FFXIV Endgame Gear & Content Guide for Fresh 80s [Patch 5.3] By: Blindplus


Guide to Endgame Gear & Content at Level 80 [Patch 5.3]

Big credit to u/Gilthwixt for writing the majority of this guide, I just updated it for the current patch and am posting with their blessing. Also credit to u/Cetonis & u/Atosen for previous Stormblood versions of this guide

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to Endgame Gear & Content. The scope of this post is to help you get an understanding of what gear is available at level 80 and find efficient ways of catching up. If you are an FFXIV Veteran and just want the current list and related duties, see below. If you are brand new to FFXIV Endgame Content in general, read on for in-depth explanations and ideal routes.

=== TL;DR ===

  • iLvl 505: Eden?s Verse Savage Weapons

  • iLvl 500: Upgraded Allegory Tome Weapons & Gear, Eden?s Verse Savage Gear

  • iLvl 495: Seat of Sacrifice EX Weapons

  • iLvl 490: Upgraded Crafted Weapons & Gear, Puppet?s Bunker Alliance Raid Gear, Allegory Tome Weapons & Gear

  • iLvl 485: Cinder Drift EX Weapons, Resistance Relic Weapons

  • iLvl 480: Memoria Misera EX Gear, Neo-Ishgard Crafted Weapons & Gear, Eden Normal Gear,

  • iLvl 475: The Heroes? Gauntlet Dungeon Gear, Eden?s Gate Savage Weapons, Ultimate Alexander Weapons,

  • iLvl 470: Upgraded Phantasmagoria Tome Weapons & Gear, Eden?s Gate Savage Gear

  • iLvl 465: Hades EX Weapons

  • iLvl 460: Upgraded Crafted Weapons & Gear, YoRHa Alliance Raid Gear, Phantasmagoria Tome Weapons & Gear

  • iLvl 455: Anamnesis Anyder Dungeon Gear

  • iLvl 450: Facet Crafted Weapons & Gear, Titania EX Weapons, Innocence EX Accessories, Eden Normal Gear,

  • iLvl 445: Grand Cosmos Dungeon Gear

  • iLvl 440: Clan Nuts Gear

  • iLvl 430: Job Artifact Weapon & Armor, Early Dungeon Accessories

=== Introduction to Endgame Content & Gearing ===

FFXIV operates on a ~4 month patch cycle with even patches (5.0, 5.2, 5.4) offering a higher ilvl cap and odd patches (5.1, 5.3, 5.5) being “catch-up” patches with alternate paths to said ilvl cap. Your average ilvl is like a gear score in other games – a rough estimate of how geared you are for harder content compared to fresh Level 80s who have just finished the MSQ.

Endgame gear is attained through a mixture of dungeons drops, uncapped and capped endgame currency (tomestones), weekly normal/alliance raid clears, and high-end trials and raids. Alternatively, you can buy or craft decent starter gear with gil and upgrade it to just shy of the ilvl cap with a tiny bit of effort and uncapped currency.

Listed in order of increasing difficulty, endgame content would look something like this:

4-man Dungeons < 8-man Normal Raids =<= 24-man Alliance Raids << 8-man Extreme Trials <<< 8-man Savage raids <<<< 8-man Ultimate raids

with tomestones earnable through most level 80 combat activities, including Hunts, PvP and queuing Duty Roulettes as a level 80. Keep in mind, though you may feel comfortable skipping some steps and jumping straight into High-End content, you will need to meet minimum ilvl requirements for most endgame content. Additionally, some methods of gearing are timegated through weekly limits.

Current Endgame Currencies & Timegates:

  • Tomestones of Phantasmagoria: Uncapped, gives iLvl 460 Deepshadow gear, also used to upgrade crafted gear

  • Tomestones of Phantasmagoria: Capped 450 per week, gives ilvl 490 Chrystarium Gear

  • Blade of Golden Antiquity: 1 per clear of Eden 8 Normal (E8N) each week, takes 4 blades + 1000 Phantasmagoria for an ilvl 490 Chrystarium Weapon.

  • ilvl 490 YoRHa Gear: 1 gear drop + 1 coin per week from The Puppet?s Bunker Alliance Raid

  • Sacks of Nuts (yes, really): Uncapped, Earned through ‘Hunts’, exchanged for Deepshadow and Chrystarium upgrade tokens, materia and cosmetic rewards, and offers Ronkan gear.

