FFXIV 5.3 1503 Qitari Rank 7 (Beast Tribe Quests)


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will hit Rank 7 with the Qatari Monsters, Tribe, Final Fantasy, 14 And, as usual, hello from e3. What’S new, Once again, I made a maximum of enough daily newspapers Out of sixth place And I’m actually very close to all of me Level. 76, just by country. Do Let’s talk now with the Qatari snake Umm, so search is called Great forest snake runca.

Your enlightenment is the greatest The secrets of the universe, or so you are Believes, Pass the great submarine out High pitched Cupboard seems to be worried About something you talk char to See how the fossils Knight effort. Okay, let’s do that. Welcome back was the feeling of stopping by More comfortable than ever thanks. All these supplies are useful for you and us Friends from Plymouth have come to us, Uh dad and I went uh to dive in a Depths less than 20 times now and you I will not believe All we have already found is my son, maybe More important. It was the discovery of both effects and Records that confirm Interpretation of history engraved in It was recently restored.

Uh third star, Our ancestors enjoyed friendly relations With these inquisitive people. People have already shared catfish. Food supplies are with them. Let them survive from an age. Great famine, Unfortunately, for them, however, they were Stubborn folk When they refused to worship the gods From Ronca In favor of the mother of their ancient gods. They were Expelled from the ground What, if they still live in some Faraway land? No one can say uh poor catfish. If we meet someday. I promise I will Be your friend Anyway. We found out everything there. It is exploration in the third layer In the sense that it is time that we mentioned

Beyond luck, Unfortunately, we find ourselves a little From a link Uh, the most trusted survey. Towel booklet Mother did not fully recover from Her illness, Unlike others here at Stop suffering from Uh. Similarly unpleasant symptoms. Those who did not accompany darwil on her mission below must Say. I find myself confused. You might as well be Kindly accompany me as I look at Mrs puzzle. So 12 was on the verge of a full investigation She recovered when she took her condition, A sudden turn for the worse. It pains me to say that it is not The only injured Symptoms were mild at first, but on no time Uh their fever caught the pain.

The dizziness is so severe that they, They can’t even stand on their feet. So the quinfor medicine that has mastered Brought from now It worked to ease their discomfort To some extent, but with more Of us hit during the day and Conditions are getting worse, I’m afraid they will get worse. It won’t be long for our supplies to run out. I like to impose on you Your generosity again, but it is yours, is being Ready to come back and buy another A boost to our friends. They will certainly pity our misfortune. Definitely forgive me for not being able to I travel with you for free. I must stay here And help father 10 sick All right. Well, let’s travel! Now, Let’s see what we need to get it. So all bees went to be honest Much faster than I thought. Will It’s an interesting story like Atari, So here’s the most sad news, let’s go Say, show we won’t stand badly beside Our Qatari friends also suffer

If our treatments might serve them well me, I am happy to present you as much need The one who said uh to tell the truth is similar Tune or who you speak Come to now too Well, quite a few of them got sick. So far I must say that does not bode well. Uh. Now that I mentioned it is travel Merchant of the Silver Bow That was postponed here just days ago, A similar tale to tell wh. I still fear this affliction. It seems to be spreading So kitari, these and humes alike, Stricken A mysterious epidemic is spreading in Twink Ain and in all the years that I lived, I didn’t own me Heard of something like that. I wish I could Wrong, but Instincts tell me this is not common the cold. I am afraid that the medicine I gave you Show more From a temporary delay from pain.

Do not say such things master. This lanil Distrust Bad for you Uh, even though it hurts. I think there is Little we can do but ease up suffering As much as possible until we define what Caused this Prey. Deliver medicine to young Charcoal and disease. Qataris must do our best to find a cure. We bear through on us, Send a wonderful word. So, let’s get back quickly! Oh as I said, it was interesting to do Qataris every day, Um, and I think that once I have been Maximum reached Rank Sage may not last Just do other ways to settle, however, We’ll see Anyway, there’s charcoal so I’m free. I did You get the medicine now, Yes, it says a bag carrying a small bag, The amount of herbal remedy Preferred by the letter v. Oh, thank you. Oh you. Forgive Knows no boundaries, however, Just see what I’m doing It wasn’t long.

