FFXIV: Shadowbringers Monk Job Introduction


Good day, everyone! And welcome to the Shadowbringers Job Introductions, this time featuring the Monk. The Fists of Rhalgr have received notable changes to many of their actions, in addition to several quality of life improvements. To start things off, we have the new Dragon Kick, no longer applying a blunt penalty, but also increasing the damage of the next Boot Shine with the effect Leaden Fist. The AoE action Arm of the Destroyer has also had its form bonus changed, from the old silence effect to a modest increase in potency. And to close the gap between Arm of the Destroyer and Rockbreaker, we have the new action Four-point Fury, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and extending the duration of Twin Snake’s damage buff. As an alternate way of spending Chakra, the new action Enlightenment serves as an AoE counterpart to the old Forbidden Chakra, dealing damage to all enemies in a line. And at Lv. 80, Monks gain access to Six-sided Star, a powerful single-target attack that refreshes the duration of Greased Lightning, but also incurs a longer global cooldown.

Moving on to stance changes, we have the new Riddle of Earth and Riddle of Fire, no longer granting nor requiring their respective Fist actions. In addition, Riddle of Wind has now been reworked into a passive trait, allowing the accumulation of four Greased Lightning stacks, but only while under the effect of Fists of Wind. And to keep Fists of Fire from falling out of favor, we have the new Lv. 72 trait that further increases the damage it provides to 10%. With regards to utility actions, we have the new Shoulder Tackle and Tackle Mastery, no longer stunning the target, but also accumulating additional charges. And to accommodate this change, the old tackle actions, namely Fire, Earth and Wind Tackle are no longer present. The new trait Deep Meditation II, now further increases the rate at which Chakra is gained, from 50 to 70%. And at Lv. 78, we have the new Anatman, allowing the monk to enter a state of meditation for up to 30 seconds, freezing the duration of their current form, and increasing the amount of greased lightning stacks.

For monk-specific actions removed this expansion, we have Internal Release, One Ilm Punch, Steel Peak, Howling Fist and Purification. And in terms of role actions, we have the removal of Diversion, Invigorate, Goad and Crutch. However, True North now also benefits from the new charge system, allowing it to be executed twice in succession. By venturing into Shadowbringers, Monks can now throw punches and execute their combos even faster than before. But how do you feel about these changes? Let me know in the comments below. But until then… I hope to see you on the next job introduction!.

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