Eden Savage also has a weekly timegate but is complex enough to warrant its own section when we get to it.

A Note on Materia Melding:

You may have asked about it in the daily questions & answers thread by now. Typically it’s recommended not to worry about melding materia (socketing) to your gear until you hit cap, and now that you’re here you may not be sure how it works. Materia comes in eight different grades and is limited to substats like Critical Hit or Skillspeed. Ideally, you’ll want to meld Grade VIIIs (+60) in any guaranteed slots you have. If you can’t afford Grade VIIIs for your guaranteed slots, do NOT use Grade VIIs – use Grade VIs (+40) you might have from Stormblood or the Marketboard instead. Grade VIIs are for overmelding beyond the guaranteed slots and only for crafted gear – because there’s a higher chance of failure the more you overmeld, this can get prohibitively expensive fast.

You can exchange Cracked Stellaclusters & Planiclusters for Grade VIIIs and VIIs respectively in Eulmore or The Crystarium, and Cracked Clusters for Grade VIs in Rhalgar’s Reach. Knowing what to meld and where goes beyond the scope of this guide – for additional information, visit The Balance Discord.

All of that aside, we can finally move on to the actual gear and content itself. If you’re rich, you get to skip straight to Step 2 through the power of Gil by buying crafted gear. If you do choose to buy, buy HQ crafted gear as it has considerably higher stats than NQ. For everyone else, proceed to Step 1.

=== Step 1: Getting Started (Fresh 80, ilvl 410-435) ===

First things first. If you haven’t already, follow the Main Scenario Questline (MSQ) up until you are asked to go do your Job Role questline, then finish that and return to the MSQ with a crystal in hand. You will be offered the chance to exchange it for a set of ilvl 430 Artifact gear for your Job; do this right away, ignore him saying to come back later. You should get a Weapon and all left side gear minus the belt. Continue through the MSQ until you clear the final boss of 5.0 and finish the quest titled “Shadowbringers”. If you’re lucky you’ll have picked up some ilvl 430 accessories from a dungeon along the way – if you’re missing some, go unlock Akademia Anyder at the base of Eulmore and The Twinning in The Crystarium, two extra dungeons to help you stock up on accessories. By running these you’ll also get some tomestones for your trouble – trade these for ilvl 460 and 490 gear in Eulmore as you get enough of them. From here, if you’re average ilvl 430 you can continue on the MSQ to the latest Dungeon (The Grand Cosmos) for some extra ilvl 445 gear if necessary, or continue on to entry-level endgame content. Subsequent story Dungeon Anamnesis Anyder will require avg-ilvl 440 and will drop ilvl 455 gear and the later Dungeon The Heroes? Gauntlet will require avg-ilvl 460 and will drop ilvl 475 gear.

=== Step 2: Weekly Timegates & Entry-level Endgame Fights (ilvl 435-460) ===

  • Cap Tomestones of Allegory Every Week

  • Grab tokens fron Eden?s Verse Normal, particularly the weekly gated Blade of Golden Antiquity

  • Grab your weekly drops from The Puppet?s Bunker

Now is the point where weekly timegates kick in. Luckily there are multiple gearing options that can be worked on simultaneously. Capping Tomestones of Allegory each week will be key, as the current best gear in the game for all classes is a mix of Eden Savage loot and Augmented Chrystarium gear. It’s too soon to worry about Savage just yet, but you can actually start on Augmented Chrystarium gear right away by capping Allegory and earning your weekly Alliance Raid coin.

If you cleared The Heroes? Gauntlet and the other dungeons earlier, this should have opened up Expert Dungeon Roulette in Duty Finder, a daily bonus you can queue for each day that puts you in one of those 2 dungeons at random. If you?ve cleared The Grand Cosmos, you?ll have access to *Level 80 Dungeon Roulette These are a relatively good way of capping Allegory each week, but I prefer another way: Hunts

Find and join your Datacenter’s Hunt Discord (For Aether, that’s this one here). It may take some finaggling, but you should be able to set push notifications for Hunt Trains – player run events that see swarms of people moving from zone to zone killing A-Rank Hunts for easy Tomestones, Nutsacks Sacks of Nuts, and Materia Clusters. This is usually the most efficient way of capping Allegory assuming you can catch the beginning of a Train, as you’ll be getting a bunch of Materia in the process, as well as Phantasmagoria if you need it and Poetics for your alts. It’s also a great way of making money if you don’t craft or gather.

