FFXIV Skysteel Tools Comprehensive(?) Guide (Patch 5.35 update) By: Aviel_


This first section is for the Main-hand DoH Tools:

This step is gonna be a little bit trickier than the last, as the requirements have gone up, but we?ll do this together <3

  1. You?ll need the Dragonsung tool you?re gonna upgrade, and you?ll then need to equip it to make these crafts.

  2. Lets start by accruing the scrips you?ll need for this endeavour. Depending on your proficiency, this?ll either be cheap or rather costly. If you do this flawlessly, you?ll need roughly 39 of each Oddly Specific item, With each of those costing you 60 Yellow Scrips. I?ll put the more big-brain calculations further down.

  3. For the first one, you?ll need 90 Viscous Goo, which are obtained from making a 2* Master Crafting Collectible, with a recommended craftsmanship of 2250.

  4. Stage 2 will require 105 Goo and the use of your Augmented Dragonsung tool you just got for doing that stuff, and this?ll be a Master 3*** Craft with a 2480 Craftmanship barrier to entry. This one is startlingly difficult compared to the other, so good luck with this one.

Upon handing in the final materials, you?ll have your new Skysung Tool! This sports pretty solid stats as well a bit of CP. While it is superior to a HQ Aesthete Tool, it loses out because that sucker can materia melded into it, whereas your Skysung cannot.

Now onto the math of this one. They were somewhat lenient with this and still allow you to obtain goo from lower collectability brackets. But as I said, your scrip requirements will be a touch higher.

Stage 1:

Low Collectability (2000-2999): 2 Goo each, requiring 45 O.S. Mats (2,700 Scrips, 21,600 for all 8)

Medium Collectability (3000-3999): 3 Goo each, requiring 30 O.S. Mats (1,800 Scrips, 14,400 for all 8)

High Collectability (4000+): 5 Goo each, requiring 18 O.S. Mats (1,080 Scrips, 8,640 for all 8)

Stage 2:

Low Collectability (3000-3799): 2 Goo each, requiring 53 O.S. Mats (3,180 Scrips, 25,440 for all 8)

Medium Collectability (3800-4599): 3 Goo each, requiring 35 O.S. Mats (2,100 Scrips, 16,800 for all 8)

High Collectability (4600+): 5 Goo Each, requiring 21 O.S. Mats (1,260 Scrips, 10,080 for all 8)

Right, now for the Hatchet and Pickaxe: Here we go.

Much like with before, you?re going to need to collect a metric boat-load of items in order to upgrade these ones. But there?s a few different steps involved with that:

  1. For the augmented step, you?re going to need 50 Goo, which can be attained by exchanging 10 HQ O.S. Schorl or Dark Chestnut Logs. Meaning you?ll need 500 HQ items per tool. You?ll also need 180 Landborne and Leafborne Aethersand. These can be found in Either the Lochs or Yanxia, wherever you go is personal preference. Its also worth noting that the Sands are hidden in the nodes.

  2. Skysung is a bit more of the same. Except its 600 HQ O.S. Primordial Ore and Primordial Logs. And then 200 O.S. Primordial Asphaltum and Resin. These items can be found in Azys Lla (MIN at either Cooling Station or Aqueduct and BTN at either The Pappus Tree or Hyperstellar Downconverter) Once again the Asphaltum and Resin are hidden items, so keep that in mind.

Upon trading those items in you?ll have your Skysung Tool! Much like the DoH tools, these are superior to unmelded Aesthete, but sputter out compared to Penta?d tools. But since these are relics, they will be superior once the final steps release.

Fisher! This one?s easy! Sorta!

  1. With that handy dandy Rod you got, go farm up 60 HQ Petal Shells, then trade them in for your 6 (Yes, 6) Goo. These can be found at the Plum Spring fishing hole in Yanxia, and it is a ! tug, so patience and precision hookset for this one.

  2. Allagan hunters are your next find, 70 HQ for you guessed it, 7 Goo. These can be found at the Alpha Quadrant Fishing hole in Azys Lla and are a !! tug, so patience and Powerful Hookset should do the trick.

  3. It is worth noting the only bait that will work on these little sods is the Signature Skyball that can be purchased from Denys. Stock the fuck up because you?re gonna need it cotton.

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