FFXIV 5.3 1510 Qitari Rank 8 (Beast Tribe Quests)


[, Music ] And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will hit Ranked eighth with the Qatari Al-Wahsh tribe, Final Fantasy 14 And, as always, welcome to me for free. He worked in the daily newspaper For the country every day with Dwarves and pixies and me now Maximum reputation reached And the quest becomes available Shaun From Shockwall, So research is called kudos. Gallstone Sharkwall thinks about a date Runker and his people So out of distress.

On behalf of the hosts, Thanks for your tireless efforts, We have the most sincere. We Qataris must bear the right of gratitude, Publishing responsibility, pork To these parts of the forest. Finally, This painful separation brought History to an end And we wouldn’t have done it without Your help is invaluable. At first, I was afraid we might be destroyed. Relationships with the Blessed Knights And v is unrepairable. Instead, we are, They beat the plague together. Thus, the bond is tested,

Among our people Stronger than before To Liverpool, and now all the time to Post News From the jungle with my new office friends And with my great guidance, We regained the long lost snake Knowledge Not only of our type but of Runker. The Great himself. In my study of recovered stella, It was Suitable for reflection and rumination Really about the history of the empire. It was a great civilization, Control and influence over All of the ancient swept, Or was it a great civilization Enlightenment Welcoming many peoples and unity Under one banner to live Peace and prosperity Or people? These are Qatari and Ronso Live side by side and work towards The public and artistic good, And the academic achievements of The empire was many. However, this is the greatest uh power.

It will also prove its fall, or so by Holt theory Or with the expansion of the empire and the years Keep making strong. One-Off friendships and Alliances began to falter Differences. It broke out in an all-out struggle Rocking that once looked like a great tree, This uh it looked like Stand up forever, began to split from within Imagine Runka in his later years, Withered and die. There is no doubt that the emperor sat on his throne Wait In vain to reach the door that He will restore his empire to its predecessor, Glory Waiting for ally Ronca Compared to the long history ronker my three years, Even in thickness Lesson or as a drop Of water in a large flowing river, He is a foolish fool.

I understand the emotion I have, but not like that Uh the age of any Qatari person. We may be sure we should not underestimate it. The value of our shared knowledge. Wisdom was accumulated by many Experiences and registered repair Prosperity Uh, just like our grandparents did Section To shape the path of Ronkin’s history. So are the discoveries that you have Sorry? I worked on the formation, The future of our people And the great wood itself, But we must not forget our friends and Allies. Without mother, we are not permitted to help them. ( 6-6-6-3 )

Survived to see this day so can I Trust that you convey our gratitude to them in a Charcoal. Of course, the father considers us happy not Convey gratitude. Ah, I always see uh, I’m free Trust, my son, to accompany until now. I can’t forgive myself, then Nothing unfortunate happened to him in today From victory. Come here for free, Mr. Laniel will be thrilled to see We are sure [ Music ] Well, instead of accompanying his son as such Father will have a random bloodline to Grades.

This is good for all of them. Well well, here we go Nothing here, So I am glad to hear that all A well at the checkpoint, We are honored to do our little job, A portion serving our country. Friends, I didn’t think I would live to see This old runner alliance Renewed. We also have the old Master Linel, The ritual Uh, for treatments Relief from our pain in troubled times. There is a lot of wisdom. I sure learn from you This Only a long and fruitful star,

The friendship You are always over young age, A friend there is a lot more to you than you are. Your people have already taught us. I promise you will continue on Share with us Excerpts from history. We may put it they To use our mother ourselves to protect and save Our home in the woods will be Honored as well as the end of wells. Yes, And now I think the time has come. Finally, I stop Slow down and hit the road. So, are you going somewhere good, Madame Uh, more precisely, I will leave On a trip that was too far Long in preparation. I tend to travel beyond great words, Reach out to find those Who live spread across the land that They may join us Ummm here in Ratika to preserve together He conveys the wisdom of Runka, But now it was always my home and it is.

