Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.35 Housing Guide for first-time buyers and relocators By: robjohnlechmere


5.35 has been confirmed for October 13th. If you have a mind to get a home or relocate on that day, please read this in full.

5.35 Is going to drop wards 22, 23, 24 in Mists, Lavender Beds, Shirogane, and The Goblet. These houses will be available with no camping timer for FCs or for individual players. This is your chance to skip the camping process, do not take it lightly.

What is camping?

Camping is the only way to claim a house for a player or FC that does not currently have one.

Any open plot is subject to a timer that is both hidden and randomized to the second. When you attempt to purchase a plot you will likely be given the message “This plot is not yet available for purchase.” You must then re-attempt your purchase, at which point the message will present again, or be replaced by “You purchase the deed to plot ## ward ##.? The plot will allow itself to be purchased after 0-22 hours have passed. No indication that the plot can be purchased will be given, it will simply allow the next person who clicks it to buy. Relocators, whether players or FCs, are not subject to this timer.

Ok, I don’t want to do all that! So how do I ensure my 5.35 house?

1) choose a house NOW that you like best, along with a couple backup choices that are close by to it.

Note that the ward and sub-ward are identical except for the skybox (sunset is in the west, sub-ward is rotated)

2) practice the run there. Know the aetheryte you’re porting to (if applicable) and know how to run to the placard from the zone in within seconds

3) log out IN the existing wards, beside the ward-teleport NPC. Do not log out in the city, the load time will be worse because of crowds. Log out with the money on your person

4) pre-patch the game 1-2 hours before servers go live. Get into queue the second your Play button goes green

5) if you miss your dream house and the backups, run as fast as you can to Goblet and get anything at all in wards 22, 23, 24. Youll then have relocation rights, and you can take your pick of anything opening in the old wards (they will still have camp timers)

6) FC specific: Put enough gil to purchase the house on multiple officers, have each run for a different house.


Have your money on your person. Not the retainer. Not the FC chest

-Type /busy to automatically reject all tells and trade offers

-FCs must be rank 6 and have 4 total members to buy

-Personal house buyers must be level 50 and Second Leuitenant or higher in a Grand Company

How much gil you’ll need detailed here:

More questions? Join the discord!

Good luck, house hunters.

-Catstab Mcdoggypunch, Hyperion

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