FFXIV 5.3 1517 Ninja Quest Level 60


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will be Take on the ninja mission at level 16 in the final Imagination, 14 And as always, welcome free from here Another one of those classes is where I am. I got it until 70 Near the end of the storm, but I am You forgot to do all class assignments, so We are here or in the store uh. The dog in a Eastern Indonesia is a hot ninja, Such as Cache or dojo. We want to talk to metaphor. The search is called Find What A stolen scroll He has the look of the man he has I’ve seen better days. What a pity and so little I do Oh free as a student b. I hate it. I admit this. However, I don’t see you come uh. The truth is, He said. I have been distracted somewhat recently. Princess Yuki Looks like he sent a message to Village commends us for our efforts on a date.

On her behalf, This reveals my story about the injury. Stop me from Take a trip home for the stunt He was, But my nakedness isn’t that I was Summoned to the village. Quite the opposite, though, Knowing that I am Mother of cold and heart looks old, Be in a hurry to welcome. I come back In the barn. If the time comes, We always need you We’ll call you until then You should stay in your post and do everything in Your strength to help your citizens in Australian. These are the words like this. I have fallen so far. Am I a hawk stripped of its claws, Faded blade, throw it at the side of the road, Her master, All I know has been banished to this place. I’M sorry! I am free mom. Heaven knows that You didn’t come here, Listen to my bright fist and don’t You just got word from Uh from Captain Jack.

It will be. Some Easterners seem to be causing Something’s stirring. I suppose I would be grateful. Someone still needs From my services anyway. It appears that The math might have led you here In time. Do you care about Accompany me? Certainly thank you, my friend, for making it For La Minsa parties And see what our friends are in fraudsters. The union will ask us. Ok, Once I get to the Fraudsters Syndicate in Limsa, We will continue Okay, so we got to the rogue guild. Let’S talk to Jack. Well, if it’s not uh vague Danbir them all. I just did call me. I trust you kept you Stabs sharpened. What are you with Waburu on the job account? You will be Bob before The document comes about, I’m a pirate Yo Umm here where we stand or one of

Small birds in the arms of a kraken Came me peep, a story about some Domains. Who do, I think, break one uh code After the other Seems to say that krakens were off Uh, nothing to chin in the eastern seas when Capture the ship, False guardian or, as they wish To do this, but then came the result. The crew claimed to be a Dolman, you see And upon it Uh. He is manipulating the identity of their captors. They changed, attacked, begging, to seek asylum On your seashore and offering Sorry I gave them full Full loads against safe passage. I call it Ben Cove or Fool The crack captain took his own style Domans on their show Or throwing eastern treasures.

Or the Orientals themselves are far away in a necklace They have sailed to Limsa. However, After entering the port is a funny thing Event: Oh sooner the krakens have fallen anchor. Then the refugees put their best foot forward, paddle Cans and clouds in the dark, Dark moon. Leaving all their treasures behind Well, could you say that in English, please, All their treasures say one of The source he was hiding in corner Or not as clear as Ah Cavallo. These refugees are believed to have their own Dolmen. We played for some The fun of the rum while sailing Move to the back On the black market. For good blunt, Even as we speak, I see So you ask us to retrieve the pass In a pinch and bring theft Areas of justice.

I wanted to provide the help I could and yeah. I can’t help, but wonder Just what could be about this scroll, Which makes it of great value to me. Citizens. Well we’re not just dealing with scrap Sit here To our parents. Now we are Uh, let’s go and see what Common bays And Mars or did not see, I’m free, why don’t you go and pay a little Visit In a punk if there are rumors About About uh cunning brothers uh like us? No, This dead will know a mother. Do you remember what you ask for uh Course, Dibba Dibba, like you, Good luck there and keep it. The whales are open, We’ll wait for you on the tariff call When it passes Okay, so I need to go to uh drowning punk, So once I get there and recover from What he just said, We will continue Well, we did so. Let’S talk to her for that Welcome to drowning punk. What is

Happy, Mother of God, a strong beer, I definitely miss sitting and I’ll lose Bring it straight to Well change your mind. Oh i guess it isn’t Wrong order, goose, bumps! Fine! We draw no matter what I’m just kidding.I know the answer From the beginning. Oh, you should be your own business as I hope I can save you something from Underground menu. You know what I mean Really annoying Guess from the east. It says Why, yes, I think we have some Visitors not long ago match that the description Leave shortly before you arrive. I used to raise my ears to Our customers held every whisper, But the party concerned requested Little of that effort. Why do they shout stories? Riches and glory in RAW, I can awaken the dead, and you know what I am Means Uh. They said they were on their way to wineport to make the deal Age, Although they weren’t keen to get in the details. Only between us will not be Surprised. If anything Less than delicious in their business, Speaking of delicious food, can I take care of you.

