FFXIV 5.3 1507 Gathering Guide Level 77 to 78


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will settle Up to all our pool classes from 77 Up to 78 in Final Fantasy 14 And as always, hello from Mythree. So what I’ve yet to get to this point Only the country b, bar as it was Able to reach level 77 very quickly, And I do it every day, But I will do a little more. It varies from 77 to 78.

Will I really do Birthmarks of Chrystallium, So these red colors were identified by You’ve already completed all Made of them, But these are uh for Gabriel Chapters, so this one for Uh, a minor robot and then this robot Fisher. I haven’t really touched on yet So I will look at them and I will Uh the plural and any yellow texts. I I will Expenditure on text exchange as needed, And yes, But I think that will be with The Qatari Monsters. Tribe will take me to the level 78 with the three of them very, very much Quickly, But just for diversity.

What am I going to do for Collectors are like this, and you can too Verify Big uh company, Because some of them may be very severe Easy to implement. I recommend getting high qualities And the Sometimes you just don’t know you well

. He might be able to really catch this stuff Cheap on the market board. So if it will save you a lot of Time and also if it’s too cheap, You never know check out the market Panel every day reset every day Uh they can only provide the distinguished It, can give you a complete level From exp. Just by doing this, I really recommend It is true. This is how I’m going to scale it from Level 77 to 78, Then at level 78 plus we will review What we are. Do it anyway guys? That’S all for this, A video if you want to be sure to give it a try, a Premium and subscribe too And, as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys.

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