FFXIV – Eden’s Verse: Iconoclasm (Savage) Guide


Hi everyone welcome to the visual guide for Eden’s verse, iconoclasm savage. This is the third new savage raid made available by patch 5.2 in final fantasy xiv, echoes of the fallen star. Please know that the perfect strategies are still being optimized for this fight and may change over time. My name is Miss tech and I’ll, be your raid guide MT wave is a heavy-hittin raid, wide blast, healers be ready with those shields and heals up. Next, a random tank will be tethered and targeted for unshadowed stake.

This is a two-part line, tank buster that will aim towards the tether tank for both hits regardless of enmity swapping. The first is a heavy hitting solo tank Buster with a debuff that the tank will need to mitigate appropriately. This first part of the attack should be angled away from the rest of the group. After a moment, another line attack will blast towards the tank dealing massive shareable damage to handle this. The tank can take both hits with an immunity away from the raid. If this isn’t possible, they will need to take the first hit with cooldowns away from the raid and then move behind the group to share the incoming damage. This damage will apply the most damage to the first player hit and then dispersed among the rest of the group based on proximity. As such, the unaffected tank will need to pop mild cooldowns and stand in front of the rest of the group to soak the brunt of damage.

You could also have the two tanks soak the second hit together with tons of cooldowns, but I’ll leave that one up to you up next, the boss will cast words of motion to void gates, will form on the south edge of the platform and eventually two sets Of bird clumps will form on the north edge in a sequence, the southern boy gates will always spawn in the same orientation, with a red gate on the west side and a blue gate on the east. The order and pattern that the clumps of birds will form on the north edge is random, but it’ll work out every time that one of the gates is hit by a bird attack first and then the other players will first need to move out of the lane Of the first bird clumped to form and quickly identify which gate will be blasted first they’ll need to keep this first void gate in mind. For now, after the first bird clump attack, Clary’s will adjust to avoid getting hit by the second bird blast.

At this point, random patterns of red and blue void gates will also spawn on the north, east and west sides. Players will soon need to dodge the incoming bird blasts, the order of which is determined by which original void Gate was blasted. First by the birds, the void gates on the east and north will always be where the blasts originated from in each round. Each void gate will blast across the platform and can hit a void gate of the same or opposite color when an opposite, color void. Gate is hit. The next round. Blast will begin with that color void gate instead. At first glance.

This is incredibly confusing, so don’t feel bad if your head starts reeling. Luckily, the possible patterns of attack make dodging each blast, pretty simple I’ll, be showing you one possible dodge trap, but you’re free to come up with what works best for your group, the first step after dodging the first round of bird blasts and determining which void gate In the south was hit, first, is to divide the group into two you’ll want one tank, one healer and two damage dealers in each group. Then each group will move to their aside dodge spots in the northwest and northeast of the platform as it works out. The uttermost segments of the platform allow players to only need to pay attention to the void gates blasting from the east, simplifying the dodge to an easy, north or south movement. Once the void gates come out, all players to determine which of their two segments will be blasted first and moved to the other safe segments. This will be from the same color of the first gate to be bird blasted.

As soon as that blast occurs, players will quickly move into that Dodge segment. To avoid the second blast, while you do, this, you’ll need to check what color board gate that first blast is going into. If it’s the same color, then you know to expect the first blast from the same color void gate in the next round. If it’s the opposite color than you know, to expect the next round to start with a blast from the opposite, color. The next round of void gates will form in a new pattern, but since you’ve already determined which color void gate is blasting first you’ll be ready to pre position in the safe segment as necessary. There are three total portal rounds that players will have to dodge before the platform returns to normal next up, the boss will cast betwixt worlds and two rocky formations will split up the pattern into three sections.

As these formations spawn, all players will be knocked to one of the two sides in the center. The boss will then cast words of spite, which will form four bird clumps on the northern edge of the platform that will tether to all damage dealers. At the same time, the boss casts away with thee and all players will be afflicted with a teleportation debuff, and marker these markers will force players in a specific direction relative to their characters position at the end of its duration. During this time, the boss will also cast silver sludge and market. Both healers first stack up markers. This Tech will also apply a magic vulnerability June debuff on affected players, meaning they will not be able to stack with players targeted by other attacks. All of these mechanics will resolve shortly after the teleportation debuff duration expires, so players will need to carefully control where they get teleported to automatically resolve all these mechanics at once. Let’S take a look at how we do this. The 4 tether damage dealers will be targeted for large line attacks in the direction of their tether. Since we don’t want overlap here, we know these players need to end up sufficiently spread to avoid death.

The healers will obviously need to share their damage with someone as such, we assign a tank to stack with each healer. Since the platform is limited by these rock formations. We need to have specific players get teleported into specific locations to resolve these mechanics at once. Each tank and healer pair will be sent directly west and east past the rocky formations to the outer edges of the platform. We also assign to damage dealers to traverse the rocks to the outer edge, but they stay as close to the north side of the platform. As possible to ensure their line, attacks are not hitting anyone else. Finally, two damage dealers will stay within the center section, one on each side to ensure they’re, not overlapping each other. Since the teleportation markers are stuck in a fixed direction relative to your characters position, I would recommend players get used to keeping an eye on their duration. Diba at around 3 seconds, left or so they’ll need to position their characters to ensure their teleportation markers are pointing into their assigned positions.

