Final Fantasy XIV Bozjan Field Note Collection Guide By: Mags02


So I have been looking around for a nice list of all the field notes and where to get them in Bozja but most of what i have found has been incomplete or only focused on the hard to get notes, so I decided to compile the information myself.

The higher the rarity of the note the less likely it is do drop, so expect the rarest ones to take a bit to farm. Dabog, Sartovoir and Lyon have a 100% drop from the 1v1 duel but can drop from other skirmishes, just at a much lower rate.

OrderField NoteRarityLocation
1Field Notes on BajsaljenMore Machine Now than Man
2Field Notes on MarsakAll Pets are Off
3Field Notes on Xeven★★★The Beasts Must Die,
◍ CE – The Shadow of Death’s Hand
4Field Notes on Isolde★★Conflicting with the First Law
Let Slip the Dogs of War
5Field Notes on StanikCan Carnivorus Plants Bloom
Supplies Party
6Field Notes on Blaz★★★Scavengers of Human Sorrow
7Field Notes on Velibor★★★Pyromancer Supreme
8Field Notes on AggieNone of Them Knew They Were Robots
9Field Notes on Llofii★★CE – The Final Furlong
10Field Notes on Hernais★★★The Monster Mash
11Field Notes on Dabog★★★★★◍ CE – Vigil for the Lost
CE – Aces High (1v1)
Murder Death Kill,
12Field Notes on Dyunbu★★★★◍ Brought to Heal
◍ No Camping Allowed
For Absent Friends
13Field Notes on Clarricie★★Unicorn Flakes
CE – Kill it WIth Fire
14Field Notes on Sartauvoir★★★★★◍ Unrest for the Wicked
◍ Help Wanted
Of Steel and Flame
CE – And the Flames Went Higher (1v1)
15Field Notes on Sicinus★★★Heavy Boots of Lead
CE – Rise of the Robots
16Field Notes on Albeleo★★★Castrum Lacus Litore – 2nd Chest
17Field Notes on Lyon★★★★★CE – Beast of Man (1×1)
Castrum Lacus Litore – 3rd Chest
18Field Notes on Menenius★★★Quest Reward “The Lady of Blades”
19Field Notes on Misija★★★Quest Reward “The Lady of Blades”
20Field Notes on Gunnhildr★★★Quest Reward “The Lady of Blades”

◍ means that that the source is from elsewhere and I personally haven’t verified that it drops it by getting it myself. All the other skirmishes/CEs I have records of getting it.

If you have received any of these notes from a source I haven’t listed or think I have any errors in availability, please let me know


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