It won’t be easy for me, Leave it and, yes, I am leaving With knowledge That the forest is in safe hands. I promise Lien, You won’t, let zuna get in too much Problem. Yes, I am not saying that you are from. He needs to take care of a sister. Perhaps I should accompany you to rest. I stressed More than able to take care of For myself. Forgive me if I abstain. Stepping through this uh, the brother Quarrel ah safely go finer that Azure Azure will always guide you home. Thank you, Mr

Lanelle I’ll be back, So it was better to be outside before Find another reason, My flight is delayed for longer young man. Charcoal Lee is free. Promise me that you will be fine. I know you too Uh a sinner, regardless of the distance. The trip may Carry me know that a part of me is Always here with you. I am with you my sister, So the farewell is not easy. However, Time to get back to Road again to ourselves, we must pay Valland and quinfort respected, yet All Very well. We won’t keep you The longest pass along Our respect for our friends sliverboard. I was Not sure what to think of that queen At first, But he proved to be a loyal friend. Of course, if you have time I came to visit my father and me, Nothing makes me happier than being Able to show your surroundings Stopper. Ok, We have to go now to a sliver above We’re, basically just saying goodbye to everybody Or this trip that took place on Qatar.

Monster tribe, Okay, so let’s go over here. I guess Well, here it is Fallen and Konfort Mr. Fell. Are you sure that You should be awake like this? I have no fears uh. I have no fears. My little friend I feel again, like my old self. We hear that everything is fine again at Also stopped. This is really convenient. Think what was going to happen to We are all here for the great word, if you are, I did not discover you. We truly owe our gratitude to Your ancestors and their wisdom, And really, we all owe it all to The mighty runka snake, With his divine providence, a small coal led to Uh the star. That was the treatment on him Engraved. Oh, yes, praise for the live. Praise is being Uh. Do you think you can uh keep Your voice is a little low. Some of us are still recovering from

A living plague that you know So I was talking about the wish I requested All that made you think less Colleague. It was the great snake in the first place When the satirical thought began Roaming. To this end, I thought it Finally lost Another excellent intelligence. Valan’S question And one mother you give some. I thought to myself. My father always told me uh stories: How great is the servant of the monks Serpent Or a guardian for them and their protector, but There were no clear records From presence or physical appearance The night. The documents returned to

Heaven’S little creature we are now I know uh. He arrived before us wearing That strange hat Intrigued and I followed after she led me Through the crane where I saw Traffic to Mother of the homeland or center, All sorry. It was finally open and one more time, Jumping for joy. Ah, I picked this up. Small creature up and ran Home to share news with father with A tear in his eye. Looked at me deeply And he spoke. These words are in the great serpent He arrived to guide us home. At that point I knew that was the case A moment of divine revelation without a doubt And the Not all of them are the opposite of mine, yeah, that It is really cool. In my special case, I have a great snake. He appeared in front of me in my vision. I always remember the time and one more time Share my words of wisdom.

And I sincerely registered Like the Quentinfort Gospel Once Upon a Time, She called me something terrifying gallstone. A warning of a major disaster was for Before the big jungle Or, if I did not take action or did not take action, Write to work. It was shortly after that That little creature in the woods and me Immediately acknowledge it as a The embodiment of us Divine Protector, [ Music ]. Now it is clear, though, that everything was on top until today Or his first appearance. In my vision,

Our meeting, It was all part of the Great Snake, Great design, Resort piece of harmony and prosperity To the forest. We really weren’t able to Rediscover our history Or beat the spread of the plague, Not To guide the serpent and its wisdom. Your grandparents were clearly revered Great snake as well. Otherwise why did they engrave? It Click the final seller Uh it was buried, deeper and farther than Get to town. Now this is a mother has been saved correctly. Stella is standing before us as a mother.

Uh contradictory Prove, oh, That uh, this little creature really uh, Which everyone instinctively recognized is being. Could you speak simple words, please A manifestation of the Divine Runker The protector who came Again in a time when we need guidance, Our peoples Through troubled times and in the new Generation of peace and prosperity, And then you sort Uh the last time after his work Ended Big living left us.

