Final Fantasy XIV Tanks in Bozja – a guide to various builds By: Quor18


After a solid week+ of almost-exclusively tanking in Bozja, I figured I would share my experiences with others about the kinds of “tank builds” I’ve been using. The Lost Action system allows for all kinda of flexibility so I wanted to talk about the main things I’ve found myself gravitating towards while I’m on the battlefield.

Let’s start from the top, with the Essences that tanks can use.

  • Savior – 60% boost to healing potency. Great for supportive approaches. This is my go-to essence in Castrum.

  • Guardian – 30% boost to defense and 10% boost to HP. Never a bad choice per se, this just makes you tankier. Not the best choice though, as tanks are already plenty tanky as-is, and while this essence isn’t bad at all, it’s just not as good as the other options.

  • Irregular – 90% boost to damage dealt, 200% increased damage taken and 30% lower max HP. Almost a joke, as that 200% increased damage and 30% reduced HP means you are very squishy. Irregular still has a couple of niche uses though. Not recommended for regular use (no pun intended), as that damage debuff is positively brutal. Unmitigated raid-wide damage has a good chance of 1-shotting you if taken without a cooldown on your part, and if you really want to do damage that badly, you’re better off coming on a DPS or using Martialist/Bloodsucker.

  • Martialist – 60% boost to damage dealt. Old faithful. A solid boost to damage with no downsides. If I’m not running Savior for support healing or Breathtaker for getting around quickly, I’m usually running this.

  • Breathtaker – 10% boost to movement speed that works while mounted, as well as 10% boost to evasion and an indeterminate amount of poison resist. Great for early leveling or if you just want to move fast, it goes well paired with Lost Swift and the Banner of Honed Acuity, as it gives you an easy way to proc the upgraded Banner effects.

  • Bloodsucker – 40% boost to damage dealt along with an HP drain effect based on damage. Like Martialist, a solid option that provides a good damage boost paired with a solid survivability boost. Overall better than Martialist, the only thing holding usage back is it’s relative rarity. I’ve got about 10x as many Martialist essences as I have Bloodsuckers.

My Preferred Builds

The Heal Support Tank – Savior + Lost Cure 4 + Lost Arise

This is my go-to for Castrum runs. Tanks are already quite tanky as they are, but other jobs….notsomuch. To that end, having an instant, powerful aoe heal that also leaves a strong HoT on all affected targets is a huge boon. Cure 4 + Savior gives any tank enough healing power to heal any non-tank in their party for about 40% of their life instantly, plus another 40% over the course of the HoT. Very useful for taking the edge off of attacks and giving your healers a break, it can also be used in clutch moments to save yourself, as the healing is nothing to sneeze about on a tank either. Did I mention this is an oGCD? Cause it is.

Lost Arise rounds things out as it’s a very powerful tank-exclusive Lost Action. Boasting a 3s cast time and 5 total uses per Lost Action, Lost Arise rezzes its target with full HP and MP and removes any weakness debuffs they have. Yes, that means you can rez someone who has Brink of Death and they will come back will max HP/MP and no debuffs at all. Very choice for any groups taking on Lyon during the Dawon fight, as it takes pressure off of the rezzers, letting them focus on healing or damage, while you, the tank, get the dead guy back into the fight.

The tanky DPS – Martialist/Bloodsucker + Banner of Noble Ends/Honored Sacrifice

Fairly simple setup. Damage boost from Martialist or Bloodsucker, along with the timed damage boost of one of the two banners. Avoid Noble Ends if you’re using Bloodsucker. Solid for a safe dps-oriented option. Nothing flashy but it gets the job done.

The Sprite Fragment Farmer – Irregular + Lost Reflect

Another simple setup. Strip your armor from the left side, hit Reflect, aggro a bunch of sprites and laugh as they kill themselves against your Reflect. Just be sure you refresh Reflect EARLY, as it’s a GCD skill and relies on server ticks to “refresh” the Reflect buff. 3-4s left on the timer is a safe bet.

The Gonzo DPS – Irregular on WAR + Lost Slash + Banner of Noble Ends

While Irregular is not something that I would recommend any tank use outside of the Sprite Farmer build, there is a solid niche for WAR’s utilizing it alongside Lost Slash for some major damage. The 90% boost from Irregular (or 108 with Deep Irregular) is a notable boost to damage, but the real trick here is how it synergizes with WAR’s kit and Lost Slash. On it’s own, Lost Slash is an 800 potency attack in a forward cone with the modifier of dealing triple the potency in damage when it crits. WAR is one of three jobs (the other’s being MCH and DRG) with an ability that forces a crit, specifically Inner Release. With the 90% damage boost from the Essence along with another 50% from the banner, you’re taking that 2400 potency and boosting it to ~6800, and that’s before factoring in any other outside boosts like Trick Attack or Technical Step. For perspective, just with Irregular, the banner buff and triple potency from IR forcing a crit, you’re looking at about 75% of the damage of a melee LB3, except it’s coming from a WAR.

Again, I do not recommend Irregular on the other tanks, nor should it be used on WAR prior to acquiring Lost Slash. It’s simply too risky. You’ll be fighting your mettle losses more often than anything else. But used carefully on WAR with a good party backing you up, you can basically unleash a cone aoe melee LB 2.5 every 90s. Amazingly useful in a number of situations just as long as you’re careful.

The General(ist) – any essence that isn’t Irregular + Lost Cure 3 + Bravery/Protect/Shell/Spellforge/Steelskin

A generic support/buff build, I prefer running Breathtaker with this, but that’s mostly cause I just like movement speed paired with the Potion Kit refresh. Lost Cure 3 is a solid support heal, with 99 uses, strong potency and a large aoe. Great for situations where loads of unavoidable damage comes out, such as Red Choctober or when clearing the entrance hall after the first boss in Castrum. It’s also useful as a general go-to build for players new to Bozja, as most of these pieces can be acquired by rank 3 and can be used to cover both your party members and yourself with clutch healing.

The second LA is a matter of preference, and helps to cover a need. I find Bravery or Steelskin tend to be the ones lacking most often, but each instance is different, so use your judgment.

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