We have seafood too Uh, no thanks, Okay! So now I need to get down to the Al Hosn Hall. I just think it is Here. Okay. So, let’s talk to old, Jackie Boy – Perhaps I shouldn’t have confronted him with this a lot. This good personal space is better Uh, so guys are turning to the wine boy, uh Bernie work. I’M free reminded me to slip off. I said one Some extra candor Next time we start to order spilling That says something doesn’t work for you With me. They gossip about their plans for every drunk Card and punk bar down here. I think our friends might be looking forward to Amuse us Or please my guest, Keep your eyes open and stabbing you Sharp Mates. Well now we need teleportation To one port, let’s go Well here we are My hair. Is the good old jackie boy, Let’s see? Well, there is a blade Surprise, Curves already broken gold Biting the blow and jumping on the twig, With a caravan of bingo in tow Word is that they were last seen. Uh The beating in strong blood is certain

But what do they mean waiting The moment of bleeding What if he did not mean the molar Sale, But while keeping their throats where a long trip? I think our boys are trying to smuggle Go home, I’m suddenly too cockney. So there is no time to lose. Let us freshen up From Uh beta cases and make for blood congestion. Everything like Aburo and Algeria. Uh North side me free, take the South. We have to catch up with these cars uh for Slide off our dalys for good Okay. So we need to go to bloodshed. You should go there So once we get there, we’ll continue [ Music ]. Well, we did manage to talk to them, So you just have to knock your nose at Our business. I think you leave us. No choice Lean! Yes, sorry, I forgot that I am about to urinate Whoops [ Music ]. Well now I need to meet Jack. I

We want to return to it. We will continue Okay, so we’ve got to Jack. Let’S talk for him, So let me guess it happened. Two of Rough-looking cavities These cows uh come waving to stab them In my face Before I can excel at a word. I count. 12 is the same for you. Yes, ah, the storm was nowhere, Be sane. Sorry, this is the town. The result should always be seen. Nothing resembles a ship, therefore nations. I didn’t know better say that they, A simple group of bad guys, was enjoying Their unlawful laughter. The dimmer sees, but it really sees

No, These unfortunate guys were just pawns Great outline. They can be disposed of like the bottles they are now Beach waste. Meanwhile, board your real quarry Dealer and sales for Kugane even speak, Sponsored by the east of the dinar commercial Corporation At least, cut out the scheme. I wish you were, I thought about it myself, Or did I Um? How do you know how to know everything? Uh bugger me Uh. You are a bay from a house Styx That strange fart was it Red caruso, beak, Uh, childhood friends did better enemies From friends. Again, We reunited too long after our hero, Return and wounds, the audience What a joyful day or is it Hmm? I will say this dark one, but only once You managed to surprise me To think.

Oh so serious or metaphor, He lies to his elders. To avoid To make the trip home Only to find it unwelcome, in Start with What an irony of everything Enough chatter and chatter Caruso, Hmm, I want answers. How did you know where We were Uh? Just what is your connection to We pursue thieves? You mean fees that have already eluded Your clumsy fist, As I am about to do or fear. This is a story for another day, Good-bye, Ah ever slippery jumper that one Uh the friend Darth is an acquaintance. Is yours Uh? This is news for Jax’s walls. In the meantime, We have our work harvested for us, if Want to wrestle. This pass is present Anywhere. We can have a few shows Know The secret, as they know more Captain Jack, Because listening is really stressful To you as lucky. Our operating base is short Walk from these parts. If we pray join us in the store.

Well, the store is there, So once we get back to the store, we do Will continue. Okay, so we made it back. So let’s talk now To Aporo Red beak kurusa of all places. I I thought Serge might lead us. I never thought about my wild dreams. Will lead us to him Come with me, I borrowed it. Is that a korsukov Uh? Can we trust him or not To stick with us Or his stabs in the back for a moment, Turn a blind eye. I don’t mean yeah, I mean it’s not like that or both of them. Maybe I should say it’s complicated. Judging from your reaction certainly looks, In any case, Our men sailed for the first hengashi We figured, we had no choice, but to do The same, I wasn’t preparing exactly for long voyage. However, Damn if you quit the job half done, He said Shame because I admit it’s old Jack, the first A trip to the Far East. I do not know Cogan from Ass, rom doxie, i dont know Rogue – can do his job without

Knowing the nature of the earth, Why doesn’t Captain Jack travel? There are many occasions to purchase My trade tools are of the finest Heneghan Craftsmen would be pleased that, As your guide, Your presence will be very encouraging, As well as I am free. Kojani is a city where I am Anything can happen and there isn’t. We say what dangers await us there. I’Ll agree to that, but bear in mind Puzzles, are more busy. What do we say? Boy, and I do it this way You will go ahead. We will send you when it is finished, Walk from the place and work out Our next plan for action As a reasonable plan.

Uh Captain Jack In this case play for free and log in at The store. From time to time, I will send word to yomi um when Your services require. In the meantime, The district may guide you in Training Totally Dudley, that’s perfect! Oh, it would be ninja’s next quest Available from Upon reaching level 63 Subsequent undertaking requirements. Tasks can be reviewed in your journal Awesome and you may just have it Well anyway, guys. This is all for This episode, If you like, it be sure to give it a try, Excellent and so is the subscription And, as usual, goodbye to me and Goodbye. My friend, you know me Means Good-bye

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