FFXIV BLM Rotation Guide (Black Mage E8S Dummy – Description + Captions)


Opener: All abilities until Blizzard 4 (00:34) are p much set in stone. Read the description for an overview of the rotation! Leaving Ley Lines until halfway through CD to have it clip with an extra cast later. Fire 4 until you’re at less than 2,400 MP. Thunder 3 -> Manaward -> Fire 4 -> Despair Always keep Sharpcast on cooldown. If your MP hasn’t ticked yet, use Thunder 3 or Xeno to buy it time. If they aren’t procced, wait around 1 second before Fire 3. Use the Thunder 3 proc if: DoT, the Thunder 3 Proc, or Sharpcast are about to expire. Fire 1 to refresh gauge timer at the last possible moment. 2s GCD -> refresh at around 3s (adjust according to your GCD). Can leave later if you have Swiftcast ready for it. Always leave enough MP (800) for Despair at the end of Fire phase. Cheatsheet: Your last Fire 4 cast can be at 2400 MP left. Try to use Sharpcast on Tgto get a free proc. Using Xeno to get enough “breathing room” to cast Triplecast without clipping the GCD (because it’s instant cast and triggers the global cooldown) Thunder 3 proc almost gone and Fire 1 required.

Leaving both as late as possible without losing them. MP ticked late during Ice, and my Fire 3 is procced for instant cast. Using the Thunder 3 proc so MP has enough time to tick in before Fire 3. Ley Lines ready. Using Xeno to to get breathing room to weave them in. Fire 1 to refresh gauge timer at the last possible moment. Make sure you use the Thunder 3 proc before it wears off. MP ticked late again. Using Xeno so MP has enough time to tick in. Triplecast ready. Using Xeno to get breathing room for the Triplecast weave. Sharpcast almost gone. Need to cast Thunder 3 so I don’t lose the free proc.

Swiftcast ready – I can cast Fire 4 one more time before using Fire 1. Thunder 3 proc almost gone, but Sharpcast almost off-CD. Need use Sharpcast -> Thunder 3 as soon as both are ready. Fire 3 instant-cast proc is ready and MP isn’t full. Casting Blizzard 4 to give MP a chance to tick. Hoping to finish the dummy off with Fire 4 -> Xeno. Doesn’t work, but Thunder 3 is procced so I use that. .

As found on YouTube