FFXIV Eden’s Promise: Litany (Normal) E10 Guide By: thefoodiegeek


For those who need – made by hungrychad. Will be doing Extreme and Savage guides soon. If interested, do check my site and YouTube. Thanks!


Forward Implosion – half-arena AoE where the boss is facing

Forward Shadow Implosion – same as the original, but watch out because near the end of the cast, he will turn into a shadow and will be facing a different direction. Best is to stay in the middle and wait for the shadow to determine the safe spot before moving

Deepshadow Nova – raid-wide AoE

Backward Implosion – half-arena AoE where the boss’s behind is facing

Backward Shadow Implosion – same as the Forward Shadow Implosion. Stay in the middle and move to the shadow’s front when he appears

Shadow Warrior – spawns 3 clones with one being tethered to the boss. The tether will disappear, they will switch places, and then do big conal AoEs. Take note of the tethered clone at the beginning and get behind him after the switching

Deepshadow Nova

Fade to Shadow – will summon 2 clones that will do big circle AoEs. Stay away from corners with shadows

Equip Sword – big AoE around boss and he will stand up and start wielding a sword

Tankbuster Combo:
1.) Umbra Smash – 4x attack that will give 4x slashing resistance down
2.) Shadow’s Edge – tankbuster

How to handle: current main tank takes the 4x attacks, then the off-tank Provokes and gets the tankbuster

Left Giga Slash – half-arena AoE on the boss’s left side

Left Shadow Smash – like before, wait for the shadow to appear and move to its right side

Voidgate – 3 meteor towers will spawn that will each need 2 players to occupy them

Right Shadow Slash

Distant Scream – knockback from center and boss will unequip the sword

Shadow Warrior + Shadowy Eruption – added mechanic: AoE will drop on 4 random players so watch out

Deepshadow Nova

Double Shadow Implosion – consecutive 2x of either Forward or Backward Implosion so watch out

Deepshadow Nova

Fade to Shadow + Forward/Backward Implosion – there will now only be one safe side instead of two

Equip Sword
Left Giga Slash
Shadowy Eruption
Right Shadow Slash
Shadow’s Edge
Shadowy Eruption

Double Shadow Slash – consecutive 2x of either Left or Right Giga Slash. As usual, look out for the shadows

Tankbuster: Umbra Smash + Shadow’s Edge

Shadowy Eruption – trailing circle AoEs on 4 random players that will drop 3 times

Distant Scream
Shadow Warrior + Shadowy Eruption
Deepshadow Nova
Repeat Mechanics

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