FFXIV MGP Farming text guide By: Ray-FF


**Hi! After posting that i got Fenrir (**gold saucer one, not the motorcycle one) **and getting couple questions about how i did it i decided to make a guide! (**ps. this is my first guide)

Challenge log which can be done weekly, it resets after weekly reset so you can do it again!Lists of the challenges and how much they give + extra:

  • Complete 3 mini-games: 1,000 MGP + Earn 100 MGP from minigames: 1,500 MGP. To this i recommend doing “Out on a Limb” mini game which you can access from going to the aetheryte plaza to minion square and going right!

  • Participate in 5 GATEs: 5,000 MGP. To this you can find the place at from going to Aetheryte Plaza to Round square aka the green place from the map! There is also timer when next GATE appears you can find at https://thecuriousnerd.com/ffxiv/gate_timer/ or then just simply googling ffxiv gate timer!

  • Successfully complete 3 GATEs 8,000 MGP ^ same as the last one but succeed/finish at the GATE you’re doing

  • Enter 20 chocobo race 8,000 MGP + Win chocobo race 5,000 + Win 10 chocobo races 8,000 MGP. which can be done by entering at Duty Finder’s Gold saucer tab and and then chocobo race: random (which i prefer) And then unlocking chocobo racing you must complete level 15 questline that start with “So you want to be a jockey”. It can be started by talking to Chocobo registrar at Gold saucer at Chocobo square ^^

  • Play Triple triad 10 times 5,000 MGP + Win 10 Triple triad matches 8,000 MGP + Play 5 triple triad matches in the Battlehall 2,500 MGP + Win 3 triple triad matches in the Battlehall 3,000 MGP. (I suggest doing all these at battlehall. Battlehall can be found again at Duty finder Gold saucer tab and at The Triple Triad Battlehall and the easiest npc there is and i suggest battling agaisnt isWyra “Greenhands” Lyehga

  • Play Lord of Verminion 1 time 5,000 + 3 time gives 10,000 MGP + 5 times gives 12,000 MGP. Lord of Verminion can be found again at Minion square at any of the tables with “Lord of verminion” on top of it, if you have it already unlocked i suggest doing for the easiest Verminion Challenge which would be the Stage 4: Little Big Beast, the minions i used for the it were Kidragora and Wolf Pup

ps. i didn’t include Open tournament challenge one and the Doman mahjong player matches as i didn’t do them myself but you can do them if you want.

Overall to the ones i did rewarded overall: 87,000 mgp if i counted right

Then there’s Fashion report which can do weekly every Friday as our lovely Kaiyoko Star at https://twitter.com/KaiyokoStar on twitter posted the results there and the results are posted also here on FFXIV Subreddit which gives 60,000 MGP and also “Fashion leader” title when you first time do it and do the one with 100 point result!

Mini cactpot which you can do daily after daily reset at Entrance Square at Mini cactpot broker npc, you can buy mini cactpot ticket with 10 mgp and there is also Mini Cactpot solver, i myself use this one: https://www.thewordfinder.com/cactpot-solver/#cactpot-entry

Jumbo cactpot which can do weekly at Cactpot board with Jumbo cactpot broker and you can find your result with Cactpot Cashier when the results are given. You can buy 3 tickets with costs 100 mpg (it increases by 50 per ticket)

You can also get mgp card by doing Wondrous tails given by Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire:

1 lines gives you 1 MGP gold card that gives 30,000 MGP

2 lines gives you 2 MGP Platinum card that gives 100,000 MGP

3 lines gives you 20 MGP Platinum card that gives 1,000,000 MGP aka 1 mil MGP

EXTRA: when i have finished those and have motivation i usually wait for GATE and when wait for new Gate i do chocobo racing

END: THANK YOU FOR READING <3 Made by Ray Rakun on Spriggan Chaos

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