FFXIV: Shadowbringers Gunbreaker Job Introduction



Good day, everyone! And welcome to the Shadowbringers Job Introductions, this time featuring the Gunbreaker. As one of the new jobs introduced this expansion, the Gunbreaker leaps in with a fast-paced and explosive tanking style. Starting with their main combo, the opener Keen Edge leads into Brutal Shell, providing self-healing and granting a barrier, one of the defining traits of the Gunbreaker. The finisher Solid Barrel then generates charges for the Gunbreaker’s Powder Gauge, also known as Cartridges, of which two can be stored at a time. These charges can then be spent to execute the Cartridge combo, starting with Gnashing Fang, into Savage Claw and Wicked Talon. But starting at Lv. 70, this combo becomes a lot more interesting. Thanks to the introduction of Continuation, a trait that allows Gunbreakers to weave additional abilities in between their weaponskills.

Gnashing Fang may be followed by Jugular Rip, Savage Claw by Abdomen Tear, and Wicked Talon by Eye Gouge, effectively doubling the amount of attacks. Gunbreakers also have the tools to deal with multiple targets at once, starting with Demon Slice, and followed by Demon Slaughter, which generates an additional gauge charge, that can then be spent to execute Fated Circle. Outside of executing combos, Cartridge Charges can also be spent to perform Burst Strike, a powerful attack with no additional requirements. And should you find yourself starved for charges during battle, Bloodfest has you covered, instantly generating two charges on a moderate cooldown. Gunbreakers also sport two damage-over-time abilities, Sonic Break for single targets, and Bow Shock for multiple enemies. And finally, we have Danger Zone. A simple yet powerful attack that, at Lv. 80, becomes the Gunbreaker’s hardest-hitting ability, Blasting Zone, dealing damage with an astonishing 700 base potency. In addition to basic tanking abilities such as Royal Guard for enmity generation, Gunbreakers also have their own ranged attack with Lightning Shot. An all-too-important gap-closer with Rough Divide, and a self damage-boost in the form of No Mercy. In terms of mitigation, we have Camouflage, providing a generous 50% chance to parry, Nebula, for a flat 30% damage reduction, and the Gunbreaker’s own invulnerability, Superbolide, reducing their HP down to 1, but granting short immunity to most attacks.

Of course, the old role action Rampart also deserves an honorable mention. But the Gunbreaker isn’t without its party utility, which includes Aurora a single-target healing-over-time effect, Heart of Light, a powerful tool for party-wide mitigation, and Heart of Stone, reducing damage taken and if cast on another player, granting the same barrier from Brutal Shell if the Gunbreaker is currently under its effect. The Gunbreaker brings a new flavor to tanking with its unique mechanics and unconventional abilities.

But how do you feel about the new job? Let me know in the comments below. But until then… I hope to see you on the next job introduction!.