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Final Fantasy XIV COMPLETE GUIDE to Crafter Leveling (ALL JOBS Lv 1-80) By: ShadesGameSource


My old website (ShadesGuide.com) went offline back in January. It was host to a massive crafter leveling guide that I created years ago. Today, everything’s finally back online (and fully updated) on a brand new website: ShadesGameSource.com

What is the crafter leveling guide?

I’ve posted about this guide a few times over the years; most recently back in January 2020 on my old Reddit account.

In a nutshell, the guide is a giant spreadsheet with all of the data you need to level up all 8 crafting jobs from 1-80. It fully covers both crafting leves and Ishgardian Restoration collectables and has super detailed data tables that contain everything you need to know:

  • what you need to craft (whether you’re doing leves or Ishgardian Restoration collectables)

  • how to craft it all

  • how many materials you’ll need

  • where / how to get all of those materials (including whether or not they can be purchased cheaply from an NPC)

The guide includes data on all of the best crafting leves and displays them right alongside Ishgardian Restoration collectable data so you can easily level up however you prefer:

Leve data above; Ishgardian Restoration data below

The tables show you exactly where to go to gather (or buy) everything you need (down to the (x,y) coordinates of each individual item), and the guide even contains a gigantic list of over 1,700 items that fully covers both the Miner and Botanist gathering logs:

Everything’s organized by gathering method and then sorted alphabetically

To help you prepare for everything, I included sections at the bottom of each guide listing how many of each item you’ll need to level up from 1-80.

I also put together a very visual instructions page for how to read and understand everything in the guide:

Everything’s explained in detail

The Youtube Channel

Besides the crafter leveling guide, I’ve also made a bunch of detailed FFXIV guides on Youtube, including a video demonstrating each individual setting in the System Configuration menu, a complete guide to Retainers, and a playlist showcasing all battle voices for every race/gender.

My last upload was back in September, but now that I’m finally done with the new website and rebranding/redesigning everything, I’m going back to making content on a regular basis. I have a lot more videos planned for this channel, so feel free to subscribe if you’re interested.

The website

The website’s pretty straight-forward. Right now, it’s mostly just a hub for me to organize all of the written and video content I make. Eventually, I’m going to embed of my existing video guides on the website, and I’ll be putting together a lot of written guides to complement future videos as well.

To everyone who’d messaged me over the past few months wondering where the website had gone… sorry it took so long!! And thanks for being patient while I prepared all of this stuff! ❤

Besides all of this, I have a HUGE list of new content I plan to release, so if you have any feedback you’d like to share or any questions about anything, please let me know!

Stay safe, guys!



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