Allegory in hand, you should be more than geared for the Eden Normal Raids which are split up into two tiers: Eden?s Gate (min ilvl 425) and Eden?s Verse (min ilvl 455). If you’re new to raiding in general, don’t stress – “Normal” difficulty is mostly just for the story and not designed to be particularly difficult. As long as you know your job and can dodge AoEs, these fights shouldn’t prove too much trouble; MTQCapture’s Guides are a good resource if you’re unsure how to handle the mechanics. After you clear Eden?s Gate you can do Eden?s Verse to snag some tokens for iLvl 480 gear, and be sure to clear Eden 8 Normal (E8N, aka Shiva) every week for a blade; 4 of these and 1000 Phanta nets you an ilvl 490 weapon. Token exchange for Normal raids can be a bit unintuitive, so check this handy post on where to get what and how many you’ll need.

There’s also two 24-man Alliance Raids, The Copied Factory (min iLvl 435) and The Puppet?s Bunker (min iLvl 465) featuring crossover content from Nier Automata. In terms of difficulty this won’t be that much harder than Normal Raids, though due to the higher ilvl and the chaotic nature of having 3x the amount of players, you might see some wipes if one or several groups struggle with the mechanics. You can win ilvl 460 gear from The Copied Factory. You are allowed to win one drop of ilvl 490 gear here each week from The Puppet?s Bunker; minions, triple triad cards, orchestrion rolls and the 2B Glamour Coffer do not count towards this limit, and if you don’t win anything on your first run you can run it again as many times as you’d like til you get what you want. Both raids drop a Coin but The Puppet?s Bunker only drops the coin and materia clusters once a week, regardless of what rolls you win – the coins come into play once you have Chrystarium Gear and want to augment it to ilvl 500 gear. Exchange one of each coin in Eulmore for a Chrystalline Glaze if you want to upgrade Accessories, or a Chrystalline Twine if you want to upgrade Armor.

Finally, you can start the Relic questline to get a ilvl 485 Resistance Relic Weapon. If you haven?t done the Stormblood Ivalician Alliance Raids, you?ll want to go back and do those now for they are a prerequisite for starting the Resistance Weapon Questline. This questline can be started by talking to Keiten in Kugane (x12.1, y12.4). After some quests and a solo instance you can start making relics by exchanging 1000 poetics for 4 Thavnairian Scalepowders which you can find in Mor Dhona or Idyllshire.

If all of this seemed easy, good. By now you’ll have 480+ average ilvl, and might want to consider tackling high-end content to hit the ilvl cap.

=== Step 3: Extreme and Savage Content ===

Before we move on, take a look at what ilvl your weapon is. If you got your relic weapon or you did E8N for four weeks to get your Blades of Golden Antiquity and are rocking that ilvl 485 Relic or ilvl 490 Chrystarium Weapon, you can pretty much skip Extreme trials and go straight to Savage. If you didn’t, because that takes too long and/or sounds boring, you’re likely still rocking a Weathered 430 Weapon unless you bought a crafted or ronkan weapon. Weapons are the single most important piece of gear you can get, statwise, and tend to be harder to come by – you’ll notice none of the above content save for E8N put you on the path to an upgrade. This is where EX Trials come in. (If you bought crafted weapons go upgrade them in Eulmore with some Phantasmagoria to get the 490 version, otherwise read on)

Extreme Trials

There are six Extreme (EX) trials currently available, and all of them are story spoilers, so final warning for those of you curious readers that haven’t actually finished the MSQ yet.

  • Four trials offer weapons: Titania EX (min ilvl 430) for ilvl 450 weapons, and Hades EX (min ilvl 450) for ilvl 465 weapons, Ruby Weapon EX (min ilvl 470) for ilvl 485 weapons, and Warrior of Light EX for ilvl 495 weapons. You can trade in 10 totems each or random drop.

