FFXIV 5.3 1518 White Mage Quest Level 60


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will White mage mission level 60 in the final Imagination, 14 And as always, hello to me for free yeah one more time. This is another semester. I already had. I got 70, but I have to perform class Pursuit, I’m catching up so we’re here at Southern Shroud In uh 1827 and we need to talk to Rayo Osina.

So the task is called uneasy in a East End. So Ria appears not to be surprised, See you. I thought you might come uh Miffy from White, feel it yes Stir the elements. I suggest you introduce yourself to Brother E Sumian While still happy there will be no doubt We welcome your help in identifying The origin of the disorder. It’S interesting Well. Well. I need to go back to Syndicate channels in radon for that one time Get there Well, we will continue Okay, so we’re back to Kundra killing Uh the mystery. How I exhibited Uh sister Raya uh your face to Syndicate, I’m glad she did. As I’m sure you are, I felt you were the elements in off road And, while I’m leaving soon in Investigate the forest, The concern seems to stem from the territories that Not possible Fast approaching blindly, I’m talking about Remote East at the edge of the twelfth Oh Wood Long ago, this border between skyrobania And our nation is in the grip of the forces For a guardian empire.

An alliance arose Certainly take control of the cart wall And, more recently, Orders remote fortifications, East, but stability of the region Still uh weak at best, Which will be more certain Adventure where I am with you On my part. Are you ready to conduct the trip? I think, then we no longer need delay. Let’S make Our preparations and start our journey uh From Camp nine years. Oh, Can I teleport there? Okay, So again, once I get there, we will Follow. Well, we did. Let’S talk Mail, Sumian Uh! Thank you again for coming for free. He arrived moments ago And bend my ear to the woods Whispers, though Here it can be better described as Unquestionable kneading Closer to the source. Me too Sure that we are not alone Come out. You cannot hide your presence Mona. Oh selfie or selfie, I should have known that you were going to feel me Your early failures to attend lessons. It gave me ample practice to find Those who did not want to be found Now. I suppose you have it too. It was brought here by The Plight of the Elements. Yes, Mr

Maher, I am sorry to let go without permission, But I just had to figure out why All this turmoil, Uh, you will return to the brilliant pretense. I leave this inquiry to miffy And I’m like The danger inherent in this task. Even I I felt the need to order. Please go sir. Let me help you forever. I heard the elements’ voices for that Clearly before They just want to tell me something get to know him, And this very thing is Guild master. I am tasked with discovering You, as an assistant, ignore Duties in the union. Well, how can I ignore their pleas uh Feel We pulled our knees like chains Around my chest. Isn’T it my duty as a juggler to be Protect the forest? They are uncomfortable because you really feel this Emotion of River of their people And you really want to bring back the forest To calm down. I swear by the nanny herself just me Want to put In practice the lessons that you have. He taught me A noble purpose, but if you please, This should be counted with a weight. The consequences of your actions are ahead of you. Stick to them. I will not see a repeat of the previous one Accidents. Then I can come and promise that I will be Careful. I would be sure To ask May’s help the moment I

Need it You see that you do now the time has come. We set the limits From girobania, we can travel as far America tower and then the snake, The officer will guide us through the rubble From Castro from there Cool. Let’S turn now to Casting or rental room, So So, whenever we get closer to the eastern end, More confident that we are moving in Right direction, The exact location of the disorder, Yet you lose me Even from the same items. I am. I just feel confused and afraid to be there Not for, But for a more traditional procedure search. I will head southeast to see what Uh it might be directly south Southwest. Is your misery? Okay, so I have to go there. Thankfully, it’s not too far. Let’S go And again, fortunately I can fly here. We are And let him reset it here. We are Uh What you do come here. Those are I release what happens uh. I felt a wave of panic from this Direction Wherever I feel nothing. Now You see anything Baby here through your description May be the mother Hunter, but I’m curious about it. The place to fish can be chosen. Fear that disturbs the items in Anyway. The answer appears

It may seep into the brush: Let’s get back to the customer rents for, Submit and learn more about Essen residents. Okay, so let’s just quickly go back! Ok, It is true, but they ask live Officer what happens So this man’s office uh A station in a casting chamber. They have people who know more about the mother And the child you spotted, And you think these were alive In the woods. I was under the impression that The eastern end settlement was empty of Nashteeb Contact, anything annoying Harmony, Twelfth Wood. Why did you forgive us for some soldiers Investigate this possibility? Usually, I would be very happy to help In your inquiry, But I fear our duties at the border Request our full attention – My sincere apologies, Mr. Bajial, Sorry, but no I’m this uncomfortable.

The question is far from a solution. However, I was already long ago and Return To stay famous. Let me just stick with it Guild master Uh. You want me to assign his mission to me Assistant. You have matured a lot at r right, But I can hardly Items that someone suffers from To help them. I am sure I can free lend a helping hand If you need it. So what do I tell you, I’m free? I just had It aims to engage you On this initial trip, but I ask To see how much fruit he has Conclusion Thanks. I expect hardships in the future, however, Also an opportunity for new discoveries. Wonderful look at Selfies advance, even while continuing Your own studies, Even for you, uh selfie. I expect from you To provide regular reports on your results. I hope that the mother can take care of you.

It’S perfect, So the next task for the white magician is going to be Available from selfie upon arrival Level, 63 requirements. Subsequent tasks can be performed Reviewed in your journal. Awesome well anyway, guys In this episode. If you wanted to be Make sure to give it a thumbs-up as well Subscription And as usual goodbye to me and My free bye, bye, guys

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