re. Looking for trouble mate, How foolish you should be To run into a gang like this Uh? What are you doing here? Much richer spoils found in the graves the East. You must head east. I saw a patrol Sweeping the floor in the west Uh soldiers. It is better to move Thanks friend of the warning. Oh and do not doubt your word or Anything but you’d better come with us. I call it a show of goodwill between. We will wait for the thieves ahead. Ah I’m wicked – And here they are ya – Do not worry about the mother of our comrades.

They went To the east just like you. He suggested to us that someone should Eliminate competition. Oh Let me summarize Well, it’s done Well. Tia should help get rid of The rest of them. Where are they here? We are Well. I actually killed them. Everyone yells. I said that our ex-wife housed these two Completely by surprise, And I must say, are you overdone Expectations? You’Ve made great progress, uh in Short period of time. Yes, I knew those lessons in the major. The girls were worth it, Even if it hurts to start on start again. Oh, I see you were uh cracked Open as many books as you have Skulls of your dedication monster in The basics it has, It definitely paid off.

Now I counted four thieves the last time He knew here Uh what I do with these bastards. I suppose The other two Look for your weight uh, but here you are pregnant. With scarcity of hair out of place. Guess aside, I suspect Your skills have exceeded. My own Should be trials. Uh withstood such fraud Power Uh. I fought on another star to save World from Forgetfulness against the town of sinister heroes And watch. My youtube. Videos Discover [ Music ] Another star until your adventures are playing.

Ummm director, on stage behind the fiercest Fantasies, This is Sydney’s talk about Cinemas. Does it seem to me, as if Battles were fought at the edge Suffers himself, Where the heart and steel up The strongest red mage will be tested? But while it is satisfactory to infinity Uh to hear the exploits of one of the first Student, I suppose we should go back to Topic at stake Once you defeat these bad guys Here, Some anxiety, uh. We got in Site Of their ill-gotten gains or buried in A box in the royal hunting grounds, Or so they claim, I believe, in another uh. Division of labor Order, uh prayer prayer mother Hand over our prisoners of resistance, And they waited for us at Irene’s grave Sword. I’M liberating you and have some digging around. I do Well. Well, I have a lot of travel for that once Get there, We will continue. Okay, so we got to Tia to have a chat for him. Do you feel that the earth is soft?

Oh, of course, Not packed, as I think anywhere else. We found the cache Glad I found this before Postponed to the black market. I cracked the cover to check the contents And the square is One full of stolen goods. A somewhat familiar sword Come back on these articles, Grave With no delay. Arya will have arrived Already. Okay, but now we need to go back to Tomb again, we’ll get there Follow. Well, we did let’s talk to Tia, Okay, so let’s go back these effects to Their right places, So it must be the last of them, And what do we get your comrades? Well, are you indulging in a moment Of nostalgia? The man with this sword suffered

From the shallow sanctuaries of Ava, And so it cost the weapon Able to direct his energies In the most effective way like you, You might imagine, Hence the custom code is forged. It cost him a small fortune in coins Uh. We were making fun of him and his empty wallet Without mercy, of course, Challenge him to become a magician Worth this Steel invaluable response to our Jiren Comments will always be there Stay with me, even if you fail to do so. This steals justice will remain long After he perished. The same clan raises the sword. Then you will see. My currency was wisely Spent, [ Music ]. His hopes for such a legacy died with

Scarlet swordsman, I buried the blade thinking it didn’t, Will make a new mage to claim it, But I was wrong. You are standing here Living proof of our efforts in revival. Mage, red Or red magic was not in vain [, Music, ] Uh. It was when I discovered the sword Missing that I put in mind again For the words of my comrades. I wonder if He did not coordinate his relationship From behind the grave. Just as a reminder I am of his will. If you have a distinct taste In arms, I think this blade should belong to Arya, But I am not a student yet I don’t think I deserve to have it. I made a promise to you. I didn’t do that Once you’ve learned to harness your chastity, I will take you under my guardianship once More. The way I see you have more than She endorsed your end of the deal Except for the sword. Will you be mine, Trained and helped me to enter into new? The future is for red. You must take the sword.

I will, if offered to accept, I am your student again. Let this be my answer. Lovely! Oh, it is, let’s submit it here today. The present here today divides new Oath on the struggle for the common good, With a pure heart and unbending steel, [, Music, ]. Okay, so let’s talk to the level again, So we finish our work here. However, As much as I would like to accompany, You are Going back to our suppliers. I fear Hajj. It must go on Uh. This war with the imperialists Amigo is teetering on the brink. Uncertainty again, I must assume The situation is the most taxing You and your colleagues know this.

For, For the time being, I will keep my blade loose In his sieve. I may be one man, but No, I will remain vigilant against The empire Machinations. As I paint my path across Territory of Sound, I’m sorry that I can’t yet devote Myself for your lessons. Are you Road demands are like? I cannot take you with me. I still hope to pass us on Quickly. Your right uh takes precedence. Of course, I’m high just to know that You will be my guide again, Please stay safe. On your travels, We appreciate your understanding And I will stop uh to help Progress in the proceeds of revenge when Conditions declaration I’m taking my leave and then I’m fine Free when we meet next time. I expect your hue to be scarlet Brighter [ Music ]. Shall we go back to Mordor, Then? Okay, so let’s get back to Toll of revenge Even after all these years still One of my favorite spots, But I can get a discount every time. I go there because I go there often Well, there is Arya. I was so consumed with restoring the magic, But now I have a new goal and it is use A new sword with a full execution With Tia instructions.

I mean to become Red, magician worthy of him From my comrades weapon. I will not say Not for any help from you either. This is perfect. Did that I think that’s all Okay, so we got the achievement Old red upon arrival free of charge. This is cool Maggie red Nicely complete the following in Uh, we will probably be working on astronomer And all tasks are for that Anyway, guys, that’s all in this episode, If you like it, be sure to give a thumbs up Up and subscribe too And, as usual Goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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