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FFXIV Useful Resources for New Players & Anyone Else By: NoBreeches


I recently made a resource list for my fellow FC Mates, so I figured I’d share it here on Reddit with all of you. Many of this will seem like a no-brainer to some of you… but remember that not everyone has been playing for very long! To be frank, I wish I had a resource list like this when I was just starting.

Anyway, without further ado…

1. Aether Currents Checklist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DxykZKOe3z3Th3ndpLE4yy568XaX50xI0ciUrnH8gEo/edit#gid=0 – This includes coordinates to every unlockable Aether Current in the game currently.

To use the checklist, simply click File -> Make a Copy and you’ll have your very own checklist with direct coordinates to each current. You may need to setup your Google Docs account first if you haven’t already.

2. Salted XIV: https://saltedxiv.com/

This is where you can find the most up-to-date job & rotation guides, best-in-slot gearset lists, and more for your respective class/job in FFXIV. Simply click “Combat Jobs” at the top then select yours.

3. Centurio Hunts: https://discord.gg/centuriohunts

A-Rank Trains are currently the FASTEST WAY to farm Sacks of Nuts & Centurio Seals, and Tomestones of Revelation, Poetics, & Allegory.

Using this Discord server (specifically- keeping an eye on the channel “Primal Train Relay”), you can easily farm up 4,000 Sacks of Nuts, 900 Tomestones of Revelation, and 2,000 Tomestones of Allegory in a SINGLE DAY.

What’s more, this server also keeps track of EVERY SINGLE WORLD FATE in the Primal Data Center. Anytime a World FATE such as Ixion, Odin, Coeurl, Archaetonia, Formidable, etc., spawns, it will be relayed here.

4. MTQ Capture: https://www.youtube.com/c/MTQcapture

MTQCapture is a YouTube channel that shares quick, easy to understand video guides for every single Raid, Trial, and Dungeon in the game. If you’re finding yourself dying or struggling a lot when running said content, I highly recommend skimming one of MTQ’s guides before queuing up. As a tank, this is a must for me because there’s a lot of new & tricky mechanics in nearly every fight, and often if the tank messes up, the group wipes.

5. Content Unlock Wiki: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Content_Unlock

There’s a LOT of easy to miss content in this game. This Wiki page will show you nearly everything that is currently unlockable, including a lot of dungeons, trials, and raids that aren’t apart of the Main Scenario Quest.

6. FFXIV Collect – Mount Edition: https://ffxivcollect.com/mounts

Generally speaking, FFXIV Collect is a resource for nearly every collectible in FFXIV, so if you’re also collecting Minions, Orchestrion Rolls, and other things, this site will be useful for you too. That said, I linked directly to “mounts” because I know that’s the most popular collectible in the game.

Not only does it show you every currently available mount, but it shows you how to get them, what percentage of players currently own them, and more.

7. Synced and Min iLvl Discord: https://discord.gg/BmpW6C9

This is a Discord server for recruiting players interested in running more challenging content, such as Extreme Trials and Raids, synced down to minimum item level. There’s of course also a section for those interested in more casual/unsynced runs for mount farming and other popular group content.

8. The Shadowbringer’s Relic Weapon Guide: https://www.akhmorning.com/resources/bozjan-southern-front/relic-weapons/#shadowbringers-resistance-relic-weapons

In my opinion, this is THE best guide for obtaining your Shadowbringer’s Relic. A lot of guides exist out there on the internet, but many of them leave out certain details or get stuff wrong. If you use this guide, you can farm the resources required for your level 80 relic weapon in no time.

9. Stone, Sky, Sea Calculator: https://ffxiv.azizarar.com/

If you’ve reached Illdyshire, you’ve probably unlocked Stone, Sky, Sea, which is basically a +Quest that involves killing striking dummies with HP equal to or similar to certain raid bosses in an instanced area. The Stone, Sky, Sea calculator makes use of these dummies, allowing you to enter the time it took you to kill them to see your DPS. It’s like a DPS meter but without the need for addons/mods.

10. Chocobo Color Calculator: https://ffxivchocobo.com/en

Tired of having a Desert Yellow Chocobo? Well, this calculator allows you to select your desired color in order to see exactly what food you need to feed it (and in what order) to change your Chocobo’s color while stabled. Food can be purchased on the Marketboard.

11. Some Tips For Gearing & Raising Your Item Level:

This one wont come with a link. Instead, I wanted to just quickly breakdown the quickest/easiest ways to gear up when reaching levels 50, 60, 70, and 80.

Level 50: Spend Tomestones of Poetics (obtained via Duty Roulette) at Revenant’s Toll for i130 gear (Augmented Magitek Set). This is the best available gear/weapons at level 50.

Level 60: Spend Tomestones of Poetics at Illdyshire for i270 gear (Augmented Shire Set). Best available gear/weapons at level 60.

Level 70: Spend Tomestones of Poetics at Rhalgar’s Reach for i400 gear (Augmented Scaevan Set). Best gear/weapons at 70.

Level 80:

Gearing at 80 is a little more in-depth, so I’ll list a few different ways and drop some specifics…

• Buy High-Quality Exarchic Gear (i510 set) from the Marketboard (costs 500k – 1 million gil, depending on job).

While this gear can be crafted, many of the crafting mats are very expensive, and you’ll need a fully decked person with multiple crafters leveled to get the set. In addition, you’ll also need to find the cheapest/most affordable materials across various worlds in the datacenter if you’re even going to save any gil. For this reason, I recommend just buying the set using the Marketboard.

• Spend Tomestones of Revelation at Eulmore for i520 gear (Cryptlurkers Set).

This doesn’t require spending gil, but it does require lots of grinding, not to mention being far enough into the ShB MSQ to unlock the vendor who sells this set. Additionally, Revelations are capped at 900 per week, so this option does take a little while. Once you’ve obtained either of the above gearsets, they can be “augmented.”

To Augment your Exarchic Gear (i520): Spend Tomestones of Allegory at Eulmore to purchase the required “Rain” (the same vendor will show you which/how many “Rain” you need for your set).

You will then need to make a 1 to 1 trade: handing over the piece of Exarchic Gear you are upgrading in exchange for “tokens” before you can purchase the Augmented version. Careful not to hand over any gear you are not ready to augment! Once traded you can’t get it back.

To Augment your Cryptlurker’s Gear (i530): There’s two ways to do this.

You can either 1) Spend “Sacks of Nuts” in exchange for the item you need for augmentation (varies depending on the piece of gear… for example: “Crypt Twine” is used to augment my gloves)…… or 2) Exchange a specific type of coin that drops from the level 80 Alliance Raids at a vendor near the Cryptlurker’s vendor in Eulmore.

I recommend obtaining at least i510 gear before you attempt this next step, though you could probably get away with i490… I’m no expert when it comes to raiding.

• Run Eden’s Promise (Savage) for i530 gear (Edenmorn Set), which drops at random.

Currently, Edenmorn and Augmented Cryptlurkers are the best gearsets in the game to my knowledge– though you should look up your current best-in-slot gear using the guide I shared above (Salted XIV).

Also: your level 80 i535 relic weapon will be better than any of the weapons in these sets, and you can actually tune the stats it uses. Rule of thumb: the level 50, 60, 70, and 80 relic weapons are always better than any other weapons available for that level.


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