  • One offers accesories: Innoncene EX (min ilvl 430) for ilvl 450 accesories, 5 totems each or random drop.

  • One offers gear: Varis EX (min ilvl 470) for ilvl 480 Job-Specific Gear, 3-5 totems per piece or random drop.

Note: EX Trial Drops and Totems are never weekly capped, so farm to your hearts content. You get 1 totem per clear most trials, and 2 totems per clear from Hades EX.

Most of these fights can be skipped entirely at this point, outside of doing it just for fun and/or the mount. However, it might not hurt to make future fights a tad easier, and to familiarize yourself with high-end mechanics and expectations. The Ruby Weapon weapon or Warrior of Light weapon will help a ton if you’re jumping straight into Savage raids without your Chrystarium, Relic or Crafted weapon, as a Weathered weapon tends to be a liability at that point. The gear from Varis Extreme can help you as well, and is unlocked from the same questline as the relic.

About High-End Content

Extreme Trials are what many consider the entry point to “High-End” content. They’re not quite as difficult as Savage raids, but they introduce a few concepts that distinguish them from what you’ve seen so far – Coordinated Mechanics, Tank Swaps and Enrage.

  • Coordinated Mechanics: Fail these and it’s likely an instant wipe, or at least a whole lot of bad. Up until now, most of what you’ve seen is “don’t stand in this or you’ll die”, and if any one person makes a mistake, the group can usually keep going and revive them when possible. Here, you’ll start seeing mechanics that must be resolved correctly or you might end up killing everyone. You will also have to pay more attention to the buffs/debuffs on you and the boss – a lot of mechanics can’t be resolved through telegraphs alone, and you’ll have to look at buffs/debuffs to know what to do.

  • Tank Swaps: Tank specific, but Tankbusters tend to hurt a whole lot more in High-End content. Sometimes you might be forced to swap tanks due to stacking debuffs and/or finally put those invuln abilities to use. Not knowing where Provoke and Shirk are on your hotbar – and when to use them – will hurt.

  • Enrage: Unlike everything so far, if the boss isn’t killed within a set amount of time, they’ll begin casting an ultimate spell that will kill the party if allowed to finish. This is unavoidable – the only option is to kill them before they kill you, and you need to push a fair amount of damage to do this. Be considerate to the others in your party and try to pull your own weight – avoid dying, and know your job inside and out.

These concepts carry into Savage and beyond – understanding them will be mandatory from here on. It’s usually good etiquette to watch fight-specific guides before going in, the exception being “Blind” run parties. Either way, expect to wipe for a good hour minimum on your first lockout before you get that clear, unless you’re pretty skilled and get a lucky party finder group.

Speaking of which –

Quick Tutorial on Party Finder

For some new players, the thought of jumping from Duty-Finder content to Party-Finder (PF) can be a little intimidating, given the use of unfamiliar terms and the higher expectations compared to your average dungeon run. Don’t fret – as long as you know your job, are committed to improvement, and have a positive attitude, it’s not too bad. Some key things to know:

The Three Party Types:

  • Learning Party – For people who just want practice and aren’t expecting a clear. You may be expected to know up to a certain phase or mechanic, so read the description thoroughly. Listed with [Practice] in Green text

  • Clear Party – For people who have seen all of the mechanics, including enrage, and are looking to clean up and clear. Usually listed with [Duty Completion] in Blue text

  • Farm Party – For people who have cleared and would like multiple clears within an extended time frame. It’s probably good etiquette not to join unless you can give at least a few runs or more, rather than being one-and-done, though I won’t fault you if the “farm” party is wiping more than they are clearing. Usually listed with [Duty Complete] in Orange text.

PUG Strats: Again, apart from Blind parties, it might be a good idea to know how to handle certain mechanics from a video before going in. Different regions might also have preferred ways of handling them with PUGs (pick up groups) for simplicity or consistency’s sake. If the PF description has abbreviations like “T/H N, DPS S” or mentions directions like clockwise, it means they’re expecting a specific strategy for certain mechanics. When in doubt, ask in party chat before they queue up for the instance.