Since our father left, you Suffered a severe coughing attack, He hasn’t got out of bed since and One by one the others joined him. Oh Father thinks there is a chance. We brought some old smallpox With us On the rumors under the hood or That we ourselves They spread this disease to travel to These parts are from our former home. As for the truth, we cannot. My friends all here, bring the most Gracious Good news from above. The earth is

Patient With the plague Take utmost care when Poor care toewell to no avail for the disease Hit him too And with great revenge. Mr. Valento, Really, I am afraid that he is not uh someone else Who accidentally got pregnant The pigs return to the sledge boat. It is true that the visa, at the present time for Suffer from this Uh, a frightening scourge, a great plague, Threatens with Pretend the lies of everyone who calls him great Wooden house shudder at the fort. You have no choice today or diagonal. Who will stand? He would dedicate every waking moment to Imparting guest sickness.

Yes, in the name of the father, I comment accordingly, Previous leave effort, gallstone The great snake speaks So from God, old and true, So don’t put your shovels and spades away. Little shark well has to be excavated in a Really uh divine speech. Protector Runka speaks Um. I prayed a lot uh. I prayed Great snake on behalf of the disease. Today I heard my prayer uh, the father Uh through me, uh his own blood. The Divine Protector will lead you to Heal from this plague. Right. Uh, trust me and in suffering Of our peoples will soon be over gallstone Until Mr

Queen Clint Four agrees: Bronco. Of course You speak truthfully if the henna is correct, The weak Atarians are responsible Or the spread of disease and The answers we see It may be found with An undiscovered star. After all, if this is really old Square is logical That our distant ancestors left some behind Record it, A log may shed light well On its cause And his treatment uh with the poor, father Bedridden. I have to continue drilling. I will find stella and save People, even if I have to do it on my own [, Music ]. Your bravery is the most admired youth Charcoal and yes, Even the Divine Protector is watching. Ye are not spending Very dangerous kid. I don’t try My swim because I lived full three Years And in the last days I have only Father company in the depths of Every once in a while. Nobody is better Willing to look for a star from. I am [ Music ]. So I’m going to do it.

Thank you, my friend a trick. Vote defense. You mean the world to me on the occasion the words I’ll get to the bottom of this Uh, these courageous sayings from One small time, Uh shock uh. You are really brilliant An example for all of your people. Uh, don’t worry about your dear father, Free and I’ll see. He wants nothing while you are Explore below, Go safely, uh and know that we pray For your success. Okay. So let’s talk coal, so It is not about a future Qatari fellow I must find the next star For daddy versus valen for v’s who Suffering now, But whoever calls Pete Ratika must have me Succeed. Let the x vacation begin. Ok, later Charcoal is safely returned from Explore tunnels. So, thanks to my young friend

Grace uh: What is this and my eyes deceive me: Go back on your own! Actually, in all previous egg vacations, A great snake, avatar Wearing a suit of armor is welcome, Father and me To Stella’s hangout. This time There is nothing to find Great snake is unimaginable Abandonment of Runeker’s descendants Intuitively when needed, Uh. The Divine Protector is moving in Mysterious ways, But don’t worry my friends, because I was capable To locate the four stars myself And thank you. Uh for Protector of wine was barely noticeable. It is scratched or scraped on it. Uh. Yes, using tools and techniques.

You will provide us, I think we will be able to raise it To the surface In wonderful, primitive condition. Really, you are a runner model, Mother of diligence and creativity. Now tell does this not offer any New insights may help us Repel the plague or Mr. Queen Fort. You will see for yourself once you raise To the surface, but let me tell you What I saw with my own eyes: Uh uh rural pictures in The center was The great snake itself. It sat gloriously on its head, A large and fluffy green block before Snake man. She raised his hands in the wrong dress.

