FFXIV: Shadowbringers Black Mage Job Introduction


Good day, everyone! And welcome to the Shadowbringers Job Introductions, this time featuring the Black Mage. The disciples of black magic have received fewer changes compared to other classes, but were compensated with a significant amount of quality of life improvements. To start things off, we have the increased duration of both Astral Fire and Umbral Ice from 12 to 15 seconds, allowing for greater flexibility across the Black Mage’s rotation. And the new Lv. 72 trait, Aspect Mastery, allows Black Mages with full stacks of either Astral Fire or Umbral Ice, to cast a spell of the opposite element at no MP cost. A much welcomed change for seamlessly swapping into Umbral Ice at the end of a fire rotation, or following the MP-hungry Flare.

In addition, Black Mages now also have access to Despair, a single-target version of Flare that deals significantly more damage, but that also consumes all mana. Further changes include the new Enhanced Sharpcast, generously reducing its cooldown from 60 to 30 seconds, and the new trait Enhanced Enochian, further boosting the damage it provides to 15%. And at Lv. 80, Black Mages gain the new Xenoglossy, a powerful single-target counterpart to the action Foul that also consumes a Polyglot. And being further complimented by a new trait that allows the accumulation of two Polyglots. With regards to utility actions, we have the new Umbral Soul, instantly refreshing the effect of Umbral Ice and generating one Umbral Heart per cast. The old mana-restoring action Convert has now been changed into the new Manafont, no longer sacrificing a portion of the Black Mage’s health.

The action Freeze has also been changed into a targeted spell, in addition to granting Umbral Hearts starting at Lv. 68. Minor changes include the adjustment of the action Sleep to affect multiple targets, and the removal of the binding effect from Blizzard II. Among the role actions that did not survive the expansion, we have Break, Drain, Diversion, Mana Shift, Apocatastasis and Erase, leaving casters with the fewest amount of role actions available. While largely unchanged in its foundation, the new Black Mage boasts powerful new spells and significant improvements over its predecessors. But how do you feel about these changes? Let me know in the comments below. But until then… I hope to see you on the next job introduction!

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