Go somewhere where only gods Dared Blah blah. In fact, it just was Follow me about her for free Adventures. You know What nonsense is well and clear. The great snake was watching Or above us all this time. Anyway. We clearly owe the snake thanks. It would be remiss to us or us Not to make a pilgrimage to the site Where we can Appropriate payment. You know what I’m not even going to read What about that. I don’t want more than to pay whatever Hmm. This is a fought killer, but there is no, It tells us where the snake has gone. Where do we go to hear Words? They are not my little friend uh Qatari, For I only know a place where the predecessor was Sleep, The place of the mighty mighty great snake, The crystal that appeared before me And again in my vision.

So I am only talking about fruits The protector Cradle to miss lake, water, 2 c Mukta Valand and I are making the journey. There is neon every day. T o express Thanks for the great snake, Because we hate to share the divine Guidance with us. Uh. Don’T look at me like this, I’m free, I didn’t go every time And when I did, it was just to keep Print here out of trouble. How should we express Our thanks, Great beard or smart? My little friend was questioned. If you are interested, you will be happy to share With you some Selected passages from the Bible Quaintflower Best suited for occasions.

Example, there is a separation Chapter 15 5 that begins as Follow o’harken on the heavenly scree. Never mind to bang Queen Me Make sure that live. I would appreciate it more if you were. I thanked him in your own words for that Uh until he will not read it. Thank you Ferlan. I think I will Just If it is not English. If it is not suitable Grammar, I won’t read. I will never sympathize with myself To do it. Well, Okay, so we need to We get there. So once we get, there Will Follow Well, we’ve caught up with a shark wall. Let’S talk to him!

Well, here I am, but what words can be? I honestly convey my feelings To open grace, Summon the two movements on the celestial rock Hey. You can just say. Thank you, That’s what I said Just say. Thank you. Let’S go, Maybe I should keep it simple. Yeah Great snake, thank you very much To take care of us. You have my most serious gratitude. Hmmm, it was my directions. People have taken back our history And I made a lot of new friends And allies.

I promise we will never forget you And to convey stories about you Generations and future generations, [ Music ]. What happens Uh, you think the serpent heard my words Screed squeaky, [, Music ]. Okay. So we need to talk to him again. So when the crystal was shining and glowing I felt like I was He was talking to me: Can you believe this Means that the servant heard my words Um, at least I’m optimistic? Knowing that I have com, I lose my fangs to the beard and to everyone From our new friends all over the jungle. With this I can return to my father and

To overthrow me, Head held in high temperature, Okay, so once we get back to Hopble, stop We continue, Okay, so we’re back. So I cannot thank you enough for Accompany my son throughout Jungle To the end I went above and Behind us on our behalf Country gratitude debt. We will not forget it soon. So in recovering our heritage and History, we also revived Time-exempt bonds. Friendship with our resident colleagues From Retica Bless these greats

Live and Not the least of all the legend of Alaevronka, They all played a role in the events that In the annals of history Uh. Yes, the agents will be keen on that. These events, It is delivered to our children and to us Children’s children, Etc. Even after a long time They went You have our word and in the meantime we are. We continue our exploration Tunnels under the dam. I have thought about assigning Create a new vendor That we gathered recently days. It can be scored for prosperity instead Than I have not seen Face to face in our excrement From history, but I can assure you that we are they Same thinking. Uh Like mind, sorry about the future. We are, They will shape our people.

How charcoal grown now Tears in my eyes? Thank you for everything I know for free. There is Many places that you must travel but know about. We will Always have a home. You will always have Home here in Stockholm. It is not well creased. Let’S finish Reputation up: [ Music ]: You will now achieve the swarm of blood Reputation at the agent. You get an experience, point bonus Upon completion, diagonal, Daily monster, driving mission And that’s it and we got a nice bonus, 10 million EXP. So we too Done now With all the beast driving in five nc14 Brought shadow, so we’ll see when more Come out in the future. So anyway, guys. That’S all for this. The episode, if you like it, be sure to give It’s cool, and so is the subscription And, as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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