FFXIV: Shadowbringers Summoner Job Introduction


Good day, everyone! And welcome to the Shadowbringers Job Introductions, this time featuring the Summoner. The invokers of Eorzea have received significant changes not only to their actions, but also pets and resource management. To start things off, we have the overhauling of the Summoner’s Aetherflow, no longer being granted by its own action, but rather, through the usage of Energy Drain, or its new AoE sibling, the Energy Siphon, with whom it shares a recast time with. Now stacking up only twice, the new Aetherflow is used exclusively to perform Fester and Painflare, which remain largely unchanged, aside from no longer granting Aethertrail. To accommodate this change, the action Bane no longer requires Aetherflow, and becomes further enhanced at Lv. 78 to also spread Ruination across all enemies. The Summoner’s signature Ruin spells now scale in potency depending on the presence of both Bio and Miasma on their targets. And replacing the old Tri-bind, we have the new Outburst, which also benefits from Ruination. And finally, we have the improved Tri-disaster, now boasting a shorter recast time, and inflicting Ruination for twice as long, thanks to the new trait obtained at Lv.

76. The Summoner’s iconic Dreadwyrm Trance has also received significant changes, now functioning independently of Aetherflow, but on a 60 second cooldown, in addition to reducing spell casting time instead of boosting magic damage. And at Lv. 72, the new Enhanced Dreadwyrm trait further increases the amount of Aether it provides, allowing Bahamut to be summoned without the need to enter a second trance. To complement this change, Summoners now enter the new Firebird Trance after summoning Bahamut, functioning similarly to Dreadwyrm Trance, and replacing both Ruin III and Outburst with Fountain of Fire and Brand of Purgatory respectively. And at Lv. 80, Firebird Trance is further enhanced to summon forth a Phoenix, providing a healing-over-time effect to nearby players, and boasting Revelation as its Enkindle action. Moving on to Egi-specific changes, all summoning actions can now be performed instantly, and free of any MP cost. In addition, Egis now behave similarly to Bahamut, becoming impervious to most forms of damage, and no longer generating enmity. To accommodate this change, pet actions have also been reworked and consolidated into the new Egi Assaults I and II which now benefit from the charge system, in addition to Enkindle, now receiving a significant cooldown reduction from its old trait.

And starting at Lv. 74, the new Egi Assault trait guarantees the Further Ruin effect, which can now be accumulated and stacks up to four times. Following the changes to pet immunity, Titan’s old Earthen Ward has been changed into the new Earthen Armor, which now creates a powerful damage-absorbing barrier around the Summoner. And lastly, the Aetherpact action, namely Devotion has also received a moderate damage boost, but no longer provides a healing increase or damage mitigation. Of course, not all actions survived the pet overhaul and among them, we have Garuda’s Contagion and Ifrit’s Radiant Shield, in addition to the retirement of the Summoner actions Shadow Flare, Rouse and Sustain. Also joining them are the role actions Break, Drain, Diversion, Mana Shift, Apocatastasis and Erase, leaving casters with the fewest amount of role actions available.

While overwhelming at first, the adjustments brought about by Shadowbringers strive to add more Summon to the word Summoner. But how do you feel about these changes? Let me know in the comments below. But until then… I hope to see you on the next job introduction!.