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FFXIV Quick Anima weapon Guide I wish I had. By: AnxiousAsriel


POETICS THE WEAPON -essentially-

Step 1: “Soul Without Life & Toughening Up” anima quests are self explanatory.

Spend poetics at Auriana, house of spenders mor dohna mainly, you can go to Idylshire as well.

Step 2: Coming into its own

Unidentifiable items 10 of each 4 items 1500 poetics x 4 total 6k poetics total.

Auriana sells them for 150 poetics each, you need 10 of each. 6000 poetics total.

Unidentifiable Ore
Unidentifiable Seeds
Unidentifiable bone
Unidentifiable Shell

Grand Company/Marketboard sells these

4 adamantite Francesca 4k Grand Company Seals 16k Total

4 titanium alloy 4k Grand Company Seals 16k Total

4 dispelling feather 4k Grand Company Seals 16k Total

4 kingcake 4k Grand Company Seals 16k Total

Totaling 64k grand company seals or gill if you buy from the market board. “Depending on your server, this could be really cheap, check market boards first and server hop”

Finding Your Voice “back to Auriana…

Buy 5 x 350 poetics “aether oil” totaling 1750 poetics

Step 3: with Auriana

Buy 75 umbrites 75 poetics each totaling 5625 poetics.

“Use yellow crafter scripts to buy blue crafter script for 25 yellow scrip each. Buy 190 blue crafter scripts to trade ulan for 38 crystal sand trades, this nets 76 crystal sands.”

Don’t overlook Yellow Crafter scripts, unless you have unlocked crafting and custom deliveries at a minimum, this step is hell, don’t waste your time doing this at all, if you cant get blue Crafters Scrips. Amber Encased Vilekins are hell, Primal pieces are a waste of money unless the economy is in your favor.

You may need less or more umbrites and Crystal sands depending on how many bonuses you get on the second half, but i usually have 1 sand left cause i only ever needed 75 of each total

After umbrites and sands

50 singing clusters “40 poetics a piece”it’s best to do at least one triple leveling roulette then spend poetics.

Quest leads you to do: 1 a day for 1 lol 50 roulette or 18 a week for 3 leveling roulette a week or just 2k poetics for all “once you unlock this step once, it stays up, even if your not doing an anima questline” if you dont have those two quests, its okay, you can still buy with poetics

Honestly mix and match buying and lvl 50 roulette/leveling roulette, no read way to speed this one up unless you farm poetics.

Step 4 and beyond

Buy 500 poetic “archaic enchanted ink” Same vendor listed above.”its the absolute last item you need”

Pneumite is needed for the new soulstone “its best to get ahead of time” Its a seperate quest they will guide you too, but you can get them before hand, best to just have them ready, 100 poetics 15 total 1500 poetics OR,60k grand company seals for 15 of them. Don’t waste poetics on this step, just roll on everything in dungeons and spend seals.

After this after you unlock LIGHT FARMING After some dungeons you dont need the anima equiped for.Alexander raids unlocked “savage” run “eyes of the creator savage” 30 times with premade group 1minut 40 seconds a run at most with 6 people “pretty sure its 30 runs”

You can basically have anima weapon completed without starting a single quest “minus light farming”

Making this because other guides are hell for the way my brain works and i get overwhelmed easily. I know im not good at making them myself, but this are steps I discovered net the fastest Anima weapon in 2020-2021

There are a lot of options to take, but if you are capped on poetics constantly, just drop them on some unidentified stuff and then when you have those done, then just buy some umbrites. after a while you just have an anima and you just need to put some pieces together with the help of quests to get it.

Wonderous tails
Dailies obviously
“Best piece of advice here” Even if your not farming anima, THE HUNT! Join a discord on your data center, no matter what area, it gives 30 poetics each a rank and 100 poetics each s rank among other stuff you love.

Its a guide no one really needs and it would probably make someone hella confused, if so ill delete it later, but i skip things if they are too complicated, and anima weapons all look too good to pass up, and you can have one within 4 days, if your in a discord group for HUNTs or faster, Don’t waste poetics if you can get some thing shiny :3

again sorry if it is useless information, I just wanted to share what i learned >.> and for all the grammar mistakes. If you have better advice or how to improve my layout thank you i will fix this if i have too.


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