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FFXIV Emerald Weapon (Extreme) Full Guide with Clear PoVs By: PhantomWings


The fight is split up into 2 phases with a checkpoint in between.

First phase:

-Tankbuster called Emerald Shot, no swap required.

-Raidwide called Optimized Ultima

-Aetheroplasm Production:

For this, split up into 4 groups of 2 players, we did support+dps pairs. Each pair picks a cardinal direction to start.

There will be 4 tethered pairs of blue and yellow orbs that spawn on the 8 cardinal and intercardinal directions on the arena. The orbs will move close to the center and you must intercept them with a 2 person stack before they reach the middle. Upon intercepting an orb, you will get Physical Vuln or Magical Vuln depending on the color, so you must take 2 different colored orbs with your partner.

How we did this is we had each pair pick a cardinal direction to immediately intercept the orbs in, quickly move into the center for a heal, and then eat the orb immediately CW or CCW of the starting position. We call out whether we rotate CW or CCW depending on the location of the adjacent double colored orbs. If there are 2 yellow orbs adjancet NW, rotate CCW. If there are 2 blue orbs adjacent SW, rotate CW.

-Emerald Beam:

Rotating line aoes paired with aoes that pulse outward. Rotate as required, moving outward for the first pulsing aoe and quickly stepping back in as it goes off.

-Magitek Magnetistm:

Both tanks get flares that need to be separated from the party, while there are 3 bombs that spawn with Ferrofluid tethers. Party go to the wall closest to the 2 tethered mines (the 2 ones that spawn really close) and tanks on the wall on both sides of the stationary mine.

-Magitek Magnetistm 2:

Multiple tethered mines. Party go to the wall safe spot that’s closest to the mines tethered with the same sign (++ or –)

-Emerald Beam

-Optimized Ultima

-Arms 1 (random?):

At this point, arms will come out from Emerald. If they stay out for a second, there will be an untelegraphed aoe where you must be inside the hitbox. If they all come together in front of Emerald, it will be an untelegraphed get out aoe.

-Divide Et Imperia:

Stacked tankbuster with both tanks, while party members get hit by spread aoes. Loose spread in the south of the arena.


This will eventually spawn a gravitational anomaly aoe that will expand before blowing up. When this appears, run to the opposite corner of the arena as it.

-Expire (get out)

-here, gravitational anomaly aoe appears and then goes off

-Arms 2 (random?)

-Magitek Magnetism 3:

This will be a bomb pattern similar to MM2 where the party must get to the safe spot nearest the same-sign bombs. Additionally, one party member will be marked with an orange target marker. Emerald will target a line aoe at this player that will go off at the same time as the bomb, so make sure they don’t drop this directly in the safe spot. Bait it a little bit away then run to the safe spot.

-Optimized Ultima

(don’t know what really comes after and if there’s an enrage here)


Phase 1 SCH vod: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/829898105


Final Phase:

-Divide Et Imperius:

Different than phase 1. The tank stack is the same, but the remaining party members will be hit with a protean wave. Loosely spread radially around the back of his hitbox to not overlap.

-Primus Terminus Est:

Each player except for tanks will get a blue arrow. At the end of the cast, you will be pushed across the arena with a semi-wide line aoe that will inflict physical vuln. Everyone needs to spread out on the edges of the arena and point across the arena, while not aiming at another player. If you hit someone else including the tanks, they will die.

Tertius Terminus Est (Swords 1):

Three groups of swords will drop down that will either have a + or X drawn out in thin blue lines. These will explode into much thicker line aoes. The goal here is to get to a corner THAT IS A PLUS AOE and either dodge into the corner or into the center from the corner depending on what order the swords spawn in. For example, if the corner spawns first, dodge into the corner after the first explosion happens. If the corner spawns 2nd or 3rd, dodge into the middle after the first 1/2 explosions occur. This dodge can be really tricky, and is probably the hardest part of the fight. Get used to it, as it will happen many more times.

