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FFXIV Beginners guide to go from Level 1 to Regalia mount from upcoming FFXV event By: FemRoe4Lyfe


With the upcoming FFXV event everyone wants to get that cool looking 4 seater Regalia mount. This is probably the last chance to get it in-game, till it eventually shows up on Mogstation in a year or two. There have already been posts capturing what do you need to get those mounts.

In this very short guide I’ll mainly talk about how to go from Level 1 sprout that just started the game today to getting the mount before the event ends. If you have already progressed through story or have some MGP, just means you will get there faster.

There are primarily two main requirements that will gate you from your quest to get the mount.

Key Requirements

  • Completion of ARR Main Scenario Quest “The Ultimate Weapon” which is the final quest of ARR 2.0 To meet this requirement you need to finish MSQ before the event ends, so you got about 5 weeks, which is more than enough.

  • 200k MGP to buy the mount from the vendor. It may seem like lot but there is an easy and surefire way to get it within 3 weeks, 4 at worst.

Steps to get the mount

  1. Before you begin, first is choice of class you want to play. A Tank or Healer will help you power through MSQ with shorter times for dungeons. If you want to play as DPS, you will want a friend or an FC you can join to help you with queue times. I’d recommend Tank as it is easier to tank than heal for beginners. People are helpful if you just shout that you’re a new tank and are learning.

  2. Once you pick your class of choice, just focus on MSQ till you get to Level 15 quest that requires you to travel to 3 starter cities. Optionally, join a decent sized FC if you can. It will help you earn more MGP with FC buff and help with queue times if you’re a DPS. However, make sure to do your class quests every 5 levels. Though not needed for this progression, it will help unlock more skills and make it easy to do overworld content, combat in MSQ sequences and is just rude to go to dungeons with basic skills missing.

  3. Once you’ve unlocked all 3 cities, you should unlock Gold Saucer in Ul’Dah at (x9, y9) Quest name is It Could Happen To You

  4. From this point onwards, you need to do the Fashion Report once a week. You unlock it at Gold Saucer (X:4.8, Y:6.1) through quest Passion for Fashion There is a very helpful reddit post every week around Friday that shows how to easily fulfil requirements for easy 80 points and 60k MGP. If you’re in an FC with discord, they likely have a bot to alert for when it is available. Most of times requirements to get 80pts is easy enough and items can be bought cheaply off NPC vendors. In rare case you get a tough to get item, chekc if cheap on Market Board. Most of all, having a helpful FC helps.

  5. You should also do the Mini Cactpot in Gold Saucer daily. It can net up to 30k MGP daily if you get really lucky. Google “Cactpot solver” to find that can solve it for you. Pick one that works for you. Don’t do anything else in Gold Saucer yet.

  6. Go to Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x11,y10) to unlock Challange Log through quest Rising to the Challenge Challenge log has a Gold Saucer section that will give you MGP from doing different Gold Saucer activities. Try to complete as much of it as you can every week. This will provide the easy 20k MGP to help you get 200k in 3 weeks [3x60k=180k from Fashion Report]. Very useful in case you feel nervous with not being able to get 4 week worth of Fashion Report.

  7. Now with Challenge Log unlocked, you can go back to Gold Saucer and try out various activities. If you’re a DPS, you can do Gold Saucer while waiting for your queue.

  8. Continue progress through MSQ and do your Class quests every 5 levels till you hit 30.

  9. Make sure to do class quest at 30 to unlock Job stone for your class and equip it. Job stone is like an upgrade for your basic class. There is no reason to not use this upgraded Job. Folks can kick you out if you’re in higher level dungeons without job stone.

  10. Once you hit 50 and finish the MSQ, you can now pick up the event quest Man In Black at Ul’Dah (X8.5, Y9.7). See the quest chain to completion and then your new mount will be available at the vendor in Gold Saucer.


In case you feel extra lucky and want to get that 200k MGP even faster, you can also try your luck at Jumbo Cactpot in Gold Saucer. You can buy 3 tickets every week. Prizes are announced fixed time every Saturday with time depending on DC. Game will tell you time when you buy tickets. Note the time, coz if you go to check your prize within first hour, you get 10% bonus MGP. Most FCs will have their MGP bonus active on Saturdays for this reason. That is why I’d also recommend doing your Fashion Report on Saturdays.

If you’re not in an FC, you can get other items that buff MGP payout, but those mostly come from Squadron missions. You can refer https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Adventurer_Squadrons for details on that. It will be difficult to get leveled up enough in those to get the missions that give MGP buff. So not much help if you just started. Much easier to get FC buff. Bigger FCs are more likely to have highest level FC buff.

Hope this helps you in getting that Regalia mount. Have fun.

TL;DR: Focus on completing MSQ asap, do Fashion Report every week.


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