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FFXIV Fish Prints: Ressource By: Hiyoshroom


If you are like me, an avid fisher, you want fish prints in your house. It is quite tedious to go through the fish guide or any ressource and find each fish to try and remember the differences. Have you ever wished you could see it all with one glance? I often did, and so here it is!

Look no further, as I have used my mastery of screenshotting, copy pasting and cropping with Paint to do this.

I started indicating which fish were spearfished, but gave up after a while. Some who share the same model and shading (like corals) may have been gathered within the same image. This guide is complete aside from 5 fish as of 5.3. (I have not included Aapoak, Sothis and Coral Manta along with the relic fishi as I have yet to catch them myself, having started this before the update and being unwilling to stop even for a second to bring you this.)

Thanks to Lodinn and Miu from the Fisherman’s Horizon Discord for the aid.

And now, enjoy the fish. I certainly hope the images will work as I have hoped and the names will be legible as I had no testing but myself x.x;

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