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FFXIV 5.3 1513 Astrologian Quest Level 60


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will make an action, Astronomy mission level 60 in the final Imagination – 14, As usual, hello from free. Ironically, I already reached the level 80, but I realize I didn’t do any of the class assignments Since the beginning of the blood storm Or an astronomer. So I already am 400 router, but I’m doing level 60 Pursuit. So hopefully, in terms of fighting and Things will pass very quickly. However, I need to get this done so we’re on Mother of Staff in Ischgard in Uh, 15, 10 and the quest is called Sharq. He meets the West, so Jacquinard has a thing Say And this flashing behind his monogamous gaze. It is suggested that it is important Morning tops you a mystery, or Is the evening time difficult to know Uh. They are trapped here in the furs of the day And night. Well, technically, I can’t Leave at any time by my choice but Um as if it were a strange force.

It prevents me from stepping Uh in the light, but enough that Uh, you are here to get to know me Humble companions From your humble companions and you were Than saving the world. Well, since Ishgard uh, all of a sudden, Sorry sudden change of drive, It became the vault Somewhat more receptive to Contemporary Lady Lev Ideas, The main roof. They asked for Countryman in disguise to keep else Symposium on Charlie and Astrology This time within the city-state Uh. Not in an abandoned village, uh, Nothing against the fine from the citizens. Falcon nest takes care of you. In fact, uh Rafin al-Tayyib predicted Your opponent In the stars and awaits you in The observatory. A look at your face tells me that you are Less than convinced The skeptic remains uh. After all, we have. It was Through together properly until the unbeliever Then Um. Allow me to re-create This morning. Reading is in the middle of dawn.

A cross we have a spear on his left. The arrow turned right, Inverted balance, Underneath it we have the inverted tower and The upside-down bowl. Finally, in the crown uh: Well, don’t you see it as normal, like Uh the smell of Dale Paul in the broom On a moderate summer night Peace settled on our great land. He is Along the next road of destruction That new friends and Old. I will discover the jungle Uh, it brings knowledge And hope, And I think you were caught For all six heavens, In other words uh. She who brought peace To ishgard. This will be you uh. You will walk on the road South to the observatory. Where I don’t know, you will read some books With Lady La Viva uh to discover a new mantra To deliver excruciating pain to The enemies And their families uh. It seemed more convincing when She explained it to me in Morning on that bottle of wine, Or is it two balls of wine anyway me? It is suggested that you speed up. You know how our little protection does Take gently Who kept her waiting.

It was good to see you again free and Something tells me you will come back Again soon, Fair enough, wink. Okay, so I have to go Down to the observatory. Once we get there, we will continue. Well, we did. Let’S talk Crane Aviva, Even a friend of a fellow astronomer, is Nice to see you again Uh it wasn’t two or three Uh. Let’S just say it’s been a long time ago. Didn’T she talk to you about my reading. Ok, Then there is hope for that. Well-Dressed Dalard. Yes, Although I learned that the key Success is not his mandate.

More than one task at one time and Ensure that the task does not Require a lot in the way of thinking Or act in this regard with respect to Read, I think it is Um guide me to, In addition to our next step, the spread of n Science Now master the roofing of an injured traveler. He reached the gate, asking Obama, sick sucker with me, misery, Please. I can’t walk any more. The stars were nice and your destination. This place is for astrologers here Ways to calm the heart Theologians. I don’t need a prophecy or prog nos the cat cotio. I don’t know if this is a word or me Could Keep my tongue and let you tend to surgical apologetic. You could have a friend who’s, quick to heal. Time will believe power stars. The ceiling of the young lady lover uh – I am free uh I felt Go back, inspires me to get out of order, The same fresh air And it looks really new. The adventure is upon us. Ah – and here I was thinking – you were made – the trip Uh the south – to lead your talents and

Preparing for the next Uh, this symposium is despicable, or was it She is a beautiful lady of love. Hmm, if you allow me to give you Thank you And my apologies for the earlier time I had Tend to Allow your unbridled feelings to take hold The best of what you have got. That was amazing uh. You knew what I was. I will even say before. I am, He said it ah, but where is my morals, I uh kyo ho From Hingashi and has a brave storm and sea To learn Of many wonders. It is said, Found in this wonderful world, But you already know that you haven’t Uh. No, I didn’t. Please Should I go back to a mother, Important things, Important things like astronomy,

