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[FFXIV] The Great Gubal Library (Hard) | Minimum Ilvl | ALL TANKS


The lady we are gon na have fun respect so many books, so many books, so many pics, so many books, i’m remixing the song who’s been smoking in the library, is one of these spooky dookies, the spooky dookies, oh, my god, spooky duke, is in the my Library, i can’t remember i’m just going to do this aoe combination, because that’s the only thing i’ve found that i can remember my one two three yeah. This is fine like a couple of clemencies in there yeah, okay, this is for you, remember flim, flam, [ Laughter ]. Do you know what i’m getting at? What is that? That’S not how that works.

Oh, i i can’t heal you anymore. I am. I am more, people have been there, i mean, i don’t even know where we’re at next to you. What are we doing guys? Just i don’t know what role is doing.

Am i gon na die again? Yeah no you’re gon na die a lot in this dungeon. I’M afraid you know he has to walk back every time. That’S gon na really really make it difficult if we start to struggle on one of the buttons yeah [ Music ], oh yeah, i can use cover. That’S a good point demo on the tom.

Damn one [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Laughter, ], all right yogi. This is actually going to be tough. I can see that once you die: oh gosh, okay, sorry, [, __, ], oh [, __ ]. I still have um monkey on. You have monkey yeah.

All right, maybe we can do some tank swapping, so we don’t just all die one at a time. No, that’s not a bad idea. True, if, if you’re, when you got a swap just say so and i’ll take it, oh yeah yeah. Let me give you some of that juicy aggro, oh yummy, oh i suck it up. Folks are falling in the line this time.

Get ready to move into this festival. Anthony hopkins is crazy. Yeah excuse me, i don’t know he’s just do you watch him. Do the dancing thing he’s got the scariest face? He goes like go check out, anthony hopkins dancing.

It is the funniest [ __ ] ever stop this video end. This stream just go right. Now, just stop the video. You know what i’m going to play exactly two seconds of anthony hopkins dancing in the youtube video right now, oh yo, okay, we got it. I can give you one heal, no wait!

I can give you any matter if he dies because he’ll respawn here anyway. I don’t want to die, hey, that’s fair! I wouldn’t want to die either good job. Everyone wow think about it. Oh and look pending boots nice, that’s an upgrade!

Oh! This! Is that really bad looking viking set yeah and this one sucks excuse me? What did you say? What did you say?

I only speak in past tense. What did you say? What’S it just said, it’s the viking, video [ Laughter ], oh yeah, can you tell that i literally just swallowed [ Music. ]. Excuse me what’d.

You swallow sorry, i’m sorry! I got lost, oh god, i’m thinking about what he swallowed. The word was chugged such a stinky aura, like i didn’t see it you’re just ominous, that’s just being a dark knight. I just stink. I am i crackle with sexual energy.

Is there a kill? Are these the naughty books? Yes, this is the red book district. I need to see this is where the this is, where the sequel to the boiling boys, the man and the dragon guy, that’s a very different book. Oh i mean that master photo.

I mean oh there’s like more musk uh. If you don’t mind, i’m just going to go have a little bit of a rest. I’M going to rest. My little tooth yogi is happening. I know oh you’re pulling big too oh you’re, [ __, ] big.

I pulled one extra thing. Sorry you pulled. The probably are you guys in a [ __ ] rush, what the [ __ ] you’re, probably oh, no i’ve been. I need. I get a thousand hp every time.

I do my number two [ Music ], which is the number two on the hot bar, not poopies. Oh god, these are massive chests. These are massive chairs from massive asses, oh you’re, in this chair. No, this chair, [ Laughter ]. I spot erotic fiction.

Look he’ll, uh, engage search, function, uh search function, engaged finding me a copy of asses of eorzea 2019 summer edition searching here. We go oh yeah there you go well yeah ignore the stains. I’Ve tried my best to clean these, but you know what it’s like the. I had to remove the ammeric page it just wouldn’t it wouldn’t see nothing. No, i had to throw it away.

I had to throw it away. This is the one with the exclusive xenon book says the exact same thing that the demon term does oh yeah there. It is slightly lower [, Music ]. Oh yeah, get his ass. I want to see that thing.

[, __, ] jiggle enhance oh [, __ ], oh [, __ ]. We we we this should be an asses of aortia yeah. That’S true, oh plus, says push away. It is going to suck me in, i feel like it’s. Quite a small arena, be very unfair.

If it’s too much, if even at the closest distance you couldn’t avoid the mechanic, i should just make this game more unfair yeah make it impossible yeah make it impossible. That’S true, oh my god, the coin of the moon. Well, this is a silent, hillbilly! Okay, where is your boy? Doesn’T even do it man, oh god, someone someone else.

Can you know put it on fire with i’m? Not i just don’t what you know that we’re trying to say you don’t with semen the kill? No, no, you! You started this liqueur yeah. You heard about that priest.

That’S like salmon is the kind of milk. What yeah? I think you have seen that actually starbucks putting salmon in in in the coffee. That’S true, i i i wish a lump for your coffee max. Oh this is actually simon is the kind of milk maxi.

