FFXIV 5.3 1515 Black Mage Quest Level 60


And we come back in another episode in In this episode. We will make an action Level – 60, black mage in the final Imagination, 14 And as usual, hello from the free site. So we are Already hit Level 70 with a black mage, but I forgot Perform level 60 to 70 missions And I want to get it all done Before we get to Uh the content of the bringer of the shadow. So we are, They are here, The oldest in ah 12 13 mother in the fall steps, and we need To talk to Not located well is called shadows, search From [ __ ] Otto Lalay looks forward to you Hi. My friend Im glad to see you here.

He will consult with you In the matter of uh gnawing Away, In my opinion, uh. Thank you very much. Your efforts wrote Uh. Now the file is finally included In these halls. They are long lost secrets, Just Waiting to be discovered, though I have it. Hardly. It started Pour on the times that I already had Make highlights, Detect both double folders Received, Source coding means. Could They are only decoded when the two are Referred in tandem? I will save you Details of how I reveal the message, even though it is true Was among My best moments, if I said so Myself Anyway, the words decoded are The most obvious mantra, Albeit someone completely unfamiliar to me, Underneath it was A rare, simple thing: The Mother of the heir of dark arts spoke about this Words on A reflection of the Nile, which long memories Forgotten may stir Again. Regarding exactly these words she Pointing to uh, your guess is as good as Astrologer. Coco is still mastered Without a doubt, save the amulet and Accompanying message In his records.

For a reason, if we were she Not the inheritors of the black magic arts, Then who is it? So? I trust I can expect to see you in Reflection of the Nile And uh I’m trying to hurry up. Yes, I will Prefer not to delay any possibility. The era of discoveries is longer than essential Cool okay. So we have to move on to now Reflection or yes, so it will take Period to get there So once we get there we’ll continue Well, we made it look like it contains Fight on our hands. So duty begins the battle of shadows From toto. Well, let’s go Hmmm and that’s all you need to know when I give the mark, You have to change the words as precisely as I am Understandable instructions. Now I am free That light. Uh you! Yes, it will be Bringer of destruction For a ship.

Yes, ah That suffices, Oh Whatever this strange feeling For a moment it was as if Or a great fire caught in me and Then Now it feels like my brain is being turned on In and this sound Like my life. Well, it’s nice to walk in Earth for the first time in two parts. Thousands of years The old Cuban mother seems to have proven Itself is useful. After all, If he hadn’t kicked her she’d find him Give him a good pat on the back. And what are you staring at Black pond? You are not Make sure you have the common sense for Get to know the woman standing in front of you Or you’ll need a hint. Some call me death a maid, But I always found it Elegy A needless geek, though technically I am talking, however, A manifestation of memory that you can call. I am With the name you used in chatoto life At your service via the summary.

Of course You are Who are with me, I must say uh what is black Mages today That those with these hats are impractical? Do they really think it makes them appear More imposing, Or is it just compensation for Something either way You don’t need such decorations? What now is more like it, Miffy was, of course, uh. Now We are based on the first name. Will You must tell me everything about yourself In the second four? I can subscribe to Your YouTube channel Like everyone else, winks In a short time, and quite frankly, I don’t particularly care At what rate.

May I mention that I am not Real chatoto as you want the lattice, however, Rather an appearance From the memory uh, my memory. Needless to say that You still make me stronger The witch currently in the world, It is good to remember if you are Never think of crossing me. Ok, then, Now that we get the compliments From the way uh, what do you say? We have A little fun Prepare to explode at Gazillion, Cut it home Great, Come now once you spell everything out For you, I must know if you are enough, A master in the dark arts to help me Prevent impending death. This is the easiest way to do it So Not to mention the most enjoyable preparation for A world of pain. It’S weird Do not know the rotation. Is this clear?

Ok, Like can I heal myself? Ok, These things have Come on come on, Come on Whoops, not Nah, Nah. Ok, I got regular lines, as I probably have. I did this earlier. I’M just saying: Well, thank goodness the glow does not Like one shot. He does not immediately like it. Oh my god. Almost do So, it gets stronger for sure. Oh we made it Just think. The next player will be. You definitely killed me. Not half bad is painfully boring Expression on Drew me anxious. I think you will, after every thing, Uh do what you try to keep up with. Are you Apollo? I repeat myself. Let me start on the beginning. Two thousand and three thousand years ago, Uh the greatest magician in our world ever a favour. This would be. I collected a choice: A variety of strongest attack, Talismans And studying at school.

It is known as black magic Uh. I still look puzzled and I too innovate Mantra allows my memory For a day. I return. My reasons were Two-fold For someone I had to see for myself How the art of destruction You will inherit or ages after Inevitably passed, I bought another. I knew without Guidance. This world will need one day, Uh. Sorry, they met more for sure. Oh this Also, I had four girls who were stronger than this, But these Eyelids grow and my consciousness thickens Waning. I suppose I’ll just have to take A small nap, But remember this doll, Your destruction, An important role to play in battle. Until All this will decide fate From your world well, after that, I wake up Uh a decoy, not your studies, Night art, That’s a good nap. They are free wherever we are, I just woke up from the strangest stream And, yes, both sides are in pain as if The bite of the wrist was more stressful than the The fiercest battles are by chance Note Anything strange happened to me, Mother, Unreasonable or so Most people say, But you have no reason to tell me Lies. I will Definitely explain the strange symptoms. I

I find myself The 2M experience Darker. It was she who sought the power of destruction to me And beyond what limits it could be Rope Um her consciousness has really been taken away. Residence in my mind, [, Music ]. There is no point in calling her out, but she does do not answer no reply, Whether she is sleeping or simply not sitting To answer, I cannot say I’m afraid, I’m at a loss. Let’S Back to Uh, you sacrifice and cleanse our heads. You have The answers. We seek will be revealed Themselves to us. Well, I need to. I am back so once I get there, we will be back, Go ahead, we got it back. Let’S talk to lele, I fear there is no point in contacting To take a shot in my mind and Time again, But I only met silence. The master was here sure he could get rid of Some light on the topic.

After all, it was he Registered for future generations. Ah, The words we used to summon uh the fourth Uh, sorry, some memory. Unfortunately, I am Like the best in reading I mean, if you can’t distinguish roughly 2 500 videos, so improved my reading. A lot. Oh wait! This mastered himself may not Be here, But his writings may yet contain Responding to our inquiries. It was inside a knoll statue Memory snooze. This just doesn’t seem to me Coincidence. I think selling it will come back to him Folders And see what knowledge can be obtained To prepare ourselves for Any mission awaits us. It applies to you as well as mine for free, Whatever motivated chatota, to return For us. I can’t get rid of the feeling.

Bad events are afoot. I suggest that you resume your studies with Maximum urgency Wonderful to be completed, So the next page assignment will be available Of lily when reaching level 63 Post-undertaking requirements. Tasks can be reviewed in your journal Awesome. Well, that’s it! The episode, if you like it, be sure to give It’s cool, and so is the subscription And, as usual, goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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