FFXIV MANY Old Crow’s Big Guide to Ascians, Scions of Light, FFT’s Lucavi, and FF12’s Espers By: unlimitedblack


So for anyone coming across the connections between FF14’s Ascians and Ivalice-related bosses, the Lucavi from the FF Tactics series, and the Espers from FF12, here’s a big list putting all of that information together. This post is intended to be bait for anyone searching for discussion of this, in order to cut down on people posting “wow I just saw this stuff today”.

Please let me know if any additions are needed or if anything is incorrect. Thanks!

Ascians/FF12 “Scions of Light”FF12 EsperFF Boss InspirationFFT Lucavi InscriptionZodiac Sign
Lahabrea the Abyssal CelebrantMateus the CorruptEmperor Mateus (FF2)“Leviathan”Pisces
Nabriales the MajesticCuchulainn the ImpureCuchulain/ Queklain the Impure King (FFT)“Cuchrain”Scorpio
Loghrif the TranscendentBelias the GigasBelias (FFT)“Belias”Aries
Mitron the ChastiserChaos, Walker of the WheelChaos (FF1)“Duma”Taurus
Emet-Selch. Angel of TruthZalera, the Death SeraphZalera (FFT)“Zalhera”Gemini
Pashtarot, Knight-StarZeromus the CondemnerZeromus (FF4)“Zebbeb”Cancer
Fandaniel the ProtectorHashmal, Bringer of OrderHashmal (FFT)“Hashmurim”Leo
“Altima”Ultima, the High SeraphUltima (FFT)“Ultima”Virgo
Halmarut the ArbiterExodus, the Judge-SalExdeath (FF5)“Sel”Libra
Igeyorhm the MartyrShemhazai the WhispererShemhazai (FFTA2)“Rophochehe”Sagittarius
Deudalaphon the BenevolentAdrammelech the WrothAdrammelech (FFT)“Adramelech”Capricorn
Emmerololth, Holy QueenFamfrit the Darkening CloudCloud of Darkness (FF3)“Cheraub”Aquarius
ElidibusZodiark, Keeper of PreceptsElidibus/Elidibs (FFT)n/aOphiuchus/Serpentarius

And now, a big list of how all of these play into FF14 incoming. (Taken from my comment in this thread.)

Belias shows up twice in the game: once as an Egi summoned by the villain of the ARR summoner questchain, and as the second boss of Ridorana Lighthouse, reprising his appearance from FF12.

Loghrif only appears in flashback during 14, but was assigned (along with Mitron) to bring about the Calamity of Light on the First. Both were defeated by the Warriors of Light, aka Team Ardbert.

Chaos is a reference to the original villain of FF1. Notably, Chaos appears as the first boss of the Alphascape raids in Stormblood, though this appearance is more similar to his FF1 look than his appearance in FF12. In the Ivalice Zodiac script (seen in FF Tactics), the Taurus sign is associated with Duma rather than Chaos. In FF14 (specifically in the Royal City of Rabanastre raid), the Duma auracite is used by Argath to transform into the Lucavi Duma, while it is later used (in the Ridorana Lighthouse raid) by Ba’Gamnan to transform into Yiazmat.

As mentioned earlier, Mitron was teamed with Loghrif to cause the Calamity on the First, and was defeated there by Team Ardbert. Additionally, their name is used in Akadaemia Anyder‘s first area, the Words of Mitron, where the beasts Cladoselache and Doliodus are fought.

Zalera does not appear in FF14, though Emet-Selch clearly does, and I won’t recount that story here.

Zeromus is a reference to the final boss of FF4, but hasn’t appeared in FF14 yet. Pashtarot made a cameo in the ARR epilogue but otherwise hasn’t shown up.

Hashmal shows up as the first boss of Royal City of Rabanastre.

