FFXIV: Shadowbringers Dragoon Job Introduction


Good day, everyone! And welcome to the Shadowbringers Job Introductions, this time featuring the Dragoon. The lancers of Ishgard have received notable improvements to many of their actions and resource management. Starting with their single-target combo, we have True Thrust now leading into both Vorpal Thrust and the new Disembowel, now providing a damage increase, but no longer applying a slashing penalty. To accommodate this change, the old actions Impulse Drive and Heavy Thrust no longer exist. The rotation further extends into the usual Full Thrust and Chaos Thrust, followed by Fang and Claw and Wheeling Thrust in succession thanks to the old Lance Mastery trait.

However, starting at Lv. 76, the new trait Lance Mastery II, allows the execution of the new Raiden Thrust, replacing True Thrust in the rotation so long as positional requirements are met. With regards to AoE actions, the usual Doom Spike and Sonic Thrust combo now further extends into the new Coerthan Torment, dealing damage in a straight line and increasing the duration of Blood of the Dragon. The Dragoon’s job gauge has also received adjustments, namely the reduction of Dragon stacks to a maximum of two, allowing Life of the Dragon to be entered more easily. In addition, the new Lv. 78 trait further extends the maximum duration of both Blood of the Dragon and Life of the Dragon to 30 seconds. And to the delight of Dragoons across Eorzea, the job gauge will now reset to its full duration upon entering Life of the Dragon. But to compensate, Spineshatter Dive no longer grants Dive Ready, an effect that is now exclusive to the action Jump, being further enhanced at Lv. 74 to High Jump boasting not only increased damage, but also faster animation.

And at Lv. 80, Dragoons gain access to Stardiver, a new jumping action that deals significant AoE damage, but may only be executed while under Life of the Dragon. Moving on to utility actions, we have the old Blood for Blood, now renamed to Lance Charge and no longer increasing damage taken. The ability Dragon Sight may now also be cast on yourself, providing its usual bonus in case you have no party members to share it with. Minor changes include the removal of Elusive Jump’s enmity reduction, and the adjustment of Battle Litany’s critical strike bonus down to 10%. Among the role actions that did not survive the expansion, we have Diversion, Invigorate, Goad and Crutch. However, True North now benefits from the new charge system, allowing it to be executed twice in succession. The new expansion brings Dragoons much needed quality of life improvements, allowing them to poke and pierce better than ever. But how do you feel about these changes? Let me know in the comments below.

But until then… I hope to see you on the next job introduction!.

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