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FFXIV SAM Rotation Guide (2.07s GCD, E8S Dummy)


Higanbana-first opener is better for *most* fights. Use Potion right after the second Hakaze (right before Jinpu). I use a Shinten here because it’ll fit an extra hit into Trick Attack, and I know there are no upcoming mechanics where I’ll need the Kenki. Now that the opener is over, use Shinten whenever you’re above the amount of Kenki you need. If you know there are no mechanics, make sure you have 20 left for your Kaiten -> Setsugekka. If there are mechanics coming up where you need a dash, keep 10 or 20 (depending on the dashes you need) on top of the 20 you need for Kaiten. Save Kenki when you’re coming up on a burst window so you use more of it while under party buffs. The first part where we can use a filler, but I advise saving it for later in most fights. The length of this filler depends on uptime/boss mechanics. So doing it later allows for adjustments. Post-filler, you’ll have 19s before Kaeshi. With-filler, it can take [21s, 23s, 25.5s, or 27.5s].

If all goes wrong, you can delay Kaeshi post-Higanbana by doing extra GCDs before Shisui. But this will cause a misalign with raid buffs! Still, it’s better than doing nothing for a second or two. Be careful going into this next burst. I find Senei-windows are the easiest part of the fight to over-cap Kenki. Because we need *and* generate a lot. Save only as much as you’ll need *at the end of your rotation*: 90: Senei(50) + 2xKaiten(40) (+ Dash sometimes). Senei generates 35. More for burst windows is better, but it’s not worth over-capping..

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