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From Level 1 to Level 1,869

Hey everybody! You might know me from my crafting site: https://ffxivcrafting.com. I recently started playing again and this was my best attempt at utilizing “The Road to 70” buff.

This “guide” probably isn’t useful to anyone, and it’s more of an excuse to talk about the buff. My situation is unique enough – I had previously played, I was already comfortable with the controls/UI/etc, I knew I liked it, I knew where things were; it was basically New Game + for me.

On with the show!

1 – MSQ. It really is King for XP.

You’ll be able to almost take three jobs to 70 if you rotate XP. For me this was DRG, BRD and BLM. Have a main, do all the fighting with the main, but switch out before redeeming the quest to spread that XP out. DRG was my main, and I didn’t claim any MSQ XP in Stormblood for it; the XP all came from the required dungeons, killing enemies, explorations, etc. Your second and third classes you probably won’t play much; make sure you’re okay with that, or use all three evenly. Your third class can soak up a bit of the xp, but regular quests will bring this in line pretty nicely.

Side note: Do pay attention to the storyline. It’s pretty freaking great. My jaw dropped a few times and I almost cried once; and I’ve still got a whole expansion to go.

I took everything to 50, mostly with Palace of the Dead, and also some quest xp spreading, to see what classes I liked. I didn’t want to pick something I didn’t enjoy. By this point I had decided that DRG was my main DPS class, and I didn’t really care for BLM so I made it my soaker (that opinion was about the class at level 50; every time I’ve used BLM for its class quests after that was pretty cool, but my plans were already in motion). My third class, BRD, fell behind, and I had to work a bit to keep it in line, but it wasn’t too bad.

Do not pick a tank class to buff this way; Tanking is awesome, and you get near-insta queues with it (I experienced 1 to 5 minute wait times). Leveling them is very easy in dungeons. Keep your gear up to date. I did all four classes in unison to make gear sharing easier (and keep my armory sane).

Do not pick a healing class to buff like this either. Instant queues. You hit the button, you’re in. Almost never failed. Leveling this later will be easy. Healing is fun too. It can be stressful and I only had to drop out of a dungeon once; I hated doing it. So far I’m loving WHM. SCH is pretty hard at this level, but I hear it gets better at 70. I keep forgetting about pulling a card with AST, but that’s a byproduct of it being a pretty unique feature and me speed running all these other classes. Picking SCH/SMN wouldn’t be the worst idea as you get a two for one that way.

Queueing as a DPS sucks. Try to keep a tank or healer leveled up with you outside of quest turn-ins by just doing the top one or two highest dungeon you can to help with MSQ. The “leveling” queue sucks for XP unless it’s your daily. Also, watch a 3 minute youtube video for each dungeon, it helps a lot with tank anxiety. Eventually thought I just gave in and waited/queued as my DRG and it worked out fine.

I came out of this with 300+ commendations, so that’s fun 😀

2 – Crafting.

I spent too much time crafting and gathering for all the recipes (I was validating my site, to a large degree), but this was a waste of the buff. I didn’t know about the Ixali dailies until a month in.

The XP here is insane for crafting. If I were to do it over again, I would have picked one crafting class, rushed it to 50 with Ixali (you stop getting good xp from them at 50), craft what they want, and do the turn-ins with other classes to rush those classes to 50. You can do up to 12 Ixali’s a day!

The Moogles in HW are the same; you can turning with any class, but only a max of 3 a day. After that, with the Namazu you can’t do the class swap, but you know what’s up by then.

This is also why MSQ is important: Unlocking these dailies ASAP. Gear is also super important by the time you get to the Namazu, but didn’t seem important for the Moogles.

You can leave the class quests alone. Having high gear makes these a breeze, so wait to do them later. No need to sweat about rotations yet if you don’t need to.

3 – Gathering.

Leves were huge for this. With Fishing, regular grinding was usually enjoyable and fast. Also you get XP boosting scrolls (that last 18 hours/6mil XP). I only had to use 3 of these, and have a dozen more in my inventory. They’re quests rewards, so getting one of these to 50 asap is a huge help for the others.

4 – Dailies.

Crafting dailies took precedence for me every day. The daily xp from everything else isn’t bad, and if you’re going to be doing them all anyway, now is as good a time as any. For true efficiency, I could see dropping non-crafting dailies in favor of doing the MSQ.

I did the Gold Saucer daily lotto, but honestly most of my points came from the weekly “easy 80” fashion stuff you’ll find weekly in this sub.

5 – Don’t be a slave to the buff. It’s not like I didn’t have fun.

From an efficiency standpoint, I spent too much time doing Triple Triad. But I’m glad I’ve almost got a full 8/8 corner deck. I skipped on collecting minions, mounts, orchestration, etc, because I knew I’d have time after the buff.

There’s a lot of extra little things (challenge log, hunting log, hunts, GC Turnins, custom deliveries, ventures, etc etc etc) that I did that I won’t get into, but those really help pad some XP and Gil as well, so explore what the game has to offer and make it your own!

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk 😉

Happy Crafting!

p.s. I’ll plug my site again, because why not: https://ffxivcrafting.com

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