FFXIV 5.3 1519 Machinist Quest Level 60


And we go back to another episode in In this episode. We will make an action, Mechanic task level, 60 in final Imagination, 14 And, as usual, hello from the free news. So here we are At Mother Ishgard in the Foundation 810 and we have to talk to. Ah Steve Vivian, So it is called the mechanical endeavor. The estavanian selection appears to be pleased with See you If we have two help for you Must be chosen This moment to visit. Forgive me Surprise. However. Do you know the time of Ishgar And commoners who fill their ranks Really uh? I’Ve worked with Hilda before Wonderful, Absolutely cool. Let’S discuss The problem at hand Uh by following our just city, uh transformed into More Umm Ijaw liters, The form of government.

There was talk From Arming the city clock with mechanics Weapons and equipment, Same type of initiative Which I defended long ago and in my capacity Part of this plan, I have been asked to introduce a specialist Teacher, But as far as I would like to achieve this Hilda asked, I fear, suitable candidates for The role In a sad shortage situation. I’Ve definitely heard of the Almigo news. Yes, editing. Well, post little, The conflict witnessed the manufacturers Drenched With commissions for each of the uh, the material And the gear shooter whatever – And I don’t have a single mechanic to spare – I even had to give up on joy. My right hand is indispensable. Some The deployment is far reaching and therefore I’m free. You should see why you are here. This Today looks like a godsend to me Uh. It is better for him to accept this position Than we have Handy mechanic. Get it Cycle. Oh, You have how you have your own business. Attendees can hardly spend every waking moment in training the clock, So I intend to share your duties With Our old friend uh rust. I cannot pronounce it other than this Extensive knowledge of firearms. It was once a commodity knights From Barracuda.

Such experience must prove It is invaluable to lead monitors. It is the natural choice to be Your partner In this project than I was. He told us. The former trainer was spotted recently Getting to Idolshire Pray. Uh come with a free mother and loan My hand is in persuasion, Cut the Ugly Mouse back to ishgard. Oh Now, I should be able to teleport Directly there. Yes, praise be to God. It stands up to a large extent Next to the A4 stream. Well, here we go: Did you see this post for free Positives Or the spectrum was simply loaded by This possibility? Why Elf Technology, Cathered In The main square Alone can make me mess around for days Uh, not that we’re almost going to be here Long Uh Rustin hits a remarkable colleague Somebody. We must have noticed it by now asking About [ Music ]. Ok, Can I interest you with a guided tour? Just a question I am, I saw such a man was walking On the street as a matter of fact. Ok. Ah, a big lab with an eye patch

Yes, I am Mark it passes like I do in Any dangerous monster, Stay on your way and you will find it Like. Not. Let’S talk to this person, I saw your man heading to Difficult place. He was sucky and fuzzy like half A minute to follow him. There [ Music, ], OK, But oh, I see that you kept one step In front of me for free At least this time around our dear. The coach was not like that. Damn difficult to locate eh Or I thought I heard me some familiar Voices Now. What brings you both Way out here, Not just a yearning to look at its ugly Mug again, This is for sure, as always, My friend We actually came with an offer recruitment Uh. You want me to know the trigger action. One more time See this. Why you? Don’T all have them Do it with joy. Uh joy is very modest to uh The fare as coach is complete. It is occupied by other manufacturing businesses Beside You also have a lot of experience With Command a military company. If you are Not wrong, Are you silly or just you Forgot Bad leadership peed for the The codes, never spoil my reputation.

First place, You are an honest account of a guy like me, Fit to take charge of training City clock. Ah, you are the best man for the job, [, Music ], Another body you got ta be desperate. If you are Your best, Well scratch it hard, and it might be Hmm where some steel remained under this Rust. This means that you accept uh trim Head sails over there I’ll make my final decision yet Have a conversation. This uh is what drives the clock. It seems we should arrange a meeting With Hilda. Would you mind doing business with Introductions? My thanks now I have to get Back to the workshop. I have a small mountain of munitions make. If I were, I would honor. All of these commissions Is manufacturing, proud of my friends ugg, and only when I got bleeding Warm again I’ll see you at ishgard me free Okay. So let’s move on to Hilda in the broom, So let’s transfer immediate. So we should be able to take. A of This is straight to the broom, All right, The broom now Cool. Where is pregnant Here it is. Are we clear, or should I repeat myself In simple conversations, I expect very little from the baby riffraff if you want ishgard service Then Know where you are and walk away well, method. His tongue does not work like that. If

His boss was around Have a nice day for you and me a little free. A bird told me that you would be on your way. Boys and girls were very happy with I hear they will be Learning at the foot of a savior ishgard. There must be a mother, I want you Now. The time is an ore quantity. You are not used to formal training and you will Need to work hard Before they count for more than Cannon fodder. Like the Ministry of Defense says, I do uh pirate things. Last method, I’ll make them pee in the blood and Or their mothers mourning the first belt.

We’Ll see what I don’t know about The ends of the back alleys, however Brooms dont suffer the win. Chrysanthemum is what many lack in skill They compensate with the soul, Love the challenge now tell me more About this Uh watch you fit with ishgard Defenses. Well, we’re officially back in arms, We are not from the Australian alliance And if the nights of the temple walk From Uh to deal with some street crises Will be Leave the touch fin on the soldiers. This is where our clock comes in. It was an independent thing Operation. Yet, But homes want to put us on Payroll, They need to use our numbers for delivery, Their holes are in the walls, It was also. The best part is that we are Get paid to do more of it. We were doing for a coin North in Wallets and food in our stomachs. I can’t complain about that. Hey, but the arrangement is not Everyone satisfies. There are investigators and nobles alike. Looking forward to Journey us at every turn. They are not keen on About the idea Of the armed and organized commoners.

I think the only way to close these Dudes down convincing everyone else in the hour is something Worth saving, but if we mean We prove, we need the right equipment And training. That’S why I took most of the coin. We were given it and we went to beg Lord Or hollows. Now we have firearms and Two clever Pests teachers how to use them. I’Ve heard enough Uh, you can’t properly protect people, however, Do not acknowledge your authority. Do as Big Brother says, it will Soon teach them Men respect you Here is what we’ll do first Gathering a crew of the finest boys and masses And he slaps them a name for what he gets. Those who reject Sit back and notice what you mean by Uh, an elite company like the Knights or to the sky. I think a good name might impress some From the Most High, But I’d be upset. If I could think of One Well, let’s see how about Mum Elders – ounce, Oh you mean Hilda hounds so well As the sound of it Uh. What do you say boys As soon as uh or are they Sorry and chose the crew Or hounds I’ll start by teaching a mother Mother of basics? Then, after that He got a chance, Learn barrels from the stock? You can come Back And test their skills, unlike the exhibition Division of labor, Then I’ll hit them with the figure Before You know. So, let’s see how difficult it is. These Broom bomb men really are Well that’s complete, So it will be the next machine Available from Hilda at level 63.

Requirements to do so Subsequent tasks can be Reviewed in your journal. Well, anyway, guys! That’S it For Check this episode, if you like it, Give it a cool and subscribe too, And, as usual, goodbye to me and Goodbye from me for free Goodbye guys, You are

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