FFXIV Moogle Beast Tribe: a guide By: Aceiridge


Unlocking the Moogle Beast tribe is a pain, but it’s considerably more painful when you have no idea what you’re looking for. I recently made this guide in case my fc members also wanted to unlock the questline. So i thought I’d share it here in case anyone else was struggling with it.


You have to have first completed the main scenario quest “Into the Aery” and the quest “Laying the First Brick.” marks the official start of the Moogle beast-questline

“Into The Aery” is a MSQ, however “Laying the First Brick” is at the end of a long quest chain. This quest chain is unmarked so without doing either all the quests in the zone or looking for outside help (i.e a friend or the Internet) it’d be quite hard to follow/find them all. (These quests are all golden, regular quest markers, and you will have to be able to fly in The Churning Mists to complete the latter half of them) The quest chain is in order below:

Level 54:

MSQ: Moglin’s Judgement

A Pebble For Your Thoughts (x29, y35)

Spineless Wadgets (x21, y25)

MSQ: Heart of Ice

Far From Home (x10, y29)

A Nutty Initiation (x31, y24)

Level 55:

MSQ: The Song Begins

Protecting the Pom (x30, y36)

Save The Pomguard (x20, y26)

An Urgent Message (x8, y27)

A Moogle’s Intuition (x7, y28)

An Uneasy Feeling (x9, y25)

Trouble At Zenith (x8, y27)

Level 56:

-MSQ: He Who Would Not Be Denied

Into The Mists (The Pillars (x11, y11.4))

Bitter Is The Night (x22, y16, z1)

Cleaning House (x22, y16)

Finders Keepers (x29, y12)

These Things Take Time (x22, y16)

An Unwelcome Surprise (x7, y19)

A Meter Too Far (x11, y9)

Thar Be Dragons (x22, y16)

Laying the First Bricks (x22, y16)

Tricks and Stones (x27.2,y34.5)

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