You will have very little time to adjust so make sure you aim appropriately players that use auto face target here need to be extremely careful. Once all of these mechanics resolved, the platform will return to normal. Healers will have to prepare for another MT wave raid wide blast. This is followed by another unshadowed steak. Double tank buster next up the boss will cast Birds of motion again. This is immediately followed by a false moonlight cast that will place circle, AOS underneath all players and then mark them all up for targeted AoE attacks that will leave behind silver scourge puddles that persist for some time. This bird clump pattern is static for this combo and the outer edge will always blast first with the inner lanes blasting second to handle. All of this players will begin by stacking up in the middle, dropping all the AoE circles in a controlled manner.

Then they’ll all spread to assign positions to drop off their AoE puddles. These assign positions will have to be on the outer edges of the center lanes to ensure players have enough room for the next set of mechanics as soon as the first bird clumps blast. The outer edges, all players, will move to the outer edges to avoid the center Bert blasts away with thee will then mark up all players for teleportation and immediately after all, tanks and healers will be marked for silver shot, AoE circles and a random damage. Dealer will be targeted for a stack of marker. The puddles persist on the platform this entire time. Further, limiting your positioning to handle this. We assign positions for all tanks and healers that allows them to avoid overlap. This leaves the very center of the platform open for all the damage dealers to stack together and share their damage. Players will have to aim their teleportation markers into their assigned spots at the end of the debuff duration, as there will be very little time to adjust their positioning before all of the attacks hit.

At this point, the boss will disappear and the ad phase begins to tan Keable Adal. The tree ads will spawn in the east and west of the platform and a blasphemy ad will spawn in the north. The blasphemy ad cannot be tanked and will independently begin to move around the platform in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. All of these ads need to be kept away from one another or they will tether and get buffed. That means tanks will need to pull their respective ads around the platform as the blasphemy moves, making sure to keep them all away from each other. At all times, you’ll have until the blasphemy makes one full rotation of the platform before the adds enrage and you die. If you kill the blasphemy first, the other two ads will run rage and you will die as such players will need to split up and destroy the to idolatry ads before they focus on the blasphemy ad.

As the blasphemy moves around the platform, it will stop at specific points to throw out mechanics at you. All players will need to dodge these line attacks, as they papa insatiable light, will mark up two players with the stack up marker. Since your group is already split up to destroy each ad, you can simply stack on your ad to soak that damage the idolatry ads. Will then both cast advent of light? This cast must be interrupted or you will die, make sure you keep dodging the line attacks as necessary. The next stack up marker will coincide with more line attacks and players will need to move together to dodge the Lions and remain stacked to soak the damage. Next up, the adalat Riyadh’s will both cast strength in numbers, and the boss will cast away with thee marking up all players for teleportation.

Strengthen numbers has two possible configurations based on the animation beyond. This is entirely random, so you’ll need to pay attention before moving appropriately. If the ad is rotating vertically it’ll cast a large donut attack, all players will need to move into melee range. To avoid this, if the ad is rotating horizontally, it’ll cast a massive point blanket we and all players will need to move out of melee range to avoid that next, the timer of the teleportation debuffs will line up with another stack of marker to handle this all Players will need to position their characters to get teleported in the direction consistent with the ad movement. As soon as each player is teleported, the stack of damage will go off so make sure you stick together immediately after the adalat Riyadh’s will cast another strength in numbers. Pay attention to the animation and move appropriately make sure you’re dodging another round of lines at the same time and eventually stacking for another share marker.

At this point, the blasphemy ad has almost made a full rotation, and your ads should be close to dead once an idolatry ad is destroyed, the other will begin to cast explosion. If this cast goes off, he will die as such. These two ads must be destroyed. Practically at the same time, once the to idolatry ads are down, the blasphemy ad will begin to pulse a high damage raid wide blast six times before it too begins to cast explosion. Obviously there is a lot of damage going out at this time. So healers. Beware. You will need to destroy this ad before the cast goes off or you will die once all the ads are down. The boss will cast a heavy hitting empty flood to transition the phase pop those raid cooldowns and stack up four heels. At this point, the platform will return to normal unjoined aspect will affect all players with either a dark umbrella effect or light astral effect diba during the duration of this debuff players will only be able to take damage from attacks of the opposite color or they will Die each time they get hit by an attack of the opposite color.

