FFXIV “Aspects of Dragoon Play at Level 80” By: DiagnosticallyBoring


Hello FFXIV Reddit Community,

I have been writing on some topics of level 80 Dragoon play and would like to share an advanced review draft. This draft encompasses the totality of my understanding of the Dragoon job, but let it first be known that I am no expert at the job and have very little savage-raiding experience overall. Thus what is presented is nowhere near the current pinnacle of Dragoon meta or theory. I was motivated somewhat recently to write on these topics when a friend approached me wanting to understand and play the Dragoon job. Initially, I had intended on expanding upon some of the fundamental aspects of the job as well as a few additional topics, but has quickly turned into a very large body of work. In this way, I believe I have come up short of my original goal of being able to bridge the gap of beginner-level play with the more advanced considerations and optimizations able to be made. The beginning sections of most chapters should still remain accessible to those players that have already come to grasp the job as they are largely based on existing beginner’s guides. The later discussions, however, may be a difficult read for beginners and such difficulties are my failures as the author. However, much of these higher-level topics on optimizations go well beyond the minimum considerations required of the player to clear most encounters, and so I hope, while such material may be intimidating, is not discouraging. That said, I do hope it answers some questions that beginners may have or help them discover some new aspects or considerations of the job.

Regrettably, what is written is more description than prescription; more general than specific. And so, it will be up to the player to make any encounter or group specific optimizations. The lack of examples and specificity comes from my own inexperience with raid encounters. I had always wanted to raid very early on, but was too intimidated and doubtful of myself. Early attempts and failures with raiding began in earnest with O5S (Phantom Train). The first clear occurred on O9S (Chaos) as a White Mage, and then as a Dragoon, and then as a Paladin. The bulk of my raiding experience as a Dragoon comes from the Eden’s Gate tier (E1S to E4s) where I spent a great deal of time and effort to learn, experiment, improve, and think. Even so, I was pretty mediocre overall. Unfortunately, along with such motivations I also became very self-critical of my performance (my group was tremendously supportive and wonderful, they were never the source or cause of my self-criticism), and so not long after clearing E4S I took my leave of the game and have been away ever since, except briefly during the most recent free-play campaign to test and verify some details.

Unfortunately, due to the amount of information present, I was unable to have the totality of the text reviewed by the experts (very understandable, and I am grateful for the feedback they were able to provide). And so, I urge those to have some caution with what I am presenting, until the necessary feedback and corrections can be made. I have tried to be very objective on what I should and should not write about and to the lengths I should be able to, being careful to not include anything that I was not confident of. I am posting two links below of the same text. The first, I will allow public comments; however, I would like such comments to be limited to pointing out any inaccuracies: stated or implied, unclear sections, important omissions, and other deficiencies in the text. The second link will be a comment-locked version to allow those who wish to obtain a clean version to do so.

Comment-Enabled Version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EotZggIcP082bCFPs8fcjQcVH4YpYPk4/view?usp=sharing

Clean Version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XD1atGtWEnWKAomVC5DnKyMP_1MWPscv/view?usp=sharing

I realize this comes late into the expansion and so will have a short shelf-life. A rewrite would be beneficial and most likely needed, but I do not think I have the time for extensive editing. Because I no longer play the game, I will not be updating this guide for future patches or expansions. I will try to make any corrections that are made known to me early on. I am unsure if I will be able to answer very many questions or comments. Most of all, I hope this guide is without major errors, and I hope it will be of use for at least a few players. Thank you for reading.

– Formerly Noriyu Ciel of Cactuar.

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