FFXIV Eden’s Promise: Umbra (Normal) E9 Guide By: thefoodiegeek


For those who need – made by hungrychad. Will be doing Extreme and Savage guides soon. If interested, do check my site and YouTube. Thanks!


Ground-razing Particle Beam – raid-wide AoE

The Art of Darkness – half-arena AoE where the purple orb spawns

Wide-angle Particle Beam – very wide conal AoE on a random player

Zero-form Particle Beam – tankbuster

Empty Plane – changes the arena

Added mechanic: don’t stay in one square tile for too long. When purple fences appear, move. If you stay for too long, the tile will get destroyed

Flood of Emptiness – removes corner tiles and spawns insta-kill AoE at the center tile. Avoid them

Ground-razing Particle Beam
The Art of Darkness

Obscure Woods – changes the arena

Flood of Obscurity – AoE circles on the edges of the arena + knockback from the center. Either position yourself where you will be knocked back to a safe zone or just use anti-KB skills

Vines – the circle AoEs from before will spawn plants that will tether to players. Run away to break the vines so they won’t be able to vacuum you in and eat you

The Art of Darkness

Wide-angle Phaser – boss will tether to one side of the arena, rush towards there, and do massive wide conal AoE. Run to the side where she is tethered and position yourself on either of her sides

Rejuvenating Balm – purple tethers to 2 sides that will spawn huge circle AoE. Just run towards a safe zone

Deluge of Darkness – raid-wide AoE and will reset the arena

Zero-form Particle Beam

Particle Concentration – 4 meteor towers that will need 1 player each. Spread and occpuy them

The Art of Darkness

Empty Plane – same as before, with added mechanics

Flood of Emptiness

Hypercharged Condensation – 2 adds from the north and south edges will spawn and will walk towards the boss. Kill them before they reach the boss lest she will be given buff stacks

Summon – spawns 2 clones that will do straight-line AoE on the tiles they are facing

Anti-air Particle Beam – big circle AoE on boss. Just step away. Also watch out for the summons’ AoEs

The Art of Darkness
Ground-razing Particle Beam

Obscure Woods – same as before, with added mechanics

Flood of Obscurity
Wide-angle Phaser

Rejuvenating Balm + The Art of Darkness – they will simultaneously cast so make sure you’re in a safe zone

Deluge of Darkness
The Art of Darkness
Ground-razing Particle Beam
Zero-form Particle Beam
Empty Plane

Repeat Mechanics

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