Fandanielwell i guess we’ve just met Fandaniel, haven’t we

Altima is a named assigned to an Ascian, and like Pashtarot, they only made a cameo at the end of ARR and hasn’t been seen since. Ultima, the High Seraph, however, is not presented as an Ascian, and is the final boss of Orbonne Monastery and the Return to Ivalice alliance series. This is a weird situation since Ultima’s descriptive text in 12 didn’t assign her to a Scion of Light, but many people have jumped to Altima as her opposite number, hence the inclusion of Altima in ARR.

Exodus is a reference to FF5’s big bad Exdeath. Exdeath shows up as the final boss of the Deltascape raids in Stormblood. The key detail here is that Exdeath’s history establishes him as the amalgamation of evil souls that were collected together when an evil warlock-king was sealed into a forest after his defeat. So, evil dude spawned from evil trees who puts on some armor and tries to reassemble the shattered world.

Meanwhile, Halmarut hasn’t appeared in any notable fashion, but is instead referenced in Akadaemia Anyder‘s second area, the Words of Halmarut. This area is also identified as Phytobiology (“the study of plant life”) which aligns well with Exdeath’s arboreal history.

Cuchulainn shows up as a boss in the Shadows of Mhach alliance raid series, specifically as the third boss of the Void Ark.

Nabriales will be familiar as the Ascian who kidnapped Minfilia during the 2.5 MSQ, then was promptly killed off to demonstrate white auracite as Ascian kryptonite.

Shemhazai doesn’t appear in FF14, but is associated with Sagittarius. In the Ivalice Zodiac, Sagittarius is associated with Rofocale, an entirely distinct entity who appears as the third boss of the Royal City of Rabanastre alliance raid.

Igeyorhm shows up alongside Lahabrea during Heavensward, and teams up with him against the Warrior of Light in the Aetherochemical Research Facility. After losing that fight, the WoL uses white auracite and the Eye of Nidhogg to erase Igeyorhm.

EDIT TO ADD: In Castrum Lacus Litore in the Southern Bozjan Front, Sadr rem Albeleo of the IVth Legion uses the auracite to transform into Adrammelech, reviving his FF12 appearance.

Deudalaphon has not appeared in FF14 yet.

Famfrit appears as the first boss of the Ridorana Lighthouse alliance raid. His sobriquet, “the Darkening Cloud,” references the Cloud of Darkness, final boss of FF3 and the World of Darkness alliance raid from ARR.

Emmerololth was the Ascian tasked with freeing the primal Eureka on the Isle of Val. Off-screen, we learn that Galuf Baldesion and his allies pulled the entire island into the Lifestream, where they were somehow able to destroy Emmeroloth. EDIT TO ADD: The Ascian later appears in the post-ARR epilogue, but it’s questionable if they survived the Isle of Val or if this is someone else promoted to that office.

Mateus is a reference to the Emperor of Palamecia in FF2, and appears (in his FF12 form) as the first boss of the Royal City of Rabanastre alliance raid.

Lahabrea requires no introduction, but aside from his work in ARR and Heavensward, he’s referenced heavily during Shadowbringers, including the area of Akadaemia Anyder named the Words of Lahabrea, where we fight the Guardian Force Quetzalcoatl.

Zodiark, like Ultima, isn’t assigned a Scion of Light in FF12. In FF Tactics, Zodiark is summoned by Elidibus. Zodiark IS associated with the constellation Ophiuchus/Serpentarius, “the Serpent-Bearer.” This is important, because the “serpent” that Ophiuchus is “bearing” is the the constellation Serpens. The brightest star in the constellation is designated Alpha Serpentis, but is known as Unukalhai.

EDIT: Additional note I just learned (from u/iwanttododiehard) re: Zodiark is that “Sabik” is the traditional name of a binary star, Eta Ophiuchi, that is part of the Ophiucus constellation. Sabik, as you likely know, is referenced by Lahabrea via the Heart of Sabik, an item within the Ultima Weapon that contains the ultimate destructive magic, Ultima.

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