-Legio Phantasmatis 1:

Emerald will disappear, and in its place, Black Wolf’s Image will spawn. Note: all damage done to this add will be dealt to Emerald when it reappears. This add will do very heavy damage to the tanks, so watch out. He will spawn 5 gunships on the W side of the room and a magitek armor on the S. Numbers 1-5 will appear over the gunships and they will divebomb across the arena in that order, leaving behind an exaflare pattern that propegates in their line from W to E. We pulled the black wolf over to the W side and dodged into either gunship 1 or 2 from the adjacent higher number. After dodging into the lower number, follow it to the middle, since the gunship will do a strong knockback that is denoted by an X near the middle of the arena. It is slightly off center, so try to get knocked back NW, since that has the most room for error. I would reccommend not using knockback immunity here, as it is much more useful later. After the knockback, Emerald will reappear.

-Optimized Ultima

-Divide Et Imperius

-Tertius Terminus Est (Swords 2: Random)

This is the main mechanic of the final phase and the hardest one. There are 2 random options for this mechanic, and the opposite one will be done later, so you need to be comfortable with both. First, he will cast Split, and his wings will either fly away, or his body will fly away. If the body flies away and the wings stay, he will use Sidescathe. If the wings fly away and the body stays, he will use Expire.

—Sidescathe Pattern:

One side of the wings will glow and then hit that entire half of the arena with an aoe. Get to the side that is not glowing. Then, three groups of swords will drop in the same manner as Swords 1. You will dodge these the same way, but first there are two new mechanics. A gravitational anomaly puddle will appear, and there will be a knockback that is slightly off center. The gravitational anomaly puddle will affect where you can dodge the swords, so move to a corner (remember: with a +, not an X) that is away from the gravitational anomaly aoe. Additionally, pop knockback immunity as the 3rd sword drops on the ground. Then, the swords will explode just like in Swords 1. Dodge the same way. This mechanic is very challenging and very fast, but here is the rundown: Wings stay here. Dodge to the side that is not glowing. Swords start dropping and gravity puddle spawns. Start running away from the gravity puddle. Pop knockback on the 3rd sword coming down. Find the corner that has the + and wait there for a second. Gravity expands and explodes. Knockback goes off. Swords explode in order of dropping.

—Expire Pattern:

As soon as the body stays and the wings go off, move away from the boss to dodge the radial aoe. Next, the gravitational anomaly puddle will spawn and the three swords will drop in order. We resolve this the exact same way as the Sidescathe Pattern, but without the knockback. Here is the rundown: Body stays here. Run away from the boss. Swords start dropping and gravity puddle spawns. Start running away from the gravity puddle. Find the corner that has the + and wait there for a second. Gravity expands and explodes. Swords explode in order of dropping.

-Legio Phantasmatis 2:

Emerald will disppear and Black Wolf’s Image will spawn. Keep him in the center this time. He will spawn 5 gunships, 3 lines of rank-and-file soldiers, and 1 magitek armor suit. The 5 gunships will get numbers 1-5 above them and divebomb in the same way as before, but the rank-and-file soldiers will begin lining in 3 lines up N. They will shoot in line aoes in rapid succession from front line to back line. Each line will have a missing soldier, so you must find the open spot and dodge between the 3 open spots as they fire. This will be done at the same time as the gunship exaflare divebombs. This is extremely overwhelming at first but simple in execution. Here is our solution:

Keep the add mid and look for the gunship marked as 5. We quickly move to that slice of the arena. From there, we look N and find where the first safe spot is from the gunfire. We dodge the 3 gunshots by sidestepping them E and W while still in the 5th gunship’s lane. After the 3rd shot from the soliders, the 5th gunship’s exaflares will be super close to us, so dodge N or S as soon as the 3rd gunshot goes off to avoid the exaflare. After this, there will be the magitek armor’s knockback, so do this the same way as the first time.

-Secundus Terminus Est:

6 players will get + and X blue aoe indicators under them. At the end of the castbar, they will drop on the ground, doing a little damage to the player in a proximity around them (means: dont stack them) and then exapand into the blue sword-like aoes from Tertius Terminus Est. We had the X players go to the edges of the arena in cardinals and the + players go to the intercardinal corners. This left the middle completely safe.

-Teritus Terminus Est (Swords 3: The One You Didn’t Get Earlier):

This will be the same as Swords 2, but the pattern you didn’t already do. If you did Sidescathe, you’ll get Expire now. If you did Expire, you’ll get Slidescathe now.

-Primus Terminus Est

-Divide Et Imperia

-Full-power Optimized Ultima (Enrage)

Phase 2 SCH vod: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/829897358


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