Mindset & Toxcity: Because of the higher skill floor in this kind of content, tension tends to run higher than normal if people aren’t pulling their weight – we have a Friday Rage Thread to vent in for a reason. The best I can do to prepare you is to be positivee, be patient, and focus on how you can improve to make the run go smoothly. Know your class and abilities and keep an open mind – I cannot stress that enough. The Balance Discord can help. Be flexible if you have to. That said, if a party clearly isn’t a good fit after a lot of pulls or a few red flags, don’t be afraid to say “Sorry, this isn’t working for me” and leave – it’s best not to waste their time and yours if no meaningful progress can be made together. And if things didn’t work out, don’t take it personally – it’s hard to raid well when you’re tilted or discouraged. Shake It Off, even if you aren’t a WAR.

Anyway, assuming you’ve upgraded your weapon and gear, you should be well past the minimum iLvl to start Savage, though padding it a little will make things easier in the long run. Savage is where you’ll find many of the Best In Slot (BiS) gear pieces for your class, as well as a new token to upgrade your Chrystarium weapon. Accordingly, Savage is some of the hardest content in the game, second only to the Ultimate fights. The loot works a little differently here:

Savage Loot

Each week, you are allowed one chance at loot per fight – simply clearing a fight counts towards your weekly limit, and you won’t get another chance until the following Tuesday, regardless of whether you rolled on or actually won anything. Additionally, if you decide to help another group clear that week after you’ve already done so, they’ll get reduced loot rewards – half if 1-4 party members have cleared, and none if 5+ have cleared. Also, you must clear the fights in order each week – you forfeit any loot from fights you skip since they count as being “cleared” once you do so.

These rules might seem harsh, but the debate on their merit goes beyond the scope of this thread. Regardless, keep them in mind so you don’t accidentally shoot yourself (or another party) in the foot.

For details on what each fight drops, see the table below. The coffers work like the ones you got throughout the ShB MSQ. If you don’t win anything in a given week, don’t worry – you still get a ‘Book’ for each fight you clear, and books can be turned in for the specific loot you want after you’ve attained enough of them.

Loot Table:

  • E5S: 3x Accessory or Belt Coffers

  • E6S: 2x Head/Gloves/Boots Coffers, 1x Chrystarium Accessory Upgrade, 1x Lightweight Tomestone (Chrystarium Weapon)

  • E7S: 1x Head/Gloves/Boots Coffers, 1x Pants Coffer, 1x Chrystarium Armor Upgrade, 1x Chrystarium Weapon Upgrade

  • E8S: 1x Weapon (Direct Drop), 1x Weapon Coffer, 1x Body Coffer, 1x Mount

Extra Step: Ultimate Raids, or ‘How I learned to stop worrying and love the Limit Cut’

If you’ve cleared all of Savage and are already BiS, and want to know what comes next, congratulations, you probably didn’t actually need this guide and were just reading for fun. I’m flattered that you did. The only content above Savage in difficulty and rewards are the Ultimate raids. The current one is The Epic of Alexander. The fight is a ~18 minute gauntlet of some of the hardest mechanics in the game, featuring bosses from Heavensward’s raid series but stronger and angrier. Your reward, should you manage to clear this excruciating challenge, is a very gorgeous weapon that’s identical in stats to the ilvl 475 Savage Edengrace one, but with one extra materia slot. It?s mostly for bragging rights and that extra sweet glam, since there are several weapons better than it now.

Note on BiS for Tanking Ultimate: The recommended BiS for progging Ultimate can actually be quite different from the BiS you might’ve looked at while clearing Savage. That’s because it’s often recommended to stack as much Tenacity as possible just so that you don’t die as fast. That might sound sacrilegious if you’re used to the mantra of CH > DH > DET, but Ultimate breaks a lot what passes for normal elsewhere, including rotations, so do some research before you go in.

Final Thoughts and Things to Come:

That about wraps up the guide. If you spot any bad links/mistakes please let me know in the comments – I will try to keep it maintained until patch notes for 5.4 become available, at which point I will likely make a new post.

Based on FFXIV’s known patterns, when 5.4 drops we can expect:

  • ilvl cap increased to 530

  • More MSQ, including new dungeons

  • A new Trial, separate from the MSQ

  • A new Eden raid tier

  • The beginning of Shadowbringer’s Relic line midway through the patch

Until then, hope you enjoy 5.3 – Good Luck & Have Fun!

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