Uh Glorious rejoicing this Or proof that is irrevocable, Uh, the Divine Protector guided us Ancestors of the Enlightenment, as it is Guide us today. Unfortunately, the father is not in a state to participate With us. His power is on the inscriptions, But regardless of the star in Flawlessly pierced, I am sure that my nation has always been. Is it correct, uh? Yes, it could be No doubt about it with a heavy blow Great Snake Granted Ronker people, A giant tuft of green fluff grass, He cured them of horrific smallpox uh. Without a doubt. He is our guide For this very knowledge, the remedy. He saves our people That great snake appeared before.

I am [ Music ], Oh glory to the pebble, Really great server running at Mysterious ways, but there can be no Suspicion That what happened here today was not Not a divine miracle Hmmm. If I might be too bold to expand. Based on your insight, Small blackboard, I think I can Pinpoint this uh The miraculous thing that the serpent did Carry on his blessing Whatever this is, it cannot be other One of the greatest blessings of Ratica ronca moss that grows hard for Verdun and Fertile in Jungle House, if I remember from my studies Mars, can be harvested from Many sources, But especially some of the rocks that are in The crust on which it grows large Abundance, Roncker’s, secret ally have my say That this is the last time that I will understand by themselves. On you, You might be so cute that you go on. He searched the mosque.

He will save my people. Cool young charcoal make At present V will undoubtedly have some insight into Share how To prepare the mast in a suitable elixir. I am deeply committed to you. Oh friends, Hmm i mean my father and i pray That his condition did not get worse in In the meantime Until we meet again Okay, so we need to get high quality Item so once we are ready to assemble it, We continue Well, we did it and We need to go up the quality. It says a piece of slow snake type. Is this one Hmmm? So, let’s maximize our quality gains Mother Its chance of keeping high quality by 20.

Ok, Then, that’s also. Okay. 100. Over there You go Oh yeah. I had her meeting on. I collected four high qualities of accident. Well, we get it so once we get back To be delivered, We continue. Okay, so we’re back on Coyote Shark. So Let’s talk to him. Did you find a friend of moss ya? Please say you did Yes now you have something to spare. It says a large chunk of Spotted rock covered with Green algae. So it’s a great blends for why It looks exactly the same as in the star. The drug must be prepared in one go Uh by following the method described b, Carvings bear on all fours, sorry, Excellent, Hosts, brood and elixir of Error. Sorry, hens and distribute them on Their friends help Before long. The symptoms, subsided and Brighter mood is back on hold Uh. It no longer lacks manpower, Charqual and his friends. He built a medical workshop.

It can be produced In large quantities for distribution Through Great wood, [, Music, ]. Ok, later Reports indicate that our friends are in Fragment is currently observed. They are all on their way to work. Full recovery for everyone. Ritika is really in your religion, uh. I am Free and I have no words for Express my gratitude. You have my gratitude and so do I for free, But we must not forget the great serpent Who guides us to treatment Talking about where you went. It is not our place to ask about Acts of my divine son. No doubt she felt her role here was done. He just returned to where he was. You know the gods. Does this mean that I will never see her again the screen? Did you hear what I think I heard Well, the submarine comes back to us or Maybe he’s watching us from Behind the stella all the time When searching, I will call it a great verb. The snake really runs in mystery Methods, And so he could Qatar

He claimed history and knowledge Their grandparents, And in doing so, they played their part in Restore peace to the great jungle. Just as a professional expected Mark Sorry, Priest, Sorcerer, Everything was great Servants plan, your mother, Three okay, Random, end [, Music ]. Well, let’s talk to him; Ah I’m Miffy. I can’t thank you enough For everything I did on behalf of Boy No mother on behalf of all rulers, Uh glad to know that we are, They succeeded in producing Mossy drink in bulk, no worries The great plague gripped. The whole word is behind us. Have you ever found out why this is happening Father’s illness, Its hard to say for sure?

