CAPTION ACTIVATED (translated by Google) Hi people, welcome to this guide in Spanish of Second Coil of Bahamut turn 4, also known as turn 9. In this guide we well above Nael several attacks that do not require much analysis and focus mostly on those that are more complex. This video tutorial will both graphical explanations as others in which I’ll be analyzing. You will probably take pause and rewind back to better understand the situation and that there are moments that occur several simultaneous attacks.

Moreover, I will not focus much on resolving mechanical but explain what happens. With that said, let’s begin: To begin it is recommended that each member is positioned at a predetermined place and that this phase will be linked by Stardusts. Stardust is a skill that casts Nael to place a red or yellow mark on any party member except the main tank When the mark disappear,the selected person must leave immediately because it fall from the sky a meteor.

The meteors should not be placed close to each other, doing this will make an instant wipe. Is recommended but not required to reach the second phase with four meteorites. This depends on the DPS. After the second Stardust, Lunar Dynamo come, this attack has donut shape and whoever is reached, Nael generated in a refill of HP equal to the damage produced. Then it will Meteor Stream on four marked persons and will descend with Dalamud Dive to cast Reavensbeak. Reavensbeak is an attack comparable with Twintania Deathsentence of Turn 5, but after being executed will leave a debuff on the tank called Raven Blight, which then explode after 12 seconds causing severe damage. Adloquium and Stoneskin need to be applied at the right time. After the third Stardust, Nael will make Meteor Stream but this time twice in a row and as mentioned above, will descend with Dalamud Dive after these attacks.

To receive Meteor Stream must keep a safe distance from the person next to us while at the same time we remain located in the on the floor drawing since the white mage will cast the Medica. As long as the healer is placed at the center, the limit of the graph mark the range of Medica. Another attack to consider is the Thermionic Beam, which produces about 20,000 points of damage to the person with the red mark. Damage should be mitigated by several members of the party. During this attack, the monk could stay Nael to keep the Greased lightning. After 64%, three green markings appear on three peoples except healers.

From the marks will fall meteors and from these will appear the Dalamud Spawn or better known as Golems. These enemies must be eliminated in just over a minute and should not be near each other as they could merge causing a wipe. Each golem will have a color that will identify them and also a couple of skills that will differ. The Dalamud Spawn attack for about 30 seconds and will swiches colors. The golems should be fed with meteors. Yellow meteor give them a stack of speed while red an stack damage. each golem can eat no more than 3 meteors, if someone eats a 4th will became a giant golem and would be a wipe. After the golems out, 3 meteors will fall again, 3 reds and 3 yellows, one behind the other which should be placed appropriately and quickly to not be in range of explosion, a player can receive up to 3 marks of meteors. After being placed, will fall again three meteors of Dalamud Spawns and mechanics will repeated.

Dalamud Spawn will perform attacks that could be interrupted as the Heavy Strike of Red Dalamud, the Earth Shock of Dalamud blue and Demolish from green. Antes de que los golems mueran los healers deberán preparar a la party para recibir el Megaflare de Nael. Before the golems die healers must prepare the party for Nael´s Megaflare. This attack will be executed after a preliminary visual text in 10 seconds, the party must have Stoneskin, Sacred Soil, Galvanize and other defensive skills. Nael come down with Dalmaud Dive to the person with the most aggro. Soon it will cast Heavensfall and a tower will fall into the center of the field generating a knockback and the instant death of those who are below this tower.

Each Heavensfall produce a visual yellow pattern on the floor totally avoidable there three Heavensfalls with defined patterns but it is advisable not arrive until the fall of the third. After the first Heavensfall, The Ghost of Meracydia appear and will use Tail Whip which will hit about 5000 or 6000 and about 2000 of auto attack and will produce a small AoE of fire. The Ghost of meracydia stop harming and start to cast Binding Chain when its HP reaches 50%. Binding Chain will apply the debuff Garrote on 2 random players. While being chained up, the Garrote debuff will increase every 6 seconds so which is necessary to remove it before it reaches its ninth stack or otherwise be instant death. Garrote Twist operates similar to Binding Binding, but only applies to one person. Garrote Twist will apply Garrote to that person every 6 seconds to 9 stacks. This debuff should be dispelled as soon as possible, so when The Ghost of Meracydia dies produce an explosion as AoE and his remains will leave 3 white circles serve as cure. The circles will disappear in 20 seconds. Another new attack is the Super Nova, Nael released 2 Super Nova generating black hole in the ground and a lot of damage to anyone who is inside or get too close, sucking and also applying the Heavy debuff.

The last phase will reach at 46%. This phase is composed by laps. Each round begins with Nael casting Bahamut’s Favor. followed this will make 5 Bahamut’s Claws to be mitigated with defensive skills, Stoneskin, Virus, Adloquium, Eye for and Eye and everything that you can use because it really hit very hard. During Bahamut’s Favor, 3 dragons to be located outside the area of the court will apply various debuffs of ice, fire and thunder.

The ice dragon apply the debuff Icebitten to each member of the party without repetition, spaced for 3 seconds to complete the 14 shots. If someone were to receive twice the same debuff will die instantly. To counter this debuff is necessary to receive the impact of the fire AoE right time. Moreover a third dragon apply the debuff Thunderstruck, The person who has it shall be removed from the rest because after 5 seconds the explosion will cause great damage and paralysis. At the end of these mechanics will come Divebombs: The Divebombs works like Divebombs of turn 5 but with slight differences: These Divebombs are going to run by dragons were around the court.

First two dragons will come straight to the person with the mark of Divebomb while Nael will make Meteor Stream. Then the remaining dragon make its Divebomb to the person with the second mark, and Nael will make another Meteor Stream. For this mechanics is recommended that a person previously designated place the corresponding waymarks. I recommend that waymarks are applied when Nael casts Bahamut’s Favor To place the first Waymark should be identified north of the field and from there to pivot the camera clockwise to see the first two dragons. The mark is located between them. The second waymark must be located to the right of the third dragon. There are only three types of patterns in which the dragons can appear. Finished the Divebombs, Nael will desend with Dalamud Dive, and the cycle is complete. Now, Nael will use Bahamut’s Favor again to begin another new cycle. Bahamuts Claw The first Fire must receive away from the party, the person who receives it should be watchful that the debuff of Firescoched has been removed when the fire comes In We got together to avoid the Lunar Dynamo … …and receive the Fire.

Iron Chariot We hope to see the second Super Nova for entry We stacked together to receive Thermionic Beam with the Fire Beware the Thunderstruck and Bahamuts Claws Look where are the waymarks to place marks Divebombs Nael makes Iron Chariot instead of Meteor Stream and in the second round will make a Lunar Dynamo The third round is identical to the first round Start again with Bahamut’s Favor Bahamut’s Claw, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Fire Out Thunderstruck Lunar Dynamo Fire In, the person who had touched the Fire Out should check to be gone the Firescorched we split Iron Chariot First Super Nova, second Super Nova, together Thermionic Beam The person with the Thunderstruck exits and Bahamut’s Claws Look where they are placed the waymarks Divebomb one Divebomb two And that’s all you need to know to pass this turn.

With good mechanical memorization and proper administration of the skilles you should not have any problems. I hope this guide has been helpful and thank you very much for having seen this video tutorial. .

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