Hello Eorzeans! I’m Lukile Bravestone – welcome to Remnants of a Realm! In the previous episode we looked back at Coerthas Central Lowlands and Caravan Escort missions. As Dalamud made its descent on Eorzea, and ending the Sixth Astral Era, Thanalan would see massive destruction. Comparing 1.0’s Thanalan to ARR’s version, makes that very, very clear. The most visibly damaged and unrecognizable area in Thanalan, is Western Thanalan. Previously I’ve covered Vesper Bay and The Silver Bazaar, who both survived the Calamity.

But that’s not the focus of today’s episode. Today I want to talk about the other areas within Thanalan. Mainly, Horizon. Camp Horizon. Camp Horizon marked the center of commerce and travel in the region, as the Silver Bazaar had seen better days, and was about to collapse. Being the only camp in the region, it naturally supplied players with a mender, merchant, Battlewarden, and naturally an aetheryte. The Caravan Security Mission would start at Camp Horizon, and follow a set route to the Silver Bazaar. The camp was directly connected to the Royal Allagan Sunway, making it a very easy camp to find. The area itself was called Horizon’s Edge, but people would often just call it Horizon for simplicity’s sake, and so the full name fell out of use in the common tongue, and the full name would therefore only appear on the official maps. In patch 1.18, the overworld themes for La Noscea, The Black Shroud and Thanalan changed for no apparent reason. Before patch 1.18, Thanalan’s Main theme was called Twilight over Thanalan, and sounded like this: After patch 1.18, Thanalan’s main theme was inexplicably changed to Widdershins: Horizon’s 3 aetherial gate connections made most of the region accessible, except for this annoying spot right here, which of course had to be a quest location more than once.

God I hated this place. Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself. The Footfalls was one of these aetherial gates. The Footfalls was a geographical location in Western Thanalan close to the old Coffer and Coffin. The area consisted of two levels, the upper level being a rock cover held up by giant pillars. The rock cover was filled with giant gaps, which gave the place its name, as locals believed these gaps were made by giants walking through the area. The lower level was simple wetlands that could be traversed, and was where you’d find most of the levequest monsters. This was also how you’d access Vesper Bay – or – sorry, the Ferry Docks, at the time. Any monsters you’d encounter in Thanalan would prompt this battle theme. Next up we have Scorpion Keep. This was located in one of the notorious copy/paste caves of Thanalan. The area had absolutely nothing going on inside, other than the fact that it was filled with some high-level monsters. It was also the location of several levequests. Well actually, there was one interesting tidbit. To access Scorpion Keep you couldn’t just walk up to one of the mountain entrances, cause there were none.

Instead, you had to walk to the very south of The Footfalls, and enter a cave there. It was a pretty long walk, and the first time I walked inside there, Ithought I was about to enter a dungeon – but no, it’s just… Little Ala Mhigo, except Little Ala Mhigo is on the total opposite side of Thanalan, so it’s just an empty shell. Design. Beautiful. Next up we have Nophica’s Wells, and while the name sounds pretty, the location is all but that. Where Scorpion Keep took you inside one of the copy/paste mountain cave things, Nophica’s Wells put you between 3 of them.

However, this location is not special because of its surroundings, but because it was the prime location for a very special quest. It Kills With Fire. This was the quest where you’d come face to face with Ifrit. It was also the quest that would introduce you to Louisoix AND Nael van Darnus. The questgiver was whatever Grand Company you were aligned with – Maelstrom, Twin Adders or Immortal Flames, and Louisoix Levellieur would serve as your guide, which he would continue to do until the very end. In order to unlock the fight, you first had to kill 6 Notorious Monsters, a system I will explain more in-depth at a later time. The NM’s were Barometz, Slippery Sykes, Nest Commander, Pyrausta, Queen Bolete and the Jackanapes. Upon killing these, they would drop echo crystals, which was needed to progress. Using these crystals, Louisoix managed to create a harmonizing crystal, an object that granted the bearer entry into the Bowl of Embers – Ifrit’s Sanctuary. However another item is required, the Inferno Flamebeau, a sacred relic owned by the Amalj’aa Voidtongue Ahzabb Chah.

Upon defeating him, you return to Louisoix and deliver the Flamebeau. The fight itself was not very hard, and required a party of 4 to enter. After defeating the primal, you’d be treated to this cutscene. This questchain would eventually lead to the game’s very last quest, covered in a previous episode. After the Calamity, most of Western Thanalan’s landmass disappeared into the sea. Largely unnamed masses seemed to have disappeared, trimming the once fat Western Thanalan into this strange shape. Scorpion Keep is completely gone, but the name lives on in Scorpion Crossing. Nophica’s Wells has changed location and now actually looks more like a well than in 1.0. Footfalls’ upper level collapsed during the calamity, and in the chaos that ensued, ruins rose up from the ground.

Camp Horizon’s fate is unclear, but it’s safe to assume that it survived, and was built upon until it became a full on settlement. Western Thanalan geographically makes very little sense, as Ul’Dah now connects directly to it, while the original map had Ul’Dah placed far away from it. And with that we’ve reached the end of this episode. Thank you for watching.

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