FFXIV Sprout 🌱 Tank Guide By: Wade_Thru


In this guide I will outline common mistakes I see Tanks committing a lot lately, ways to improve, and ways to make your healer & DPS confident in your ability to tank.

  • FIRST PULL: Use your cooldown; It’s a good idea after the first pack is pulled to throw on Rampart / or the 30% job variation (Sentinel/Nebula etc.) as it will last until you’ve picked your spot.

  • STICK TO YOUR SPOT: No need to run around the group or “kite mobs”. You’re hurting the group and ruining your melees DPS by doing this. Kiting doesn’t save you, it only makes the pull take longer. You should generally pick a good spot to kill the trash, and choose a relative direction to move out & in from to avoid the AOES. You can’t always be perfect, some trash pulls are going to get spicy. But do your best to keep all movement to a precise minimum.

  • AOE & Mitigate: Your primary job in a dungeon is to make everyone else’s job easy. You are apart of a team, and by doing your job improperly you’re hurting the team. AOE spam is your best friend when it comes to maintaining emnity. You have to keep it up or otherwise; the dps will pull a mob off of you and start taking damage, to fix this mistake the healer will begin to AOE heal the DPS pulling even more mobs off of you, and at this point you’re standing there doing a 3-button rotation against a single mob (900 potency) vs 150 potency against 5-12 mobs. It’s simple math, spin to win.

  • DON’T GAP CLOSE INTO A GROUP, DON’T WASTE PROVOKE: Tanks ranged move has INCREASED EMNITY. Smack the pack with a ranged attack, they’ll come to you, spin, now you’re holding emnity. Even if your healer slaps regen during the pull, this extra emnity boost will stop mobs from being dragged off mid pull. You know how i mentioned earlier you need to stick to your location? This is why you’re saving provoke. PROVOKES RANGE IS 25 YALMS. Compare that to your ranged skill that only has a range of 15y. When a new mob appears, or is about to be dragged away, you can easily <Target>, Voke, and get back to spinning without breaking AOE rotation. (For GNB this can be very important for maintaining bullets to spam Fated Circle)

  • Arm’s Length is your best friend for big pulls; Reprisal is your best friend for raid-wide damage.

  • TRUST YOUR HEALER: If you’re doing your job well, now it’s time to trust your healer to do their job. At this point all you can do is push yourself to get better and push the team to get better as well. Don’t go freaking out just because your health hit 25%. Learn what healers are capable of and what their abilities can manage. AST has an oGCD that is more potent the lower your health is, SCH has EXCOG which heals once you clock under 50%. WHM is big heals. If you get dropped and die don’t grief the healer. There’s so many miscalculations that can happen in a dungeon, from a simple misclick to ilvl disparities. Don’t worry if a dungeon takes 20 minutes instead of 12. It’s a learning experience. Until you’re really good at tanking it’s going to be hard to tell if the death was your improper mitigation or healers bad timing. Either way, you both now have a better understanding of your limits within this instance after the fact, you’ll clear it.

If you made it all the way here and read this, thank you! I hope this helps improve your outlook on the class, and instills confidence in your next run. Lastly, always remember to have fun, and if someone is ruining your day over a small mistake, blacklist them & move on. It’s a game!

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