FFXIV 500k Per Hour as a 21+ Miner Gil Guide (2018)


And we’re back for another episode in this episode: we’re going to be looking at how to make half a million Gil an hour as a level 21 plus minor for patch 4.3 yay Gil guides, and as always, I love raw me free. So I am here in the north western part of south shroud right near the bus, qur’an’s drovers – sorry here right here – so just just north of this in and adds a level 20 plus 21 plus minor. We can come to the mineral deposits and we can gather something here called effervescent waters. Now these sell like hotcakes and the reason. Why is because they are used by so many crabs, even at high level. So I’ve only gathered a few, so I’ve got like 28 and what you do is you just go from point to point.

You gather as many as you can, and I would recommend when doing this, just throw on a movie. Listen to some music. Do something to give your brain off and just gather it without thinking about it, I’m only at level 26 mine on this old, but you can see it’s giving me gray exp, but just beware that the monsters in the arrow level 21. They will aggro you unless you’re having a good 10 levels above them so anyway, so I’ve got my stash of say, 30, so we’re gon na quickly return to we’re dhaniya, and i want to show you how much they sell for and the best way to actually Sell them so we’re just heading to the market area. Now now it’s like, I said what I would recommend to be honest. Just gather just spend an hour if you want to make half a million Gil just spend an hour gather as many as you can in an hour per day, and that’s it don’t go ahead and gather like a billion of them because you won’t sell them. So one hour a day, half a million Gil – I mean for a lot of people. That is a ton of money.

There is obviously gon na be some veteran crafters or gatherers who finger half a million’s, nothing, but this works, and this will hopefully be useful to everyone. So come to a market area. You can see here effervescent waters and you can see how much they sold for them. This server, I’m currently playing on Cerberus on chaos datacenter, but this is also true for sorry, tightness on aether. Do let me know in the comments down below if this works on your server, so you can see here there right now. Selling for upwards of 889 Gil, each and people are people are saying loads. So don’t get me wrong, but look at the amounts. They’Re selling they’re selling the mist acts of ninety nine.

Thirty, quite often when you’re leveling crafting or doing crafting, you might need five. You might need ten, you might need just a small amount to do a leave turn in, so you don’t necessarily want to spend. Eighty eight thousand Gil to buy a second ninety nine. But if you look at the history, look constantly like just today sold constantly loads and loads and loads of soul today, so they are definitely in demand. So when you’re selling them come to your summoning bell and then sell the item now, what I recommend stacks of ten so and for that reason you can actually put the price up. So what that means? It’S a look. People are selling right now, stacks of thirty. Four 889 Gil each for twenty six thousand or Saxon ninety-nine for nine hundred. So by all means I could also I could sell it even higher. Let’S say people only 110, for example. So this person has the right idea: there’s another four thousand Gil each, but they’re only selling ton of them. So what I’m gon na do just for the sake of it just so it becomes really obvious where to sell them.

What the best deal is: I’m gon na sell them for nine hundred each and do experiment with these numbers to see what works, but the point is sell them in smaller stacks, so I’m selling them for ten of them for nine hundred each there. You go confirm and, like I say I only I spent literally a minute and I gathered Furi of them, so you could easily make with this method half a million guild an hour if you’re just gathering non-stop for an hour and that’s it. So you see in the space of a minute, potentially I’ve made nearly 30,000 guilt, so that’s it! That’S how you can make half a million guild, an owl or four patch 4.3. I hope you like my guild guides if you have any requests for other guild guys.

Let me know, and the good thing with Gathering is that the money you make is a hundred percent profit, because you, the gathering nodes, give you the materials for free. The only cost you might have is a time and expense to get there. But you’re talking about a hundred Gil, you know if you teleport there you’re, not you talk about nothing, you, your very first half of ehsan’ water. You will make many many times what you’ve spent to get there and then, like, I said, just want to move the Lycians on some music and just do it so anyway, guys if you liked that video remember to give it a thumbs up, you can watch around The video over there you can watch the latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye, bye,