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FFXIV Tanking Guide To Help You With Anxiety By: tsjaytime


What’s Up Good People

This week let’s talk about how to fix that anxiety of being a tank. Through my experiences running tanks I have came up with some tips….pointers….ok mistakes I realized over the time. I see in the reddit that people have questions about what to do with tanking, how to get over that fear of it, or what to do to become better. So allow me to share some easy steps that can make the experience for you that much easier. If you want to get other advice on FF related things or want to show some love I will leave my youtube channel here. I try to post a guide to the reddit each week to help out players on their WOL journey :). So Let’s begin!

  1. Offset your damage mitigation skills

One of the first mistakes I made playing tank is I always used all my damage mitigations at once because I thought that would help me reduce the most damage. In reality it actually puts you in an awkward situation of downtime with no damage reduction. Your healer has to work harder to keep you alive and that means less damage is being pushed out all around. One thing you want to get in the habit of is making sure you are offsetting these skills. For instance if you activate one damage reduction ability, you want to wait until that skill is about to expire. Execute another and keep them is a smooth rotation that allows you to keep your damage reductions on throughout the battle then for only 10 secs of it

2) Lighten Up On Provoke and Weapon lobs

This one might be hard to understand at first but try not to depend on provoke to initiate fights (shield lob can be situational but shouldn’t be used to start a fight either unless it is a boss fight). Using your range ability puts everything else on a GCD (global cooldown) which will prevent you from being able to use your AOE (area of effect) abilities to get the remaining mobs aggro. This causes some awkwardness when you are first pulling. Trying to start off your pulls with running up and using your AOE rotation skills.

The issue with provoke is that it does an immediate aggro pull but can be drop really fast if it is hit by anything else before you land it. Provoke is really a emergency skill or used to tank swap. Try to get out the habit of using this ability UNLESS you need to grab something you missed (emergency), same games with your range skill.

3) AOEs are your bestfriend as a tank

This one isn’t as hard to explain but as a tank when you aren’t sure if you aggroed everything, AOE. When you first walk toward a mob (group of enemies), AOE. If you are fighting 3 or more enemies, AOE. 2 or less you can do your single rotations and target switch. If you aren’t comfortable with that yet, AOE :). This will help keep aggro of everything and make it really easy for you to sustain that aggro.

4) Turn boss away from party

Getting into the habit of turning the boss away from party and only facing you will save you and your party a lot of pain down the road. There are bosses that doe AOE moves based on which way they are facing, and if you only have them facing in your direction, it makes everything much easier for the party. So when you pull mobs, bosses, bad guys. Try your best to turn them away from the group and have them only facing you.

5) Trust in Yourself/ Trust in the healer

Yes yes… we all can talk about a bad experience with a healer, tank, or dps. But in the end of the day each healer is a new person. Trust that they will keep you safe, trust that they will heal you, trust them until there is a reason not to, and then give them another chance. Because we all make mistakes (I wish I could tell you how many times I wiped a party starting out because I didn’t turn on tank stance). Most importantly, trust yourself. Mistakes aren’t bad, they are lessons that will help you improve as a player overall. If you mess up, it’s ok! Learn from it, correct it, and do it a little better next time. Tanking isn’t hard but the feeling of doing it can be overwhelming. Give yourself some patience/grace and watch how much better a player you will become!

As always if you want to watch the video I made for this, feel free to click here. I also stream on twitch 4 days a week. Feel free to stop by and chat it up with me (doors always open). Hopefully this guide helps the ones who have been looking for something to start their tank journey. I respond to all comments, so drop them if you have any questions or other tips.

And Always! Happy Questing!


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