But I am You have a lance flower theory: Trees are tied to large wood or Owning their own seeds and spores Uh. Some of them may be very toxic Uh. The least toxins are present or as well In this case, one can build immunity If one lived long enough in Presence At the same time, different regions of Wood in the house To different plants, every uh Carry their toxins, And so you live a hundred years away. Far from this place, it says we are, You have a difference Census of our friends in the thinnest Arc, and Now, specifically my son. We carry the toxin component inside Us and he This is what protects us from bad effects. The downside to this, of course, is Clear when these toxins are transferred into A new place, where no others are Accustomed to them. It is the same thing that protects us. Their faces can have harmful effects On others. Thus, the toxins of our bodies are

Unusual Uh, it can also harm us, so this disease is, It was all our fault To come here and maybe not. We are not the only ones who traveled Here When the force was across the rafter Poor, Atari conquest Creatures of the jungle that we saw in Our way. Without a doubt, Uh the spread of parks was Inevitable. Aside Coming here, we have rediscovered Powerful elixir Made by our ancestors uh one. We may use it to prevent further Disease outbreak Among those who call great wood Home.

Looking back – and I think that’s important like this – It was the source of the great uh constitution, Limitation or whatever in days The empire When people move around the great word, Often and in great numbers. There is no doubt that this That’s why the Runners were the ones to discover Treatment, with guidance from Divine Protector, of course, The same divine protector who remembers Uh, ok, the events of those days Who brought us back to treatment Mutual With our grandparents many years ago. Fourth seller has been restored And with it another piece of

Our heritage – and yes, Qatar – did not Do this on your own. Oh, you are an ally of Ronka, your friends, Quinn, Four and Valen. Our loyal allies are among the bees. Everyone played a part in making this day Happen or occur Due to the mutual history of our people. It might be appropriate, Oh don’t you say charcoal Intuitively after a long wait. I understand How people felt In the days of Runka, where our peoples are Uh, They cooperated and lived together in a great region Civilization. So it is the wisdom of our ancestors Save us today, But we must not rest easily with us, So we must continue to learn and Register our experiences. Our wisdom may serve them.

Whoever follows in our footsteps: Uh. There is still a lot to do. Study as well Ray comes back to visit us, my friends. I am glad to share with you All the cool things I’m sure of Learn. After all, While this is open with the latter. Sorry, sorry, the hat has exploded Somewhere. The helmet definitely stays with us. An indication of an existence There is still a lot to explore in the tunnels Below is all why you stay with Our Or if there are no additional tracks Or the corridors through which She seeks to guide us. Oh, I can’t wait until Look What uh might be next. I discovered [ Music ]. This is perfect, [ Music ], So I chose one day You are even more embodiments than The great serpent has resided in Hope stopped. They seem very happy to see Qatar Stars regain their former glory. However, he can now access wider clothes.

In fact, now that I have ranked seventh, let me Actually see what the clothes are. He might be able to get them out. So there is no sorry item. This exchange – Let’s get this flute, Let’s get the orchestra and let’s roll Get, Looks like I’ve already got a client. Well, let me check again if I have them Client, because I probably was Full back space Yeah, i was watching backspace whoops right. So, let’s have a look, It is our installation guide. I always think it’s there. He is So it says that ancient Ronca iron was, I discovered, a blank, Save them for a specific flute sound, Causing the ship to fall. Suddenly It gets like this I occupied where it came from Curious. It might be Compelled to inquire, but why not better than To question the divine? Let us summon [ Music ] that Okay, but here’s this weird mouthful. You get this when you finish rating the game.

7 with harpsichord, Then uh. Let’S take a look at the client, So I don’t think it’s this person, I’m trying to figure out which one is Well. Let me search for the word Runka Runka. There we go Correct, then this is the person, so he is Helmet. Snake, But this is a great incarnation. Runcker’S servant is said to have He appeared in front of the hosts And face them to answer the broken one Katri Stella Equipped with a mine helmet A deity sees everything. Obviously he does not need such humans. Uh deceive uh. Trivialities to travel in the dark Caves, Fair enough cool. Well, that’s it For this episode. If you want to make sure To give it a thumbs up as well Subscription And as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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