They took the christmas thing off the cockpit starbucks, but simon in the coffee, max [, Music. ]. Excuse me uh. This is my section. Thank you very much.

Excuse me. I would like a book on basics of pegging [, Music ]. I have been activated the channel or the the video thumbnail you can’t put like a peg. No, no just put it put put a photoshop next to a jar. They’Ll know what it means.

[ Applause ] bring that up no well. So far, though, i’m really enjoying the dungeons yeah listen, we were getting really into the dungeons. That’S what happened to the last one. So i like the carpet they’ve used. It’S a nice carpet.

It’S a nice carpet! I would love to stay in this carpet with various simon. It’S the kind of mirror this carpet would have taken forever to make yeah, but doesn’t it look more like roses than the charlay and snails what it would take so little time to ruin it yeah? It’S very important, just one english spell yeah, because it’s in such an interesting shape since when have you seen, carpets shaped like this, i think they actually made the full size of the room and put the tiles on top. Well, they do this for like castle or something i’ll say that is that something we still do.

You know yeah, because that will help with living there. No, no, i don’t mean with living dead, but i’m just mean in general, uh in admiral, [, Laughter ]. I think i want that one, so i will i will i’ll go. I will touch my ass and then pick it up. It says here that the gelatos of kurthus are used as a fine lubricating jelly.

What do you think about that? Don’T think this stepladder is enough for this room. It’S a wee bit short, i would say they just they climb for the remainder. I think you can probably get away with this video. No, no, because we need to have it on youtube.

Look heel engage yowie, paddle go mostly mp damage. Why is it making that noise? That’S the sound of the cowboy model, [ Applause ]! You can’t do that that one was too much. Oh, no yeah guys.

The final boss is a chair. Oh my god, i’m out! Oh respect, respect: are you [ __ ] hell, i [ Music ]. Will you take the red book or the blue book? I’M sorry!

I am like spaghetti, you know, spaghetti, do you know spaghetti, can sweat yeah? Yes, okay, cause. It has paws yeah. It has pores. So i like to like moisturize it with like some light cream to get it.

I like to leave my smoothie against blackheads. I like spaghetti blackheads like really just have you ever looked at an elephant’s skin and be like. I just want to moisturize it like yeah. It’S so like cracked and like, and then they have those like disgusting little hairs like on the head. I’M like you, i you can have disgusting hair and be nice something wrong with that.

The properties of quakes, oh, my gosh, is it quake three arena? Oh uh excellent excellence, impressive, aggressive, impressive, impressive, impressive, impressive, impressive, impressive, impressive. Thank me dominating 36 months of subbing. To this hey guys, make sure you downl, i love seeing your dead body just slide on the ground. Oh my god!

That’S not good [ Music ]! Not that i have no more clemency to give that’s okay, mella, it is up to us and we are at 52 no clemency for me to give. I accidentally pulled. Oh [, __ ], i’m imp! Are you imp?

I don’t die that’s going to take years, but you guys it’s fun to waste time. I feel like it’s fun to waste time. That’S our tagline speaker’s network, it’s fun to waste time! If you like things that are good and hate things that are bad, you should not watch our channel. If you’re a fan of this channel, you really like this channel you’re i i’m gon na, have i can.

I can afford to heal again now all right, heal him. Oh you [ __, ] farts. There you go, got him right where he was yeah. Oh mela, you’re gon na have to use a spicy hp. Okay, i have.

I can heal you now. Oh okay. I can afford one in one: one hit: i’m dead: okay, nice use, lb he’ll, give you some time. Oh my god, you’re right what whoa, if you, but it locks 15 seconds of pretty decent damage reduction. Well here it goes.

Oh you got this. Why am i? What what are my cooldowns – oh, my god, 17 come on nice [, __ ], you [, __, ], you, oh i’m gon na die, he’s checking out some books he’s checking out something. Well. What will that do?

Oh it’ll! Do the okay just changing the order on the ground? Yes, i have one more speed. Simone is a kind of milk. Can we put a semen counter for this video?

You know what you should do like a cinema since kind of like counter too, like um. This movie sucks, i have a feeling the youtube comments are going to be like you are like grow up, it’s really funny. This is not funny this one’s good, the stormblood and bringers one is just so much better. Oh yeah, the shadow brings my career, hey, [, Music ], not particularly challenging. We did.

We did it. Let’S talk, oh here, it comes. Oh there’s a book. Oh someone said: what’s in it, lukia um. Well, i think we’re about to find out right.

It’S the hidden copy of big asses of eorzea. Oh my god! There. It is! Oh, my god, it’s the cenos fold out auditions.

It’S the cheeks fall down cheeks! It’S this special edition. That’S got the whole chapter on pegging, oh and it comes with a peg. The communal peg, i’m gon na sound the fanfare to make me feel better. We did it uh good job, everyone did it.

The this meme has never been more relevant than what i’m about to say. Okay, how am i going to edit this [ Music ] [? Music ], you

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