Hey there and thanks for watching ffxivguilds very first video: how to kill Adjudicator, the final boss of the Sunken Temple of Qarn. This was just a test recording and a test youtube upload. Also, this is our very first pull on Adjudicator so you can imagine the fight is kind of messy For this video we will be using annotations to guide you in the fight. but in the future you can expect freeze frames and other things.

You have to kill these stone heads on the platforms otherwise they’ll respawn. He also spawns another add called Mithril Verge which shoots lasers at random party members. The lower his life gets the faster he spawns these guys. Note that you have to stay inside that square to kill that add, otherwsie you take some pretty big AoE damage. That’s about it for his mechanics. But you might want to watch because things get interesting right about now… Well thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed fighting it. You can look forward to higher quality recordings and better editing in the future.

Thanks! .

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