FFXIV 5.3 1500 Crime and Punishment


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will make an action Mission to pursue a dolls shelter In Final Fantasy 14 And, as usual, hello, free post Expires Every one of the Shadowbringers raids Uh. So now the transcription factory is popping up Crypt, for this me Record this video for you, Follow-up procession that includes Um, explore the dungeon again and Trying to find artifacts in it, etc, And an extra thanks to everyone Channel support. Yet This is now Episode. 1500. In Final Fantasy 14 Video # 1500 For this game, Unbelievable, so thank you all for Your support really appreciate it. Anyway, let’s go So. The pursuit is called a crime and Punishment until Connor gets to The simplest things Before embarking on any other assignments Related to Unfathomable technology and Applications Of which So think about it.

None of us I got the chance To enjoy the carnival Possible everyone still Continuation With her. I knew little before Explosions to moisturize Spirits before I go And check them out, Uh coming: Okay, uh! Oh What all the hype! I suppose there is only one way to find Outside. Yes, he ran straight into it. This is a smart thing to do. Well, let’s see what happens Well, hello! Oh, please, calm down! It’S complicated Situation, and Even we are not perfect Here for your excuses. Just admit it, It is all your fault, I let these things go through the tunnels. They They knew you and see what they did with this Place. We don’t care about y and we are Four. We want to know how You plan to make adjustments. We will do everything we can. However, I don’t think this will happen anywhere. Well, the village is still in danger. Nobody wants to hear it from me, though. Please can you speak to the Sheikh Pleases him and makes him understand? Okay, so, let’s do that. It may be – I have not seen Face here before Or misplaced my glasses Before time. I am here to investigate not to do so conversation, As the oldest sheikh falls on me To find out the truth of the rumors

Around this disaster, The problem is, of course, that Everyone here is as stubborn, The diamond alloy will all insist. They know what’s right, Although you can’t be sure which half of them are Even their eyeballs In beer anytime. I need a second. My opinion is sober opinion here. Allow me Smell your breath. Uh. You will talk to the villagers And think carefully On who has the right. I will do Hear what you have to say: Hey Jolly, So this would be the ghoul’s fault that you hear. Never that girl, It only had an ounce of wisdom. She was more like her brother. She should have left this device, The cemetery Well enough alone, but she insisted Medication anyway, Regardless of all the risks. This is what Event Mark my words and nog was better Answer. It Well hmm, I didn’t do that. Ergen Connor Say Yes, they did, And I heard you followed advice on Automated graveyard. I heard it with my ears. Everyone knows that too So you’d better be prepared to pay. So you want to know what I think we are Doomed to annihilation. I know I could have saved us from these Things. I just know There is by no means such a smart girl, Her. Oh, He couldn’t find a way to fight him If only her brother. She wasn’t always blocking her back

Wait: You’re, weird, isn’t it Worry? I don’t blame you. I can see uh, you are in pain, Uh. He doesn’t know how to control me Situation. I am sure you have supported an institution in the best way you may Well. So you are. You are a good collaborator, don’t think You can come crying to me now. It is evident that everything has gone wrong Today. Is the enog The type to charge forward without interest? Looking for someone to mix in Her and her brother’s troubles are not so much

Best, So I knew you’d be done here today is Difficult to know where to put Blame Understand why you followed with Plan anog. But if you are All this was a little more than that: Flour, [, Music, ], Okay, so still can’t fully agree on the Which way up Who was surprised by it Hope, I’m surprised. Sorry, let’s have a try Put in the vote. Er, Have someone pretend to know more about the subject? Then they think twice About making Answers to themselves publicly. I don’t have any of you stitching a beard For half a moment. I ask you to raise your hands in Organized fashion. This is hopeless. We didn’t get it Any benefit from them.

I do not rule out that one of those Stupid people accidentally have the right, But in your judgment, sober than Blame, If you are still not sure you can try Talk to everyone again, but I can’t Say I recommend it Just make sure you don’t take any. Oh Splint skips even Was settled: Huh [, Music ], So it can still be sober and see. Do you have it Come to you conclusion? Both errors cannot be blamed. You are all doomed to complication, Have not decided yet Uh [, Music ]. It is complicated And it’s a way of saying it’s: not Anyone sexy mistake I’ll have That under guidance. Anyone made a mistake, but an error occurred In any case Mmmm everyone I stand before you Submit my findings regarding Guilt and The devastation that befell us village Uh. Please wait it. Oh, as I said, blame yourselves. This is pointless. Is my business.

One of them is running for your life. Are you defending us? Small arguments are useless, wait, Uh, it says it, but I think it was nice. It is difficult to intervene. [, Music ], I’m sure she went to check on her friend Um that other android 9s. I will go. I talk to her. Well, let’s talk to Connor again I appreciate your interference, but I do I don’t want everyone to see you as yourself the enemy. If we go and talk to them now, we can explained This isn’t necessary. I am leaving anyway. This did not end with all of us machines. Oh, what do you think to be I’m worried about anything as he didn’t? It has been the same since. Well, if you are not here, Perhaps she is drowning in action. Let’S check on her [ Music ], Okay, so I need to go there So once I get there, we will continue. Okay, let’s talk to Connor. It is not here what you do not This! Sorry, this is not the time to go out Alone. We need to find it and I’ll look around village. But can you look in the suburbs? Oh Noug, [, Music, ]. Ok, I think we’ll have to leave. Then I am looking for nobody. I thought about the story of Baba’s hideout. It was really fun. I’M just curious to know how you end when The third raid came out.

Well, so they’re not very far away here we are Oh, don’t you see any sign of your despair Dwarf friend? Maybe you wandered farther, OK, Good thing. We can fly in Colosia, So you don’t see any sign of your despair Dwarf friend. Maybe you drifted further [ Music ]. Ok, Hmm! There is a cave here. Sorry, let’s go Of course Always Well. Let’S try one more time. So, even though you looked at all Potential places, anug you don’t have to be. Maybe you found Connor. He has some extra ideas: [, Music, ], Okay, so let’s go back to Cannock. It is not far away Well he’s just back in the village There it is. Ah Anuj is not like that with you Uh. What do I do all this for Us and me? I don’t know how to find it, So I am not used to being alone. Okay, so let’s go Well. I guess that’s the base, So I think we’ll see what happens to the third part.

From the raid, So I got the Broken Heart Orchestra roll. So when comes the third part of the raid, We will complete it We’ll finish this story and We’ll see what happens So anyway, guys! That’S all for this. The episode, if you like it, be sure to give It’s cool, and so is the subscription And, as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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