Hello guys Suikan4ya here and welcome to my guide lakshmi extreme, or Abanatia Emanation extreme, this fight has a total of three phases and like the last video, we are going to start with the first one first simply kill the 2 adds a few seconds later Lakshmi gonna use an AoE attack just, heal everyone normally after the adds die tank the boss on North but facing East or West side, in our case, the boss will be north facing west the next mechanic is Hand of Grace followed by the pull of light. Pull of light is just a faint Buster, Hand grace will mark three players as you can see in the video, the tricky here is not overlapping the crosses on the ground, as long as they don’t overlap the group should be fine even if the group is still inside one of the affected areas on the ground.

But you also can apply positions for your group to deal with it if you see it necessary. After one more AoE attack and another Tank Buster, one player will be marked with a blue mark called the path of light, the reason we have the boss face West is that so the player with the blue mark can go to the boss right side, this way the group will have the biggest safe area as possible, for any further mechanics. Next, Lakshmi will cast Alluring Arm this time one DPS will also be marked by the cross a AoE, the way we handle it, is to have the DPS go South if ranged or stay close to the boss if needed, as for the healers, we just sent them to east where they can stay close to the tanker.

Right after Alluring Arm is done, she will again cast another AoE attack followed by shared damage. It’s a good idea to pop some AoE healing cooldowns here, like light speed and asize. after another tank buster, Lakshmi will now cast Chanchala, this will make all her abilities do much more damage and you will need to use “Vril” during the time that she has that blue aura,or the players will most likely died for every ability she cast. The first ability she cast in Chanchala mode is divine in denial, it will “push” the players out of the arena, as said before, use Vril so that you can resist the attack next she will cast Hand of beauty, Tank buster and the path of Light two healers will one more time be marked by hand of beauty, since she is still in Chanchala mode, use Vril to resist the attack, the same applies for the tanker in the DPS with path of light, they will need to use Vril to resist the attacks or they will die, remember that DPS must go to the right side of the boss with Vrill activated so that he doesn’t kill anyone and he himself doesn’t die as well, now she casts this diviner desire if you pull the players to the center of the arena where there is an area that causes bleeding status, the players must use the Vril here as well or they will get stunned inside of the bleeding area after that she will do one more tank buster one more path of light and will finish with an AoE damage with it, we are going to enter the second phase, the adds phase, first, be aware of the red marks, the the players with it will be hit by an AoE damage and everyone close to him will also receive the damage so make sure that the player with red mark is far away from the other members of the group.

Second phase is pretty simple, attack the adds until they have around 10% of HP, when all four adds be like that, wait to see which add has the bubble and kill it, every time an add is killed while having bubble, he will give three stacks of Vril to three different members of the group now use your Vril and be prepared for phase 3 phase 3 starts with Lakshmi casting Chanchala again, after that she will cast divine doubt so make sure to use one more Vril her, Vril will not stop the confusion but it will reduce the confusion time in 50%, players can also do positioning here so that no more than two players will attack each other, in our case we have astrologian so basically, we put Earthly Star on the ground around fifteen seconds earlier, so that it will explode during the confusion time, right after confusion finishes a DPS will again be marked by path of light, the blue mark, in the video we failed in the position for that, but usually the player marked by blue mark goes north while the group stays south, also make sure that the blue marked player has used Vril and is FULL HP, otherwise he will die like showing in the video.

After another Tank Buster, Lakshmi will now summon Vril balls on the ground, make sure to recharge your Vrils passing through them, there is no need to struggle for the balls, because will summon the Vrill balls during two times before you need it. The first time she summons Vril balls she will also cast tank Buster, so be ready to heal the tanker, during the second time, Lakshmi will also mark one player for path of light, be careful so that player doesn’t hit the other members of the group. Right after path of light Lakshmi will one more time mark a player for shared damage so be ready for that as well Next, she will cast another Alluring Arm and will mark a player for path of light again. if the player with the blue mark has also a Cross AoE, make him use a Vrill here otherwise, he will receive Cross AoE and path of light damage.

In the video, you can see that the our dragoon had not used Vril and almost died because of that. And there was also the healer who gotten hit by the path of light, so be careful with that as well after one more AoE, Lakshmi will cast Chanchala again and another Divine Doubt will put confusing all members of the group, same thing as before, have the players take position so that no more than two players attack each other and don’t forget to use Vril before that, otherwise, you will have the double of the time in confusion.

After that, Lakshmi will do another share damage, the players must use their last Vril here again so that they will not get the bleeding status you can see in the video that I forgot to use the Vril in time, and got bleeding from the shared damage mechanic. Nex, Lakshmi will again summon Vril balls on the edge of the arena, take the Vril boss as fast as possible and use it straightaway, because another divine desire is incoming. And finally, after that, she will again summon more Vrill balls, but if everything went okay until here, your group will have no need for take them, she will cast another tank buster and one more share damage will come. Even if your group goes further than this mechanic, there will be no need for panic, because now the mechanics basically repeat themselves ,so be cool and finish her on your own pace. well guys that’s it for today’s video, I hope this guide was useful and nice drops and mounts come for your group. See you next time! you .

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