FFXIV 5.55 Blue Mage (BLU) Triple Triad Card Unlock Guide or “How I spent 2 days to unlock 4 cards” By: oldirtybradford


Hello and welcome to my 5.55 BLU mage guide. This guide is intended for people who, like me, realized with dismay that four Triple Triad cards are locked behind BLU and want to get it over with as soon as possible. I will cover power leveling advice, which spells to grab, and some tips and tricks at the masked carnival fights required to unlock the cards.

If nothing else this post should be looked at as a collection of resources with a spattering of mediocre advice. Big shoutouts to all the authors of the various guides I am about to link to. I didn’t come up with any of this on my own, but finding some if it was nightmare so I thought that I would put it all in one place for people like me who are getting to BLU very late or are in it for the T.T. Cards only.

I won’t cover where to find each spell (use this link: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Blue_Mage_Spells_Learning_Guide ) That link also has a brief guide on the requirements to obtain a spell, if you aren’t familiar.

The entire process took me 2 days (about 12 hours of watching asmongold play time) but I got a lot of unnecessary spells and watched all the BLU class quest cut scenes. Hopefully by using this guide and with some luck you can cut that down considerably. Besides the powerleveling bit I did this all solo.

So grab a blueberry muffin or something and get ready to turn that last ‘-‘ into a ’70’.

STEP ONE – You are Prepared :

Let’s prep up a bit for our friend in step 2 so we don’t waste any of their time.

Unlock the job in Limsa. You can mess around a bit, get comfortable on the class at solo low levels and unlock a few useless spells using this guide : https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/m6utdr/blu_solo_leveling_or_how_i_learned_to_stop/

Get a 50/60 gear set for DoM in your inventory. This will make the power leveling easier/faster. Having the tomestone 50 and 60 gear is best, but just the 50 gear will work (that is all I used). It’s possible to do it without this, but it will really speed it up if you can avoid being one shot by level 70 mobs.

Any EXP boost item helps as well, especially the END pre-order earring for 60+. Have some raid food (I used smoked chicken) on hand for the masked carnival matches later.

STEP TWO – With a Little Help from my Friend :

Recruit a level 80 buddy for about 2 hours. Remember *not* to group up or the power leveling will not work. Have them meet you in Costa Del Sol and pick up Flying Sardine from the Apkallu (x27,y35). This mob will one shot you so either get good at kiting or have your buddy provoke or something until they cast the ability.

Once you have that spell set it somewhere comfortable on your bar (we’re going to use it to pull) and head to Wright in Kholusia.

We’re going to be killing the birds and trees to the NE of Wright for the next 2 hours. You pull with sardine, friend kills it, big exp. At first stick to one at a time, but once you hit 50 (this will happen quickly), put on your gear and start pulling 2-3-4 mobs depending on how quick your friend is. A phys DPS job worked best for us, but your mileage may vary.

60-70 obviously takes the longest but if you have the 60 gear you can start contributing a tiny bit using water cannon. It might be worth the detour to pick up Chocobo Meteor or Ram’s Voice, but we didn’t bother.

Ding, 70. Give your friend a big /hug and move on to Step 3.

STEP THREE – Gotta Catch Some of Them :

Ditch your 50/60 gear and equip a 70 DoM set. If you don’t have the tomestone gear, the grey stuff you can buy in Kugane works fine. If you want to get really into it, or have extra Level 6 Materia in your retainer, meld up crit/dh.

Set about learning some spells. You’ll need most of these in order to beat the upcoming masked carnival trials. The spells I’m listing as required may not actually be required, but looking back on it this is what I would recommend for a balance between making the fights easy and not wasting too much time gathering spells. There may be faster/easier strats, but this is what I used.

I recommend grabbing Chocobo Meteor, Basic Instinct, Aetherial Mimicry and Mighty Guard first as they will help farm other things faster.

