Hey, everyone. This is Thendiel Swansong, author of How to Train Your Dragoon, and in this video I’m going to go over the fundamentals of the dragoon AoE rotation for Stormblood. First off, let’s go ahead and address when it’s appropriate to AoE. Specifically, our area of effect attacks will be worthwhile in any situation involving three or more tightly-packed enemies. As this chart of mine illustrates, the potency-per-GCD advantages are substantial. Naturally, AoE attacks are going to be most commonly useful for dungeons, although there are some raid encounters in which they’re appropriate. Next, let’s go over the AoE GCD rotation, which is exceedingly simple. Just use Heavy Thrust followed by your Doom Spike-Sonic Thrust combo repeated six times. As you execute this rotation, be sure to activate Blood of the Dragon early, burn all of your off-GCD cooldowns as quickly as you can, and use Invigorate once you reach about 500 TP.

While AoEing, be extremely mindful of the exact shapes and ranges of your various AoE attacks, which are illustrated in this visual of mine. Shift through targets intelligently to ensure that all opponents are hit by all AoE attacks to the maximum extent possible. A few final pieces of advice: First, always watch your Blood of the Dragon timer carefully and make sure that you maintain Blood of the Dragon between pulls if possible. Second, feel free to use your Chaos Thrust combo as your tank is in the process of pulling, provided that you don’t pull threat. This enables you to deal a little bit more damage while also maintaining Blood of the Dragon more smoothly.

Third, make an effort to target higher- health enemies. Doing so allows you to land your off-GCDs and auto-attacks on those opponents, causing the encounter to end more rapidly. Lastly, if a few enemies are about to die, it’s best to let Heavy Thrust fall off rather than refresh it with a new Heavy thrust attack. The potency advantage of sneaking in those final AoE attacks outweighs that of Heavy Thrust’s 10% damage boost. For more information on how to optimize dragoon in Stormblood, please check out my other Stormblood YouTube videos and check out my written guide, How to Train Your Dragoon. Thanks for watching; I hope that you found this video helpful.


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