Their debuff will also swap to that color. The boss will then cast words of unity, and the birds will form in two colors across the north side of the platform, players will need to move to the side of the opposite color immediately after the closest player to each color will be tethered and marked with This lineup marker, this seller, must be moved away to reduce damage and the line of damage will be shared with the first player taking the highest amount of damage. Each tank will need to make sure they’re in front of their group at this time. At this point, the boss will cast words of entrapment. This will cause for large bird clumps to spawn on each side of the platform and four towers in each corner to of each color. The towers must be soaked by players of the opposite colors or they will explode and you will die. The bird clumps will tether to the closest player, regardless of color and then blast across the platform in their direction. To avoid overlap and unnecessary player deaths. We assign each player to a specific duty in our group. We have the tanks and healers handle the bird clumps by having them be the closest players to each one and baiting the tethers as soon as they spawn.

This will allow them to drag the clumps into specific claims, ensuring that they don’t overlap at all. We do this by dragging each clump into the inner right lane of the side that they spawn on the damage. Dealers will all be assigned to two towers standing in the tower of the opposite, color to their debuff. All of these mechanics will resolve at the same time. The boss will then cast another words of unity, and players will again need to go to the side of the opposite color to their diba. The closest player will be tethered and marked for lineup in the same manner as before. At this point, the group’s debuffs will expire, but of course the boss will cast unjoin aspect immediately after this time.

All the tanks and healers will share the same color deepa, while all the damage dealers share, the other void gates will appear in the south and words of night will spawn dark and light bird clumps in the north in a random pattern in this void gate round. Two players must now associate the red or blue void gates with either the white or dark last based on the first blast, then, when they’re dodging the void gate blast, they need to stand in the blasts of the opposite color to their deepa. Again. It is really easy to confuse yourself, so, let’s break it down step one all players will stand in the first blast of the opposite: color as they do. This you’ll need to remember what void gates are blasting, what color to keep things simple. In my brain, I like to memorize only what color void gate the unreal attack is coming from and then position my character based on that one element. Instead of trying to think about four things at once, players will then split up and move into their assigned dodge sections.

They’Ll need to look to the east and see which pattern the void gates are shooting in positioning themselves to take the blast of the opposite color. As this is happening, they’ll need to identify if the gates are blasting into the same colored void, gates or different ones, as this will affect where the dark and light blasts are coming from in the next round. Before the next round of void gates, the boss will cast false dawn and all players will drop down a we circles beneath them. Since we don’t want to cover our dodge segments, we have all players move into the center of the platform to drop off their circles. At this time, the next round avoid gates spawn and each player will need to move into the segment that will be blasted by the opposite, color of their debuff.

That was determined by the previous round of void gates. However, all players will also be targeted by an AoE circle of the same color as their diba, since all tanks and healers share a color and all damage dealers share the other. Our original group split based on rules, works to our advantage here, and this circle attack really only serves to force players to spread within their safe segments. This makes it possible to assign specific spots for each player to stand in their segments with their circles to completely avoid overlap, regardless of which lane they need to get blasted by. There will be a third round avoid gate, blasts and players will again need to adjust by getting hit by the blast of the opposite. Color next up, the boss will cast another empty wave, healers, be ready for this raid wide damage. This is followed up by another unshadowed: stick tank buster immunity if available or share the second hit with the group as necessary. Eventually, the boss will disappear and the final phase begins.

A knock back marker will appear in the center of the platform. This knock back cannot be avoided and all players must pre position themselves with their backs to a corner, or they will be flung off the platform. The boss will then reappear in the center of the platform in the form of a tornado and cast another unjoin aspect that will mark up one tank, one healer and two DPS with one color and the rest of the players with the opposite color. Furthermore, three lines of a wheeze will begin to spin around the boss, essentially dividing the platform into three rotating segments. Light and dark. Orbs will also spawn around the platform that must be popped by players of the opposite, color or you will die to handle this. We split the group up into three. The two tanks will start in the south. All players will the light. Astral debuff will start in Northwest and all players of the dark, Umbra debuff will start northeast. As the group moves around the platform within the rotating segments. They’Ll need to pop orbs in a specific order based on their deep ups.

Communication during this phase is key as the orbs explode in a wide, a Lee blast when popped, and you don’t have much room to work with anyway, be careful not to get cut by the AoE partitions, as you pop your orbs as well. After almost a full rotation, the boss will cast threefold grace and the entire platform will be covered by either light or dark zone. Slayers will need to position their characters in the color opposite to their deep. This will cast three times in a row with the floor pattern. Changing every time and players will need to take care to stand in the appropriate color, based on their deeper immediately after the boss will cast to Mt wave casts in a row. Healers be ready with cooldowns and shields.

At this point, the boss will cast another unjoined aspect, and this combo of mechanics repeats players can pre position in the same manner and be ready to pop orbs as they rotate around the boss. Another three threefold grace casts and players will need to adjust into the appropriately colored zones with each one another to empty wave cast and you’ll have a bit of time to damage the boss freely two more empty wave casts, and then the boss will begin his heart And rage, empty flood casts you’ll need to destroy the boss before this time or you will die if you have any questions or comments, please let me know up next we’re heading it to Eden’s. First refulgent savage as always thanks for watching until next time.