Required Spells

White Wind (best healing spell, get for learning 10 spells)
Aetherial Mimicry (probably best BLU spell in the game)
Sharpened Knife (physical damage)
Off Guard (increase damage)
Sonic Boom (wind damage)
Bomb Toss (fire damage)
Rams Voice (ice damage)
Bristle (increase damage)
Whistle (increase damage)
Exuviation (need to cure bad debuffs in carnival matches)
Loom (required for one of the carnival matches)
Eerie Soundwave (required for one of the carnival matches)
Diamondback (required for one of the carnival matches, note that I did Steps of Faith to get this solo)
Siren Song (good magical dot)

Optional Spells

Com Pure (if you suck like me, you will need an alternative to white wind that does not use so much mana)
Basic Instinct (not used in carnival match, but extremely good for farming things from instances)
Mountain Buster (increase damage via OGCD)
Feather Rain (increase damage via OGCD)
Gobskin (good prebuff)
Tingle (situational boost to phys dps)
Aetherial Spark (additional dot)
Drill Cannon (adds a ranged option for phys dps and pretty good for farming)
Choco Meteor (good spammable skill when farming packs)
Triple Trident (better phys damage than sharpened knife but on a CD)
Mighty Guard (good for when you can also use basic instinct. Don’t put this on in the carnival matches)

If it helps, this is the mess of a bar setup I ended up with in the end: https://imgur.com/a/hxJUhHV

STEP FOUR – Wait, this is a Full Job Quest Line? :

Complete the BLU mage quest line until you’re locked out by a ‘Dungeon’ requirement, which is actually the masked carnival.

There are a lot of them. You’ll need to gather extra spells in order to unlock some of the quests. Talk to the quest NPC if you aren’t clear which spell to unlock.

STEP FIVE – The Main Event :

In order to move past the Level 50 BLU job quest, we need to complete Stage 25 of the Masked Carnival. This is essentially a solo trial-esque battle. You do not need to complete any other masked carnivals in order to unlock this or anything. The NPC that lets you in is next to the Miner’s Guild aethryte in Ul’Dah.

I used this guide : https://www.nerdsandscoundrels.com/dirty-rotten-azulmagia-guide-ffxiv-level-50-blue-mage-quest/

In general for all masked carnivals, I used Bristle -> Siren Song and Sonic Boom for magic damage phases, and Whistle -> Triple Trident/Sharpened Knife in the phys damage phases. Prep up with Gobskin, Food & Bristle (int pot if you’re really crazy) before pulls and make sure that you do *not* have Mighty Guard on. Be absolutely sure that you Aetherical Mimicry a DPS before going in. Use Off Guard off CD and when it makes sense use the DPS boost skills (like when forced out of range for Sharpened Knife). If you got the titan / garuda abilities, use them after sharpened knife or sonic boom to keep your GCD rolling.

My main tip for this trial is that if the tornadoes are blocking your view, zoom way in. Use Loom when you get stuck near the end and pay attention to his debuff.

Once that’s done, you’ve unlocked 3 of the 4 cards! You can buy 1 from the Allied Seals vendor next to the class quest guy and if you want you can take a break and challenge the TT card holder next to the masked carnival entrance for the other 2.

Continue the BLU mage quest line until you are locked out again.

Next up is Stage 30 of the Carnival. I used this guide : https://docs.google.com/document/d/11XqUoC6sm8kfJD6T87frI-SfhfxpwiBM-8YDtOZ688c/edit

Not much to say here beyond what is in the guide except be ready with Exuviation to dispel root quickly. You also need to have a fire, ice and wind spell prepped to deal with the adds. Mimicry DPS again.

More job quests and then the final challenge awaits, Stage 31.

I used this guide. https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/lb2wtl/quick_guide_to_blue_mage_masked_carnivale_stage_31/

The big one for Stage 31 is use Aetherical Mimicry on a healer before going in. You’ll need the mana. Also make sure to pop Lucid Dreaming on cooldown. Again, if the tornadoes block your view, zoom way in.

The other two trials only took me two tries each (/flex) but this one took me about 10 tries. Be patient and slow in phase 3, you have plenty of time and there is no enrage.

Once you beat him you can buy the last card from the same Allied Seals vendor and forget that you ever unlocked this job.

Shoutouts to K.o.E on Behemoth and to A.T. for power leveling me.


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