FFXIV 5.3 1516 Bard Quest Level 60


And we go back to another episode in This episode: we’ll make The Poet’s Level 60 questline in Final Fantasy 14 And, as usual, hello from the free news. You have already reached level 7e With bard, but I didn’t do level 6070 Pursuit Better late than not as they say And before we get into the shadows, Fetch content. We are here in the southern shroud At age, 21 and 21. We need to speak with Uh Jahantal, oh quest called Freezer Company Lace eyes raised at the sight of

You are Oh, my dear free what is good for you Visit me And in time at that our friend Samson, with whom you traveled or met With him, but recently I am happy to say that his works They may have finally borne through By proposing a unit That includes The chairman of the board, received the official approval until And we’re talking. He brings members together Uh for the inaugural UN mission. Now During our conversation, Samsung stated that he had a favor, for I ask you In case you didn’t hear about it. Maybe you can search for it. First You’ll love to find it on Quivers Hold. Well, where do the shivers carry all Way there? Okay, so once we get back there We’ll continue.

Well, we made it. Let’S talk to Samsung the mystery is Nice to see you our hard work. I paid my friend, You have received permission to create Tensile unit. Moreover, we have already been appointed The first task I couldn’t be happier except for one Practical attention. Our new recruits lack experience To embark on a mission. Sincere with God. I seek to fill our ranks Immediately. I thought of you as me. Free You are an example uh among the people. I would be grateful very sorry, Encouraged to share with you and Take a stroll. You took my freedom, too Request. Uh Transfer the indicative payment to the unit uh b. Your experience and skills are shared by us Obligated to Leave a great first impression.

Now Then I’ll go to Receive my orders from the commander Who closed, I assume you will assume Joined. May I say that I too gave up Benefit In Young Sansa’s success. I have to be Personally grateful. Did you lend him your conquest to me for free? So I need to go to the snake’s nest So again, once we get there, I will Follow Well, we did let’s talk to him If it isn’t inherent in it to everyone Accounts that have been instrumental in Captain’s success. Smite previous mission. We are pleased with your cooperation. Now let me share with you Mission we asked I received an anonymous letter Makes Some of our claims Validation module. There is a folder that holds the curse.

Secret Related to the autumn war. You must I want to send your best to Nine years, I’ll, wait The war between Gridania and Alamigo. However, That ended 100 years ago, I was just imagining what The secret may exist, That uh must have been so damned so far. This might not be a poorly conceived joke Leader. Our leadership believes that it is likely that Be uh to be sure, but Or is it not that they risk

Ready to take, They are not with the public gain Feelings blow as they are. You all know. Our order is included In the coalition relief efforts for Newly Liberated Amigo. Well, there are those in between Refusing Citizens A small, but assertive faction Refuses to forget iniquity A century ago. They still look at Al Amigo as the enemy And mother strongly opposed our arrival From the hand of a sucker they are Potentially incendiary. I do not know that the word can be allowed Stoke people’s dissatisfaction. We must move quickly. Your mission is To communicate With the sender of the message and make sure The nature of the secret. This task is called task Y, More like it is. They asked that you deal with the matter on your own. They expressed the eager new loneliness, Yes by and large, and if the secret Prove Uncomfortable mother for Gridania. What next Can you wipe it under the rug, With all our hard work? Ah, give a lot give your tongue Address a higher officer.

So uh, you are, the very famous guide. Do not worry my friend Whatever the secret is me. I give you my personality, I assure you will Get credit for discovering it Good enough for me. It’S been forever Since Mehfrey and I last performed together And I just want to enjoy the moment uh. No, The complex factors you know Autumn War is a passionate topic For the network. The older generation is private and favorable. It is also worth noting Remarkable to share. Ah, the singing of the shooters in our career, The mission I dare to do Say there will be a lot for him to think Ali has many opportunities for growth. I wish the three of you good luck Without further ado.

Let’S make Mist nine knives before the geiderlock. More can be done Or appreciated Nine knives. So we have to go there. Okay, so once we get there, we will Follow. Well, we did it. What am I, my friends, uh Nouval, A humble citizen of Gridania, and I see I received my letter. We came as presented uh vol If you’re going to be too cute, but I haven’t. I said I got it To be clear. I don’t, then, why Have you summoned us here, Patience, my friends, I’ll explain to you see Like many of the Gradon’s children, I have an ancestor Who fought in the fall war. He is the first to know about Time in question. After the end of the fighting or in succession I learned about it from my father Since then I dreamed of pouring Its pages. Unfortunately, it is located deep in the Alamigan province I quit in order not to get a chance, But then soldiers, The brave The Allies, took the wall of the cart. She explained the way when I heard good news for Laheeb boyhood. The passion was finally revived.

I finally fulfill my dream, or so I said Before myself, You see I’m not a soldier to bear it, And the possibility of straying in the war Earth destroyed Frankly search for a folder Unreal. That’S why I decided to reach out to me Your mother’s order to cooperate on my own basis, Parent account. I am sure I can Ringtone tracker. I will help you find it ask Only you take me with you. What do I tell you uh, but in general, Not a few paths of nations? However, It seems to me that such secrets are like It can hide the folder Hurt. Diplomatic relations Is not this so Hmmm. If you want to find the tone, then we are, You must agree to your company. There is a great request to make you Ummah uh. You have stones for Sure. I like him. Are you serious? A civilian is

They basically catch us A ransom and they put him on his stones. Look at it this way. We didn’t know Time is there and no Do we have the weakest place? We are looking for that Better to get help than to get stuck Blind, figured it out. Um come to me free, oh Support me here Subscription. I assume you have the right to do so, Whether you like it or not, We will fight without a mistake, Knowledge. Well, we agreed to your terms, and Here we must comply with our orders all times To the message.

My lord sing to regret Brought me First, we’ll make our forecaster Morens Currently being held by order of the twins Snake And then we’ll make our way to unknown. So, Okay, so we have to go to Custer Morens, So we can have immediate transportation there. Luckily, So the armies of the four countries united Under one slogan and one goal A scene to stir this spirit. Well, where now Right, don’t be foggy. Mister Sansan, Before we take a chance In the wilds of Garibania, We will do well uh to know ourselves With the ground position. ( 9-5-1-5 ) as a snake captain a must be Simple command to secure it Ear To stay here long enough. Getting Our bearings are. I assume it will be sorry, It would be wise only Well I’ll ask permission from Command And I’ll get the right to link to Local people. He always wanted to compare songs from Four countries And wines next to it.

The main clue very much is Alice’s character. Is You know him or I I don’t mind now, then I will Make In the meantime. Private inquiries are upon you Calm down and do not disturb Garrison. Understood Guide me free a lot and I will tend to Work here. Oh pray, your comfort, so that we can be Ready to leave. It is complete. The xbox mission will be available from samsung at level 63. Subsequent undertaking requirements. Tasks can be reviewed in your journal. Well, once we get to level 63, We will continue. That was two years ago.

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