FFXIV 5.3 1514 Dragoon Quest Level 60


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will make an action Dragon Quest at Level 60 in Final Fantasy 14 And, as always, welcome to me free. It is again a series of tasks that I am Just I forgot to do during the 60’s blood storm To 70 missions. The dragon is already at level 70, but I am Now catching up with every class Questions I missed So here I am in Uh Corvus Central The heights In the observatory in um 25 28 And let’s talk to An Albanian quest called Friends Through eternity through the Borscht Reflects the flow of time O my free word Augustine.

He disappeared from the infirmary reach my ears, A part of me, is totally capable of Sympathetic By his desire to leave the Holy See. I wish he said something in His departure, but then I suppose it is Just expected. Sorry when, with nidhogg killed, crowd, Uh the ranks fell into chaos and They are not the threat they once were. She was This court has uh, need a scan, the Dragon Enough to imagine The role of the knights should be likewise. He was forced to change As we enter this new era of relativism.

Peace, Although you may be saving Justinian from the great worm My mind, suffers from Uh hes heestin Internal discord may be loaned by the Netherlands. The force needed to shake from the Dragon. Sorry bloodsucking fierce blood. So you look good sir Albrecht. Mr. Al-Haddad, I am pleased to see you too Uh Lord uh Montagens Miffy, and I were Just talk. Your daughter is my daughter In fact why I asked you. I recently received a letter by The merchant who passed through Chocobo Forest. If this word is so, if the weather To believe it was He entrusted the message before Or Palestine itself, the message was A plea for help uh her mourning made Looking for it From before Heretics again. Unfortunately, there was no more information on Her message. Ah, not a day goes by, I don’t Pray for her safe return. I am free to ask you to eat Boys once again to help your classmates the Dragon. Are you ready? Thank you, Mr

Smithy, A hostile mother awaits you in Dervanian, Four lands. Uh. Please help her with anything Requests Interesting. Okay, so we have to go To the four lands along the way. So Once we get there, we will continue Well, we did so. We have to check This destination. Be free until the letter got to my father, I’m sorry about. I am making your trip so far for an interview. As you all know, I can’t go back to ishgard. In my current case. He said that the blood mask on me is not Steady as before. This is largely thanks to a new ally. My help was invaluable, Learn to control the dragon inside. In fact, I have a mind to introduce you Him or on k Mystery arrived. I am honored to meet you male champion.

Oh so much Have I heard about you from my dad. He often talks about the warrior, who Boasts Dragon Power. Well, he’s been a great boyfriend ever since He came across me for the first time I suffer from the effects of blood. I doubt very much that I will be able to stand here Share words with you Uh had it not been for his help. I called you Here to pay off my debts. Him on k. Tell me what the problems are. You are Yes, thank you long before entering this world, The age the human and the dragon were at Peace. My father threw a concert Uh, but the Dragon Song War tore them apart. Under Father belonged to As Fargo’s Uh a brood as I am, but his console was part of nidhoggs when nidhogg demanded revenge. The wrong commission is against him.

Wah Ratasork Al-Akhri asked him to fly away to the East. She did not buy a bad intention towards a man And while she doesn’t want more than To stay beside the father accepted He requested and fled Conflict. No matter how brave you are Procedures, They have sins, but the end of the Dragon Song War. I am positive at the will of my father Return If we inform her of the outcome of the war [ Music ] 1k requires your help in searching for Paternal spouse And bring it home as it is Ravani left in some A summer after locating it must, Is being Not an easy task, under normal circumstances, Circumstances I will help myself so well, But While I recovered somewhat me Far from complete control, This is why I called you a puzzle. Knowledge of the world is unparalleled. I beg you and research it well. You are my sincere thanks to my free and Give me free. I owe you a debt Thanks again. Unfortunately, we know it Somewhere to the east. We are totally out ignorant. As for the exact location of the party, I suggest you try first Asks my master Albrecht about the Dravanian myths, specially Those related to the dragon in the eastern ray

Notify me Once you learn something you see Related Okay. So now we need to go back To the observatory, so Once we get there, we will continue. Okay, so we’re back So happy to see you came back safely. She was, You can select a site, Uh hustin. I think she’s right to guess that The massive dragon was made The subject of domestic legend. I will discuss this with you Priest of the congregation I knew it was Power over the Dravian legends. Although believed that the Persians once Catch it, The soul, has a desire to kill the dragons. You should now want to help them.

Mother, A strange new world is tearing apart. Really We live, even though I don’t like him But uh. I don’t care I’ll search Priest at once and put up your inquiry With him. Pray come back and I will transfer The results, for you are great, So the knights’ next mission will be Available from a break on arrival Level. 63 Post, entertainment requirements. Tasks can be reviewed in your journal, Slowly, nice slowly catching up with everyone, These class tasks. So, anyway, guys that’s all for this. The episode, if you like it, be sure to give It’s cool, and so is the subscription And, as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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