Matters Can you show me that I won’t be a burden? I was standing in the corner in the shade Behind the curtain. Well, I appreciate the forcing somewhat Enthusiasm, I’m afraid not to be. Oh you just wish. We were Are able to exchange ideas between each other Fields of each other uh you, It won’t happen to be a ground factor. You are a geomancer, The so-called wind and water masters. Grandpa was Written in the far east Racial and deep directional Divination, although much of it sounded Little more than original folklore. Lava did not read morning, I remember Uh, new and old friends. What if Miffre The friend was old and that’s strange Little man is your friend Shaft, pointing west and balance Pointing to the east And arrow in all directions, And is Hmmm may only mean oh Uh, even though he pays me.

So I admit equally, Your competitor may also have been predicted. There is a lot I can learn from you Now we can learn from each other Uh, but there uh soon you’ll learn that Push and pull items brings Together these Those who need companionship the most Uh. Yes, the must-haves Discussed That’s in another juncture, for Nowadays I put you in first care Uh, the most important puzzle, student, Excellent suggestion or, as I think, Umm Hinjans say, uh ki kaku. I worked a little bit in the language when He was younger, but for my life, Umm Ibun did not have an envoy bear with me, Even the cystic gland. So do I risk not having The best place to start Unlock the secrets of the stars and

Under Vase near Lake Roots, I’ll even drive a good Kaio Kohu South, I cry out myself. Mmmif Agrees to do the rest. Fine! Next we meet Koryokuyo. You will have to open the first gate and Better understanding. The star effect stops. Everything Sorry Above us are all safe trips. Okay and now I need to go south. The shroud is fine, so it’s a little further away From teleport. So once I get there We will continue Well, we had a shot from the south. So let’s go Talk to him here you are, I began to wonder if you hadn’t been Eaten before Hovering the way here, but I guess Jaguar told me that you are Quite power in everything. Uh Related, Oh the bowl. Until you enlighten me, you say The honorable meaning I am like you Westerners, Say All eyes or all ears The origin of the vessel. It was not as insured from this A tree planted by your gods. In an end, The heavens, That all life was born. Wonderful, So this is your thunderbolt in the Far East we are. The constellation is known by something Different, But I know everything I must admit, However, Uh seeing it under a different sky than

Myself fills my heart with a feeling, At the same time, out of surprise and confusion, Knowing that what represents you, People, Uh, what I cannot get around is That you will truly believe in an ocean Foolish Earth. Power is a word By your own definition. It means soil, Do not come From the earth itself, but from Six little lights flashing at night sky Uh, we students of sand believe that that power, Naturally under our feet up It flows through Creation as blood flows through Veins. Yes, despite the differences Think about the similarities are fan, All trees are born from the earth and Their protection is universal.

I have to think about raising the opinion uh that I am a confident arm. Lady I’d be glad to hear that though I might, We suggest that you block out the part About not being able to roll your head About our foolish notions Unless you enjoy getting steel. The frog boot that uh strongly twix Marigold. Shall we go there by this hour Later? It will have the lever already Return trip to Atheneum. Okay. So I need the presidency Now go back to uh Starting area. So again we get there. We will Follow Okay, so we got it back. So, let’s talk to to her, So my thanks for taking Henegan’s mother From my hand, not because I think I will visit uh Boasting little annoying with all Cobold Etiquette, The bastard that I still do, but because I am I needed time to finish my job Without Distraction Tell me what I missed. Maybe I see I judge Uh Q kuho hurry. I still have Reservations, Hmm, but I’ll give him interest Suspicion At the moment it may be the teachings of sand Grounded in Tales and lies. However, My grandfather told me That every lie is born from the truth.

Hmmm, if i can find the truth inside que Backward Beliefs Huo, Ah It may provide insight to our school Thought. I now see my choice to appoint you As his teacher. It was a wise decision. Can I ask this who You are Mevery? I promise that once the seminar It’s over and I’ll take over my duties, Uh Kyu, Ah Hoyo Guardianship. I feel good luck in My friend stars. Good luck! Really cool!

Let’S continue! So the next astronomical mission will be Available from the lever when level is reached. 63. Well, cool! Well, I guess this is Good time to stop, because I am, as usual, Always put these class questions in Separate rings. So anyway, guys. That’S all for this. The episode, if you like it, be sure to give It’s cool, and so is the subscription And, as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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