FFXIV Guide to bursting in Bozja with style By: sigurdr66


Been seeing a lot of people saying Lost Slash is best on War and Mch but 1 job is being entirely over looked… DNC. With Essence of the Skirmisher active use in order a Pre Standard Step > Devilment+Lost Font of Power > Technical Step’s combo into Lost Slash for your first hitting global cd (making sure to hit Technical Finish slightly before Lost Slash).

This gives a total of +75% crit (78% with deep essence) keeping in mind this is on top of your natural crit, +20% direct hit, 55% bonus damage (59% with deep) for the Tech Step, and 60% (64% with deep) damage for the Lost Slash and 2nd Standard Step all while weaving in your moves granted from Flourish. Trying this with 1914 crit rating inside Boz (or 14.3% base crit + x1.49 crit damage) we get around 89% (or 93% with deep) crit chance while this may not be guaranteed it’s still very high and the fact we’re using a 1.5k (375 potency for surrounding mobs) and 2.4k potency move on the same GCD followed by a 1k (250 for surrounding mobs) potency Standard Step with a few fans in between we get a very high burst in damage which most normal mobs won’t live through. This is very effective in smaller parties farming frags or any mob based skirmishes while also being a very powerful opener for CE’s as you can do the pre-Standard Step while you wait for the timer to end. These crit chances could be pushed even higher as this is based on my dancer’s stats in Boz and it being an alt job is far from BiS gear with many pieces not having natural crit.

I hope this small guide helps or at least inspires people to go out and experiment with even more combos in Bozja as there are many combos that make many different classes absolute monsters or completely change playstyles some of which are incredibly fun (PLD Heals *cough cough*)

*Please forgive me if this guide looks clunky to you as it’s my first attempt at one and have been up all night farming those relics ^^*

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